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Aged Care Worker.

Hi Team,

I’d like to share what I have witnessed whilst working in an aged care facility.

Currently out of work as I did not wish to be part of a global experiment.

All residents in the facility are over the aged of 65 they all where given Pfizer vaccine, only one did not receive the vaccine due to religious reasons.

Those residence that have received the jab had immediate issue such as inflammation to their legs which lead them to be wheel chair bound.

Rashes that nurses and doctors couldn’t provide answers too. Fatigue kicked in, they became zombie like.

Those that needed immediate attention where sent to local hospitals and returned without any diagnosis.

A few have since passed away, which they already had underlining issues but it has speed up the processes by taking the vaccine.

Family members of these residence have also taken the jab and are not able to visit their loved ones, which has increased anxiety and depression in these once full of life.

My heart aches for humanity, together we need to stand and make a change and gain our rights and freedoms back.

Aged care worker.

Senior RN, 42yrs.
Aged Care Facilities.
AHPRA verified ✅

I am a very senior RN and have worked in Multiple Aged Care facilities in the past 42 years. I am well aware of the regular death rates for winter months, with pre-existing morbidities. In the 100 bed facility from which I have just resigned, we have had 150% more deaths since Full Covid shots PLUS Flu shots starting March 2021.

Another former staff member in an ACF in the same town, reported similar statistics to me from her ACF. She was recently dismissed for Non Compliance re jab. I chose to resign for other reasons but am now unable to do Agency Shifts due to ALL facilities requiring compliance with Covid injections. Under normal circumstances I could be earning well over $1200.00 per week and am now faced with applying for the pension.

Thank you for the opportunity to vent my anguish relating to my concerns for the heart rending situation in Nursing Homes now developing as thousands of devoted, experienced Aged Care Workers are forced out of our lowly paid professions.

Aged Care Worker, 7yrs. NSW.

I was fired from my job for refusing both Influenza and COVID19 vaccines. I worked in dementia wards and was well suited to that particular work (not many are).

I was asked to sign consent forms which asked me to agree the vaccines were “completely voluntary”. As I could not, I was fired. I told my employer that it’s not possible to give valid, legal consent to something I’m being coerced to take. Their coercion was contrary to their own policies on informed consent. I made the point that it’s absurd to financially coerce staff into taking such when so many had been sick.

(1). My grandmother had myocarditis after AZ (she’s never been to hospital before now), and I know of a few younger people that have had heart issues since.

(2 and 3). I witnessed two people in the area that I work die due to the vaccine. It was obvious as directly after the second shot they both could no longer sit up straight or talk. They both died a week later.

(4 and 5) Another can no longer walk. One recovered slightly after first dose to walk, but the second (they) didn’t recover from. Prior to the vaccine – was a wanderer who constantly walked all day long. Another complained of chest pain and had a rash after both.

Those 4 residents were the ones that stood out for me as I had no doubt it was due to the shots. What was scary was that everyone at my work knew these vaccines had the potential to cause damage. The nurses around me would laugh at the suggestion of taking the vaccine/shot, yet those in dementia who we were responsible for had no real choice.

The two ladies that died were frail. It shouldn’t be any surprise to anyone that the second shot killed them considering the trial data. When the second shot knocks around the average person, of course it’s going to kill off an old, frail (resident)! They were lovely people too.

One of the (residents) that I described previously.. — started walking like a robot. – would consistently lean back. Without support to hold – up — would simply fall over.

I will never take that vaccine. I’ve had all my shots up until 2021. The veil has now been lifted though and so the corruption is there for all willing to see. I now question the validity of all vaccines. Certainly, I no longer have any faith in regulators, the media or politicians to let us know the truth and decide for ourselves.

I am now really lost. Aged Care gave me purpose. I found dementia challenging. I sacrificed higher paying jobs in order to go into Aged Care. Its a thankless job. People generally look down on carers. We get paid peanuts and now don’t even have the right to free and informed consent.

Aged Care has a high turnover rate as is, and finding people who are genuinely passionate and are in the job to truly help.. that’s rare. The people I looked after lost a strong advocate. For what? It doesn’t stop transmission.

Care Service Employee, 2yrs.
Aged Residential Care.


I was a Care Service Employee (AIN without the certificate) for just over 2 years. Recent termination for noncompliance with the mandatory vaccination program. Will never get the jab. Ever.

We had 40 residents in our care. I was cautious of the vax to start with.
After all of our residents had their vaccination, we had approximately 6 that were in isolation due to respiratory problems, rhinovirus etc and it was constant, one after another for a few months.

Within 4-6 months I started noticing that if they physically weren’t declining (quicker than you would expect given their ages) their cognitive behaviours changed.

Many that were grumpy became very angry.
Many that were happy started becoming very short tempered.
Many that had a very slight onset of dementia had a rapid increase of dementia.
The cognitive changes were incredible to see.
Many who had problems with their hips or knees have complained everyday for the last month (before my termination) about the aches increasing and they’re having more trouble walking.

I may be reading into things but to have so many residents that are declining in a similar fashion and declining so quickly, it doesn’t take much to read between the lines.
I’ve been labeled a conspiracy theorist and even offered a tinfoil hat, doesn’t bother me.

I look at the vaccination rate increasing and the covid cases increasing, I’m not sure how people aren’t realising there’s something odd about EVERYTHING that’s happening.

Personal Care Assistant, 22yrs+
Location withheld due to information

I have worked in aged care for over 22 years of my life, (—-), as a personal care assistant in various places, and in my most recent position , for close to almost — years. I have now been stood down, by choice as I feel very concerned given what I have witnessed and was told I cannot work if I am not injected.

In that time that I have worked, and have dedicated to serving and caring for our older Australians , I have witnessed many residents pass over the years, as is natural, however I have never ever in my life witnessed what I have seen first hand, over the last few months.

I have counted 17 odd deaths in this particular aged care, before I had to leave, and none of them from what we would normally expect to be seeing over winter time, which normally would be secondary respiratory infections, pneumonia, colds, runny noses, and with change of weather, often gastro. None of this is happening.

(After the vaccination rollout..) What I have witnessed is rapid deterioration of residents and the majority have these Red dots, like a rash on their bodies , arms legs , torso and sometimes a few dots on faces , but mostly on bodies.

I have seen residents vomiting up, can’t eat more then few teaspoons, loss of appetite, saying they “don’t feel right”, way more falls than normal , saying they feel general sick, stomach pain, seizures , TIAs (mini-strokes), where no TX (treatment) present, strokes, found dead in bed, facial droop with no investigation, found dead in toilet, died whilst being transferred to toilet in standing machine and telling staff they felt like they might die soon, then LOC (loss of consciousness) before staff could get resident back to bed.

Those with existing conditions exacerbated, like odema (swelling) in legs , covered in red welts swelling fluid weeping. One resident got so bad he would fall over, hardly able to sit up, waving arms in front of his face , unable to see you, or hear you , just waving arms around in front ,moving around , curled up, went from walking around independent to being in a princess chair in weeks and a skeleton of himself. There’s been so many weird deaths and all these deaths occurs within appx 12 weeks from 1st to 2nd dose of Pfizer

I can also report that I personally experienced menstrual issues from a regular 3 day cycle , every 24 days for years , to bleeding profusely for 5 days straight, within the same cycle time , never having any issues before in my life. I am unvaccinated and not menopausal.

I think It’s very sad to see what is going on and there is no one to speak up for these elderly people , many of them have multiple dementias, are not fully cognitive , and can’t make choices for themselves. To watch them deteriorate like this is heartbreaking and you feel helpless because you can’t prove anything, because it’s all reported as their other health issues, and no one seems to care, these deaths are just put down as old age deaths, but I know from my years of experience none of this is normal.

(staff account) One young EEN told me her experience with 1st Pfizer ok , but after 2nd Pfizer post 3 weeks has night sweats each night and said to me , well maybe this is what the menopause feels like and laughed .The staff member is (under 20).

(staff account) One staff just recently had Pfizer first dose and 7 days later could not walk or communicate properly and was sent to hospital where put in induced coma and there for 10 days. Has now gone home . Told me it was suspected immune encephalitis, on loads of medications and not sure if she can drive for 6-12 months. Scared to have 2nd one now.

Aged Care Worker
Location withheld
Workplace registration provided ✅
Submission Date: 8/11/21

Hi there,

I worked as an aged care employee in NSW up until I was officially stood down. I knew my residents very well, I knew what the ate for breakfast, how they liked their coffee and tea, what type of bread they preferred. I knew each and every resident’s routine, to the point of how they liked their beds to be made. I knew how to make them smile and always encouraged them to laugh and look at the bright side of life.

My roles included: kitchen, laundry, personal care and medications.

I had one resident who was in their (late 80’s) that had the second Covid shot, it must have been 24+ hrs after the shot that they were experiencing very odd symptoms: unable to move from arm chair, BP and Pulse slightly increased, unable to verbally communicate, slight facial paralysis. The residents family member was also in the room and I encouraged the family member to speak with the RN on duty after I had alerted the RN that this maybe a reaction to the vaccine. The RN dismissed my examination, we assisted the resident into bed and monitored throughout the rest of my shift as per RN instructions. The resident was settled and was fast asleep when I finished for the evening.

The following day during handover I was notified said resident had been transferred to hospital on morning shift. Later that week the resident passed away in hospital. We were told nothing else.

I am heartbroken that I am unable to go back to work, so I am begging for those who work in Aged Care to please watch out for anything that seems “odd” and escalate any concerns you may experience with your residents.

Thank you

Assistant In Nursing

AIN. Aged Care, NSW. AHPRA Verified 26/09/2021

I work as an AIN (Assistant in Nursing) in aged care in rural NSW.

One of my colleagues in her mid 30s went home sick the day after her second Pfizer shot. She went white and nauseaus and faint. This was in March and she has not been back to work since (its September now). After ages of going to Doctors etc she was diagnosed with myocarditis, she says she can hardly do anything. She was fine and healthy before, slim, physically active and on a good diet. Whenever the other staff talk about it, the narrative goes: oh she must have had something else before that, surely it’s not from the vaccine.

Two residents died within 2-3 weeks after first Astra-Zeneca shots, however were overall in bad condition before.

Residents are not allowed to leave the facility and nobody is allowed to see them except on compassionate grounds (basically if someone becomes really unwell). This causes some of the people to be really mentally unwell. There has not been one Covid Case in our town for the whole course of the pandemic since 2020.

We are told we have a “choice” to either get the flu and covid shot or we can’t work here. Another colleague had 40 years experience in emergency nursing and refused the flu shot, she was subjected to sitting at the door doing covid checks for about six months (even when there was no flu season) until she gave up and resigned. She had never had a flu shot for her entire career.

Assistant in Nursing, 5years.
Red Cross, Lifeblood. NSW.

I am an AIN, 5 years with Red Cross, Lifeblood in NSW.

Red Cross still take blood products as normal. There is only a Seven day period post vaccination that we don’t, and that is to allow donors to recover from any adverse reactions they may have.

No internal memos, the only thing I though was funny, they shut down a FB thread on their page that had thousands of people saying they did not want vaccinated people’s blood if they required a transfusion.

Red Cross Lifebloods priority now days is not to collect red blood cells. They want to collect the plasma so they can on sell it to CSL, this is how that make the majority of their money.

When Donors come into centre we have KPIs to convert donors from donating Whole blood to donating plasma. The main focus is get the plasma, if we don’t convert donors we get a generalised “talking to” at our morning meetings.

These below stories could perhaps be coincidence? Who knows. I have worked for Red Cross for 5 years. It has only been in the last 10 months (or so) that there is a weird influx of these stories.

(1) Donor; 2 weeks post AZ looses vision, everything appears like he is looking through a kaleidoscope. Server headaches. Slips in and out of consciousness before seeking helping help. No history of neurological episodes. To date he is under investigation. NSW health determined it was not related to the vaccine

(2) Donor: After second AZ develops rash on face the spreads from upper lip, forehead and over scalp in weird lines. GP diagnoses as shingles. Donor never leaves the house to except to donate

(3) Colleague: within hours of 1st Pfizer. tingling sensation in mouth, gums and throat. Took antihistamines and the sensation didn’t leave. Sensation lasted for about 5 times. During this time lost taste

(4) Donor (Telling story of their daughter): had pfizer whilst pregnant. Pregnancy was ok, no concerns, scans and checkups all clear. Baby Boy born.
Within three weeks baby diagnosed with myocarditis and passes away. Extremely sad. Patents asked if it was vaccine related, Drs said no. Again no history of these events in either families

(5) Donor: mid 60s lady. Historically very active. Walking tennis, paints. Is a social butterfly. 4 weeks after getting her 1st AZ she is still struggling to get out of bed and get dressed. This once vibrant lady that was immaculately dressed struggles to do the basic of day to day life.

(6) Donor (Telling story of their daughter): Daughter early 20’s, had Pfizer, developed muscle and join pains. Unable to mobilised freely. One morning struggling to get out of bed they took her to ED. She developed a nurological side effect where she is shaking and unable to function. Her daughter was training to be an RN. My donor now spends her time helping her daughter with rehabilitation. She is improving but won’t be returning to work anytime soon. NSW health determined it was not related to the vaccine

(7) Colleague: RN no Medical history of anything. 1st pfizer, develops brain fog and is very lethargic (uncommon for her)
2nd Pfizer, symptoms increase so much so that she says “I’ll be looking at the most basic of objects and I cannot think what they are called” She is now seeking medical advice to help eleviate her bodily changes

(8) Donor (RN in ED at local hospital): Tells of increase in hard to breathe cases, suspected blood clots. I asked her if she thought they were vaccine related, she said yes, but everyone says it’s not. She just shrugged her shoulders

(9) Donor (tells of her mother): Late 60s/ early 70s. Complicated medical history already but suddenly develops a new complication, Lymphedema in her legs after her AZ. She is now undergoing treated.

(10) Donor (tells of her colleague): Early 30s guys developed pain and swelling in leg, turns out to be blood clots. Had 4 weeks of injections to get rid of them and is now on daily oral medication. Clots in leg are dispersing but still there.

Frontline Workers Speak Out! 💉❤️🩹 #AU, [29.09.21 10:17] Later scans showed small clots developing in Lungs which they continue to monitor. No personal/ family history. NSW health determined it was not related to the vaccine

(11) Donor (tells of his son); Young man, early 20s, gets his AZ. 1am that night my donor hears odd noises. Goes and checks on his son. His son is wet and convulsing in his bed. My Donor and his wife unsure of what to do call an ambulance. Ambulance take the young man to hospital for monitoring and fluids. He is told it was a seizure, no history of anything of that nature

FYI. In late 2021/ early 2021 we ran a convalescent plasma program. We got donors daily that had Covid and where now recovered. Each one of theses donors (apart from 1 man) either didn’t know they had even had Covid, or developed the mildest of symptoms. Now this isn’t the case with everyone but they were healthy people that got the virus and fough it with ease. I have only heard of 1, maybe 2 stories, of Donors direct contact with someone struggling/ dying with Covid (and I speak openly to hundreds of donors each week, and have for a long time)

My conversations re. Vaccine reactions/ possible reactions mount into the hundreds.

I could write pages and pages of stories.


Physiotherapist, Applied Kinesiologist

I wrote earlier about the clients I see having a new presentation of pain that I have not seen before in my 40 years of being a Physio.
This is a severe exacerbation of a previous injury plus pain all over their body with headaches.
All but one client are not relating it to the jab because they had the jab about 3-4 months ago.
The client who is awake says she and her friends who have been jabbed are all having returning illnesses, injuries and pain since the jab.

That client allowed me to see if a magnet would stick to the jab site — and it stuck SHE IS NOW MAGNETIC AT THE SITE OF THE JAB.
Those videos on the internet of the jabbed being magnetic are true.

Additionally, the transmission from the jabbed.
I am now getting this weird spotty rash on my forearms and this blood blister bruising as well. My forearms feel itchy all the time.
I have been using ivermectin, pine needle tea and bentonite clay on my forearms plus wearing gloves with the jabbed and it went away.
I did not wear gloves for one client the other day and it has come back. The Pfizer manual says it transmits by skin contact — I hate to agree with Big Pharma but I have to agree with them.


AHPRA Verified ✅


My name is ——- —-. I am a Chiropractor. It is likely that I will need to be vaccinated in order to continue to practise. If they take my licence to practise away because I am not vaccinated I will find another way to make a living.

I wish you luck and support you in your endeavours

Yours sincerely

——- —-.

Chiropractor, BChiro, MChiro.
15 years.
AHPRA Verified ✅

I friend sent me a link to your site. It’s been very interesting reading all the responses.

I’ve had some concerning cases after people have had either the AZ or the Pfizer injections. I’ve also noticed almost every patient who’s had the injection has looked pale for 2 weeks post-jab (even though they might say they feel fine when I asked them). Doing further research, this paleness might have something to do with tiny amounts of graphene oxide (GO) in the injections that cause clumping of the RBCs which therefore don’t allow for proper O2 diffusion at the alveoli in the lungs. There’s research that shows GO can work as a nano-adjuvant BUT it also ends up causing immunosuppression by killing off the neutrophils. Kind of like a double-edged sword; it might give a better immune response the vaccine makers are after – but it’s at the severe detriment of the patient’s health! It’s all a bit nasty. GO is also not included in the covid injection ingredient list yet it shows up under electron microscopy. Interesting.

I’ve had quite a number of patients have lots of body pains since their injections. Not always straight away, though. Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 weeks post-vax to set in. Very often the inflammation presents as a ‘disc bulge’, even in long-term patients who have NEVER had this issue before, or patients who seem otherwise very healthy – and often it just comes on for no reason, not even from picking a pen up off the floor! Disc problems are often ‘the straw that breaks the camel’s back’ but with what I’ve been seeing the last number of months, it’s not even that. There seems to be almost NO cause…but I think there could be: the covid injection. I’m finding the feel of the tissues just don’t add up for a true disc bulge. The vertebrae spring nicely after just one or two treatments, but the patient still feels pain. They do get better, but slowly slowly. I don’t think it’s a true Chiropractic issue. I think it’s a poison issue from the covid injection. I’ve dealt with enough disc bulges in my 15+ year career to know what they’re like. This is different. Patients have generally had lots more musculoskeletal pain as well since they’ve had the covid injections – knee pain, shoulder pain, general body aches and pains. Too many flare-ups.

I’ve had a female patient (aged in her 60s) be off work for 3 weeks post-injection. She was otherwise very healthy. Another patient had a severe headache (initially 8/10 on VAS) that gradually subsided over the next 2 weeks (post-first AZ injection. 2nd Az injection seemed to cause him no problems. This was a patient in his 50s who’d had a minor stroke a few years back). Another retiree patient ended up having heaps of blood clots (post-injection) that had to be surgically cut out of him! He spent over a month in hospital. He’s lost a lot of weight. Of course he already had pre-existing vascular problems, but the post-injection nightmare was something else entirely. Then there are those patients who had family members have adverse reactions that had them end up in hospital. One ended up losing a large length of his bowel.

All I can say is that you don’t get this sort of response for people having the flu injection! Then again, over 80% of my patients have had the covid injection. Only about 30-50% might’ve got the flu injection in any one year. There’s a huge range of inflammatory problems I am seeing in my patients now. It concerns me greatly. What’s going to happen when the boosters come in? The spike (S) protein of SARS-CoV-2 binds to ACE2 receptors in the body. ACE2 helps to keep inflammation & blood pressure down – but how can it do that if it’s busy with the spike protein? I’m definitely seeing rises in people’s inflammation levels. Perhaps I ought to be checking everyone’s blood pressure as well! There are also plenty of studies showing that the spike protein causes (vascular) cellular damage.

Frontline Workers Speak Out! 💉❤️🩹 #AU, [29.09.21 23:36] Perhaps lots of people are having inflammatory problems because the spike protein is getting out of control whilst their immune systems are not quashing it. From what I’ve read over the last 18 months, I don’t think the spike protein is a good guy, especially combined with new mRNA vaccine technology. There’s so much more to this story that the general population is not being told.

Clinical Care Managers

RN. 17years. Clinical Care Manager of Aged Care.
AHPRA Verified ✅

Hi fellow RNs and Aussies,

I am a RN with 17 years experience as an emergency nurse, aged care quality nurse, clinical care manager and facility manager of aged care, who is currently suspended for not receiving first jab.

1. Resident received AZ on Saturday morning, had a temp of 40 by Saturday afternoon and died on Monday

2. Ambulant, cognitive resident with prostate cancer developed sudden forearm oedema, raised d dimer, SOB and died in a week. AZ received month prior

3. Several accounts of residents with spontaneous spikes of 40 degrees with nil obvious focus of infection, SOB, then spontaneously resolved several hours later

Please keep sharing health care professionals, because the way the industry is hiding and covering these adverse events is horrendous. Thanks to the ED frontline and everyone for sharing.

Clinical Coder, Data Collection for Hospitals

Clinical Coder, Data Collection


I am a clinical coder in —-. My job is to review all medical documents from emergency presentations to admissions and surgeries performed.
My job is to allocate ICD codes to reflect the care received in the admission. Our codes are used for data collection for the Dept of health statistics and hospital funding.

It is disturbing for me to see many patients presenting to the emergency department with various symptoms and the emergency doctors querying a link to the Covid vaccine. Then to see the patient admitted to the ward and the admitting doctor not even acknowledging the significance of the vaccine.

Example: man admitted 2 weeks post AZ vaccine with diplopia, dizziness, sinus symptoms. ED doctor diagnosis is query Miller Fisher syndrome due to AZ vaccine.
Patient admitted to ward for further investigation. CT head report – evidence of neuritis of cerebral nerve. ?Miller Fisher syndrome.
Final diagnosis by admitting doctor= sinusitis.
Discharged with steroid sinus spray. This was not reported to the TGA

Total disregard of ED doctors diagnosis. Lucky I coded AE of vax to flag it.

I am seeing so many similar cases that i am keeping a diary of UR # and reasons.

Disturbing what is happening.


COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Clinical Call

RN. Clinical Call Handler, COVID Vaccine Adverse Events, VIC. AHPRA Verified


I am a registered nurse in Melbourne with almost 33 years experience.

I currently have a role as a clinical call handler for people that are experiencing side effects from covid vaccines.

The adverse events that have been reported to me are extremely concerning in both the types of reactions and the frequency of them.

Apart from the usual expected side effects of over, pain etc for 1 to 2 days, some of the reactions that have been reported to me multiple times include
*Delayed anaphylactic reactions involving respiratory distress, facial and tongue swelling, usually a rash, but not always , with onset occurring usually around 2 days after vaccine, but has been up to 4 days post vaccine.
*Chest heaviness, stabbing chest pains, palpitations and shortness of breath is reported to me several times a day every day usually in young people (male and female) post Pfizer 1st and 2nd dose.
*Heart palpitations are very commonly reported across all age groups( usually Pfizer)
*ongoing shortness of breath for 6 plus weeks post vaccination with no explanation
*unusual rashes that appear days to weeks after vaccination
*unexplained bruising that appear days to weeks after vaccination with both Pfizer and AZ ( commonly reported extensive bruising on legs)
*swollen, painful varicose veins
*persistent headaches for weeks after vaccination, sometimes severe but usually just annoyingly persistent
*heavy vaginal bleeding in post menopausal women ( mid to late 50’s) and menstrual disruption/ irregularities in younger women
*Blood noses post Pfizer is extremely common
*Burning pain in limbs, in several cases the pain is so severe that the person is unable to walk.
*numbness and tingling in arms and legs is very commonly reported up to 6 weeks post vaccination with both Pfizer and AZ
*leg / foot pain and swelling( symptoms strongly suggestive of DVT however I don’t get to follow up)
*severe vertigo and tinnitus ( Pfizer)
*numbness down one side of face (this is surprisingly common)
*uncontrollable muscle twitching/ spasms
*extreme lethargy that persists for months after vaccine.
*Exacerbation of old injuries such as previously broken or sprained joints flare up or old scars become red and inflamed again.

* older Australians that have had Astrazeneca vaccine and have been ok but then had flu vaccine and have been extremely unwell since. I do believe there is a correlation between the 2 given within weeks of each other that is causing significant health decline in older people.
* people that have had stable auto immune disease but then once vaccinated their symptoms are markedly exacerbated or others with no previous history of immune disorders, I suspect develop an immune disorder post vaccine

I am certain that these vaccines are causing immune, neurological and blood clotting disorders resulting in significant harm to an unacceptably large amount of people.

There is more specific cases that I am aware of but for anominity I will not disclose them here. I am aware of ICU admissions post Pfizer vaccination in 3 different people as well as deaths of elderly nursing home residents within 24 hours of vaccination.

I am both concerned and frustrated that the medical profession is either unaware that these side effects are happening, or in many cases, not prepared to admit that they are in fact a result of the covid vaccines, (often medically gaslighting and putting down to anxiety), leaving these poor affected people desperately seeking help and answers, that in most cases, they probably won’t get either. I have tried to raise this issue on more than one occasion, but it falls on deaf ears.


Dialysis Technician – 15 years

Hi there

I work as a Dialysis Technician in NSW and I am disgusted with the current situation it is criminal.

My role is to visit patients who do dialysis at home, I have built great relationships with many of them and I love this part of my job although lately due to lockdown I barely been able to do home visits.

One of my patients who has become a close friend I found out he got pericarditis after 2nd dose of Pfizer within a couple a day’s was admitted to hospital, he met other patients in same ward with adverse reactions and mentioned he was pissed as they weren’t being reported or spoken of.

I have had AZ vaccine before I was aware of the censorship, hiding & lying about information and everything else that I’ve uncovered.


Enrolled Nurse.
Brisbane, QLD. 26/09/2021

Hi, Enrolled Nurse from Brisbane…

I work in Private health, so don’t often get to see initial reason for presentation to emergency, as they are usually transferred from public to us later.

I nursed a man in his 60’s recently that got vaxed…he had a knee replacement 3 months prior (fully healed).

Came in to hospital again due to severe bleeding and needing surgery… post-surgery his knee haemorrhaged quite badly… then got a vacc dressing…ended up nursing him again in a Rehab ward a week later… told me it happened after vaccination but surgeon didn’t report it or link it with vaccine.

Another older lady presented as very disordered after vaccination.. couldn’t walk properly, ended up 2 assist with a FASF… on Lyrica 150 BD for nerve pain… frequently complained of headaches and chronic ear ache.. ended up going home after a long rehab stint..

I won’t be getting the jab so will probably be unemployed in the next month or so… One of our Doctors is very over the draconian crap..his words.. he is fully vaxed and furious we are still wearing masks.

Hospital Administration

Triage Clerk Admin, Emergency Department.


I work in Emergency Department as an admin clerk at triage and I can tell you the reason I will not be having this vaccine is that every third or fourth patient is coming in with an adverse reaction.

Some complaining that their heart is beating so hard and is squeezing out of their chest, I’ve seen vision changes, numbness , skin problems , cellulitis young men and women diagnosed with pericarditis myocarditis, clots , tumors even my colleagues have had Bell’s palsy there is so much more.

What amazes me with all this is that no one can see it! Young patients being told it’s just anxiety , nurses at triage rolling their eyes saying things like “can’t they just stay home and take a panadol” !

Then to top it all off our double jabbed nurses at triage test positive to Covid and are admitted and are sick but they are saying “at least I’m vaccinated I could have been a lot worse”, there are 5 unvaccinated clerks at the front desk at triage and we have worked through this pandemic but now we are a danger to the other other staff

UNBELIEVABLE! So we now have received the letter saying no jab no job we’ve got till the 30th Also would like to add the influx of nursing home patients that are coming in is ridiculous, falls vertigo generally declining quickly after jab, I’m not a medical person but I can see what’s going
on it’s very sad

Engineering Dept. NSW Health.

I have just been ——- from my position in the NSW Health.

1. Male 60 AZ 1st jab flu like symptoms for over a week he said he felt like he was dying. Still had 2nd jab.

2. Male 60+ AZ 2nd jab developed cough which went on for several weeks finally went to gp told he had pneumonia.

3) female late 50’s 1st AZ had an instant reaction collapsed but is waiting to find out which vaccine she can take for her 2nd shot.

Several of the cleaners have had severe headaches & had to take days off.
4) male 60 AZ after 5 months of no reaction has just had X-rays to find out he needs a hip replacement this was already a slight problem but he went down hill very quickly up until diagnosed. May be coincidence?
Very active worker.

My —- specialist stood in his reception & in front of other patients discussed my vaccination status. He would not give me an exemption & in his passing words to me expressed it would be extremely difficult for the unvaccinated very soon & that the hospitals would be full of covid cases.

Hospital Administration (Reviews Medical Records)
Location withheld

I am (in Administration) we review medical records after a patient discharged from hospital, and assign appropriate codes to summarize the admission. We have to read the entire record, so we get a really clear picture of the episode of care.

Here are some of the adverse effects that I have seen:

1) Fit, healthy woman in her 40’s with sudden onset of Supra Ventricular Tachycardia after Pfizer – no previous heart issues, nor any family history of heart problems. Is now medicated. Was reported to TGA.

2) Fit, healthy — in his late 20’s with Pericarditis after Pfizer. No previous history. Was reported to TGA.

3) Fit, healthy man in his mid 50’s experienced chest pains and shortness of breath after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. Found to have multiple Pulmonary Embolisms. Has no prior history of clots. Was reported to TGA.

4) —— in 70’s with cancer received AZ and post vaccine came to hospital in severe pain. Diagnosed with neuritis from the cervical spine (neck area). Not reported to TGA, although Dr’s suspect it to be an adverse effect.

5) Healthy (patient) in (their) late 60’s diagnosed with Giant Cell Arteritis post AZ. No previous or underlying conditions. Suspected to be adverse effect but not reported.

I have also seen several presentations with acute abdo pain post Pfizer in younger people. Queried to be adverse effect.

It concerns me that all of these people were reassured that the vaccines are ‘safe’, yet they clearly weren’t for them.


Mental Health Services

Acting Manager, MH service.


I work for a mental health accommodation service where our clients and staff were given the opportunity to attend a COVID vaccination clinic onsite.

Despite most other staff within the organisation basically forcing clients to get vaccinated, I made it very clear to my staff that this is peoples’ personal choice and that we are not allowed to give advice or our personal opinion on this matter. I made it very clear to my staff where I stood on the matter, but did not obviously discuss this with my clients.

A few of our clients did choose to attend the clinic and get the vaccine unfortunately. Then just under two weeks later, one client reported feeling unwell with a ‘stomach bug’.

Three days later I sighted this client and the client did not look well – The clients symptoms had progressed to dizziness, unstable on the feet, headache and inability to focus. As normal, we called for medical advice and were given direction, which did not include going to hospital. Two days later this client was found dead in bed with blood coming from all orifices on the clients head (so a suspected haemorrhage I guess?).

One month later we are still awaiting the autopsy results so I can’t 100% confirm that this was due to the vaccine, but I can’t see what else would cause a person under 40 years old to suddenly die like this.

Disability Mental Health worker – NSW

Hi there,
This is a slightly different admission…
I work in disability/mental health. I strongly oppose these vaccine “mandates” and the lack of informed consent- as I personally know of various people now who have suffered extreme adverse reactions to the vaccinations – my family members have been injured, friends, and coworkers.

The informed consent given is lacking massively, I have attended a vaccine hub here in NSW ran by HCA where my disabled clients:

A) had no idea what they were getting vaccinated for, yet their COS’ approved these (these clients are owned by the state). As well, these DISABLED clients are very out of touch with knowing their bodies.

B) attending these and after filling out their forms- there was no information on potential harm. I also was unable to answer a lot of questions as I am not a medical professional, I have only known these clients for a short-period of time, yet I am filling out forms for them where I have no idea of their medical history. No doctor’s appointments were made prior either to assess their eligibility.

C) a client of mine who was double vaccinated is now classified as only having one dose, as his original form was lost and not registered with Medicare.

D) the clients or myself were not shown vials, in fact the needles were sitting in a container already drawn.

E) when I had asked about the storage, the nurse naively showed me they were stored in a cardboard box, she then played around with the thermometer on one of the boxes saying “the doses I am administering today are here but the thermometer is playing up, it should be fine because it’s not beeping at me.”

F) There we’re NO QUESTIONS ASKING ABOUT CURRENT AND ROUTINE MEDICATIONS. How can this trial experiment have any conclusive evidence of effectiveness and safety when medications are not a considered factor in the process.

This is disgusting, this is negligence, this is UNINFORMED CONSENT.

Now, when it comes to me after witnessing this disgusting unprofessional, rushed, and uncertain medical practices being carried out (on multiple occasions) and to witness the adverse reactions first-hand….I am now losing my job.

Mental Health Worker 15yrs+
Workplace registration verified ✅
Submission Date: 16/11/21

I am a mental health worker having spent 15years up until 1st November 2021 when I have had to step down due to standing up for my rights of consent.

I have worked tirelessly in a rural health service to help breakdown the stigma for Aboriginal people accessing the service.
During the past year I have seen constant coercion by my nursing colleagues of many vulnerable clients.

Four elders in the local aged care have died in the past month. I know many of them do not fully understand or are being told enough information to make an informed decision. It is the same with many of the Aboriginal homeless and remote community members; where many are being bribed by food vouchers etc.

The misinformation being disseminated out in the community has caused additional conflict among families and has added to the division and issues already experienced amongst Aboriginal people through native title issues.

Clinical Psychologist
Workplace registration verified ✅
Submission Date: 18/11/21

I am a Clinical Psychologist with over 5 years experience working in mental health as well as a range of community-service based roles. I have been involved in research, and have published several peer-reviewed papers in international journals.
I currently work in private practice, and have observed the following issues in children and teens during the NSW lockdowns and since the lockdowns ended:

• Children are afraid that their parents will force them to get the vaccine
• Teenagers have been deprived of their social contacts by parents who have been terrified of them getting the virus and passing it to family members. This has resulted in some teenagers turning to smoking, alcohol use, and delinquency, in order to cope with the social isolation
• Children are afraid of their teachers, as they find it difficult to interpret the teachers facial expressions behind the masks. Some children do not know when their teacher is happy or angry
• Teenagers are reporting exhaustion due to wearing the masks, and that they don’t want to go to school anymore due to the masks. Some have asked their parents if they can do schooling part-time
• Many teenagers are reporting feelings of hopelessness about the future, as well as suicidal ideation
In addition to my observations in private practice, I am concerned that many seemingly healthy people continue to wear cloth face masks when outdoors. There is no apparent health benefit of this, and it appears that people have become accustomed to wearing them without question. This could have marked impact on social relationships.

With regards to the vaccine rollout, the vast majority of my patients took the vaccine in order to get their freedoms back. It is rare that someone will say they got it for health reasons.

Medical Doctors

Medical Practitioner (Dr.) Former RN & Midwife.
Emergency Dept.
AHPRA verified

I have been notified I will not be rostered for shifts because I have not provided evidence of first vax by 1/10, with 2nd due 1/11.

I previously worked briefly on a —- ward. After seeing multiple cases of stroke after both az and Pfizer, I questioned senior staff about reporting to tga. I was told tga has provided guidelines on what platelet count, fibrinogen, and d-dimer level they consider relevant when reporting adverse effects. Because of this, doctors were no longer reporting anything that didn’t match the tga recommendation.

In the ED I have seen 5 cases of pulmonary embolism in patients under 30, 6 cases of pericarditis, 4 of myocarditis in patients from teenage to early 40s, multiple cardiac arrest, strokes and cases of anaphylaxis after these jabs. This is all in the past 8 weeks. Given I am one doctor out of approx 95 who cover 3 shifts daily, working only 4 days per week, in a —— rural hospital, I can’t imagine what the actual numbers are nation wide,

I can equivocally say that these are not being considered related. I feel that this is primarily because medical and nursing fields do not want to admit they have been deceived and this is more so since mandates for healthcare workers have been announced.

Medical Practitioner with General Registration
Submission Date: 28/11/21
AHPRA registration verified
Identification verified

MGG – Are you saying that the parents know their kids are damaged by the vaccine and then they’ll stay silent?

Dr WB – Some of them will, not all of them of course. I’ve met really good people like Sarah and Tim Wiseman in North Lakes, who as soon as heard me talking a little bit freely about the vaccine, couldn’t say much, they would come out and they would listen, and people want the truth. That’s why people are attracted to you and to me, it’s because they are beg- ging, dying for the truth, that’s right dying for the truth and the truth is you are not crazy, the vaccine is hurting you. As a Doctor regulated under the authority in Melbourne, I am telling you that you are not insane, you are being damaged and hurt by this vaccine.

Spectator comment – it’s good to know, good to know! Dr WB – it’s very good to know, isn’t it.

MGG – It’s incredible, it’s incredible, it’s incredible, it’s incredible. It’s like we’ve been wait- ing to hear this moment, seriously it’s like they tell us we’re crazy and we’ve all just been holding on to our faith, that we’re not.

Dr WB – We’re not mate, we’re not. That’s why I’m here today to tell you that you’ve been right the whole time it’s just that Doctors who are like the ruling class and the privileged ones, didn’t have the courage to stand up, that’s right, and tell you the truth, well you’ve been lied to and im telling you today as one of the good Doctors of Australia, that you are OK, keep fighting, never give in and we will win. We’ve already won. We have won. When a Doctor can come out and speak freely, that tells you that I have enough people around me, I have enough support to have the guts to do that. I couldn’t do that today without you, if you weren’t here today, I could not do this today, so we are winning, and we have won be- cause of you. Not because of me, because of you Michael and team and Julie and every- body else here today of the QPP, Queensland People’s, look us up, come join us. We’ll win in Queensland again. Annastacia Palaszczuk go away.

MGG – I have to say in the last few years, I think this is probably the most incredible mo- ment of the last 2 years and I’m struggling now, I’m in awe of your sacrifice of what you’re doing.

Dr WB – Well let’s make a formality of it. This is the broken cross (holding up his stetho- scope) that we have been suffering under and it’s now time to throw it away because I will not wear that again until they restore humanity and rights and truth and justice in this coun- try again. I’m free now Michael, I’m free, finally.

MGG – I think I’m in love with you.
Dr WB – Well that makes 2 of us, that makes 2 of us.

MGG – There are tears everywhere here. That’s just extraordinary. I thank you from the bot- tom of my heart, so does everybody here.

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Dr WB –That’s ok, It’s not a problem at all. I’m only sorry and I’ve said that I couldn’t have done this earlier as I said it broke my heart every day to have to go to people’s homes as a home visiting Doctor and look them in the eye and pretend that I was there for them when I was being selfish a lot of the time protecting my own bank account, protecting my family which I understand why but at the same time if you’re going to be a Doctor, you have to make sacrifices, you have to help people and now I have. So, thank you very much every- body.

Spectator comments – It’s not too late, its not too late and you’re an advocate for the pa- tients.

Dr WB – Now I am.

MGG – I have said ages ago that inside us, regardless of where your religious stance, inside ourselves is a compass, we always know where right is, we always know where wrong is, some of us call right God, some call it Love but we always know where it is. For a long time now, a lot of us have been led the opposite way by whoever. Today I’m seeing someone turning around and heading back in the right way. It’s an absolutely beautiful moment, Im in awe.

Dr WB – Thank you Michael, I couldn’t have done it without you.
MGG – Ok, im going to end this here and get it up. Let the storm come forward. Dr WB – Go Queensland

MGG – Go Queensland, go freedom!


Medical Apartheid Evidence #0001

There is a FMCCC – Forensic Medicine Coroners Court Complex located at (address withheld), NSW. This building is occupied jointly by forensic pathology (mortuary) coming under NSW Health Pathology and Coroners Court of NSW coming under Department of Communities and Justice.

Healthcare staff employed by Pathology were mandated to get a jab by 30 September or lose your job. At the same time, coroner’s staff is not required to be jabbed. Staff of both agencies are using the same hallways, lifts, cafeteria, (separate) car park etc.

So, it is laughable how it is no risk from mixing the unvaxxed with the vaxxed on a daily basis, but there is a huge risk of having a few unjabbed healthcare employees (given that voluntary vaccine uptake in the pathology was around 75% before the mandate and reached 95% or so after the mandate).

Small amendments:
-coroners actually have their separate parking, not shared with pathology.
-coroner’s staff and pathology staff use common conference rooms and common reception.

Endorsed Enrolled Nurse (EEN) 15yrs+
Non-Emergency Patient Transport
Workplace registration provided ✅

I am writing with serious concerns regarding the safety issues obviously apparent and unreported.
I have been a frontline Nurse working with NEPT for 15yrs+

1. (75+yrs) old female independent living has both doses. Within second week has fall with stroke like symptoms. As I transferred her to another ED I was observing her having intermittent tremors almost seizures but not. Loss of speech and confusion.

2. Another female following week almost identical to the first mentioned case. Was walking and home with partner independently, post Vaccination simply walks to bathroom and suddenly couldn’t move herself.

3. Male (75yrs+) stroke like symptoms for further investigation. Never had health issues at all, no medical background, super healthy. 1 week after 2nd dose admission for observation.

I have heard of first hand side effects from all age groups.

4. (85yrs+) old female fine 1 day palliative the next day.

5. (45yrs+) old male Guillain Barre syndrome still in wheel chair today.

6. Registered Nurse (colleague) in her 40s from (ward withheld) explaining to me she had been hospitalized for 2 weeks post vaccination (medical team) said she had a stroke. She looked at me in my eyes and said it was the vaccine.

7. Today I have 2nd call related to my beautiful niece 30yrs old with 3 young children, she so didn’t want this experimental drug and held off as long as she could. Well she had Pfizer last Wednesday, that evening she experienced abdominal pain and discomfort, this persisted for 3 days which led to ED check up. Basically telling her could be anxiety, are you pregnant? All NO answers.
Discharge with no real help or guidance. Discharged no plan. She then started to experience chest pain.

She presented to ED to be informed she has Pericarditis. Apparently 2 Doctors stated it’s from the dose of Pfizer and it will take some time to recover, take some anti inflammatory and rest up.

Health Worker
Location withheld


I am a health worker in (withheld) in a different capacity. I work in a —– residential facility.

But I wanted to share with you some personal experiences.

I had my first AZ jab two weeks ago under duress for fear of losing my job. On day 8 I started getting bad chest pain and breathing problems (I’m a non smoker and I’ve never had these symptoms in my life ever before). My GP sent me to ED as a precaution to rule out a clot. After bloods and scans a clot was ruled out.

The ED waiting room was like a war zone of people with adverse reactions to mostly Pfizer. The most distressing ones were the young teens! I witnessed 5 young girls (approx ages 13-16) with serious adverse reactions. 3 had chest pain. One had vision impairment and non stop vomiting. And one had partial paralysis and “locked” joints that were unable to be moved. And there were adults too but my focus was on the children as I have an — year old and am terrified of these experimental jabs being forced upon our kids.

After spending the day in there I was discharged. When I questioned what the cause of my symptoms was I was told “we don’t know. We get about 50 cases like this a day and we can’t find a medical explanation”. I should add this was in a small regional hospital too.

Since then I am experiencing the following ongoing symptoms:

1. I constantly feel like there’s electricity running through my body especially my head which feels hot and tingly all the time.
2. My legs and other muscles are weak including my throat muscles which makes it a lot of effort to swallow.
3. My bones hurt in places I’ve never felt before.
4. My urine is unusual (I don’t drink alcohol and I eat “clean” and it is usually clear).
5. My chest continues to hurt and I’m scared to do my prior daily exercises for fear my chest will worsen.
6. My eyes burn and my vision has worsened.
7. Constant headache.
8. Cognitive and memory issues – some times when I speak it comes out complete jibberish and I’ve always been known for being very articulate.

My loved ones around me are particularly noticing this and constantly asking if I’m ok because I just drift off into space mid sentence because I can’t access the words I need or I completely forget that I was in middle of saying something!
These effects have disturbed me so much that I’m too scared to get my second jab in a few weeks and am going to be facing unemployment too.

I have friends that have been in ICU and hospitalised for adverse reactions but told its other causes. I have colleagues who went temporarily blind and have tinnitus and other so far unresolved side effects too.

My child already has disabilities and I’m about to pull — out of school for fear of the brainwashing campaign and I predict by next year it’ll be compulsory for kids to have jab to attend school. As I work in a — centre we have strict written directives telling staff we are forbidden from talking about anything “anti vax” on site, even amongst staff. If —- people ask our opinion (and let’s face it that’s all anyone is talking about currently) we are directed to say “our organisation strongly recommends every —- person gets this safe and effective vaccine”.

We are not even allowed to say “we advise you to speak to —— or a medical professional”. As these —- residents look up to staff and develop close bonds during their episodes of care, they are quite impressionable and easily led. Very concerned we are not allowed to discuss any other than “we encourage the vaccine”.

Frontline Workers Speak Out! 💉❤️🩹 #AU, [20.10.21 19:40] All practitioners are expected to:
• Provide —– people and families with the organisational information that promotes vaccination
• Assist —– people in accessing a vaccination where this is requested

If you are against COVID-19 or influenza vaccination and a client asks for your opinion, please just let them know that “… we strongly encourage vaccination for everyone” and give them our written material on vaccination and offer your support and assistance in getting vaccinated.”

“However, if you are against COVID-19 or influenza vaccination, in your capacity as an employee you are not permitted to share this opinion with any of our clients or potential clients. Further, at any time that you are at work and representing us, don’t share anti-vaccination views publicly.”

Social Media: Telegram – Frontlineworkers Speak Out! 💉❤️🩹 #AU

Holistic / Health Therapist – 26yrs+

My name is —– and I am a therapist of 26 years and have a clinic in Sydneys eastern suburbs.

Over the past —- months I have had countless clients with adverse reactions from these COVID-19 vaccines from neuralgia burning like nerve pain everywhere in the body to headaches, fatigue body aches and terrible migraines.

All of these clients I have known for a number of years and none of them have had any of these symptoms before having the vaccines.

We have known one person who has had a stroke, three people that have passed away and three women that no longer have a period any more and one woman that was constantly bleeding after the vaccine.

In all of the years I have been practicing I have seen countless clients every winter that come in that have had the flu vaccines but I have witnessed nothing like this with adverse reactions before!

This is extremely sad and very concerning and these mandated vaccines must stop!

Laboratory Technician


I work in a big laboratory in — and would like to tell you what’s happening in the labs.

About 3-4 weeks ago I noticed a big increase in the number of ECG’s we are receiving. The increase was very sudden and noticable, I started to pay attention to it and looked at the doctors request forms.

They were all urgent tests. The tests mostly are troponin, d dimer and ECG. All people who are getting these test are after they receive a vaccination. Mostly Pfizer, some AZ and last week Moderna. It’s people who went to their doctor with problems after vaccination. They are not in the hospital care yet. The clinical notes from doctors (if they bothered to write it down) states:

Heart problems after vaccination….after 1st dose, after 2nd dose.. 1 week after vaccination, 2 weeks after vaccination, next day, 2 days ago… different variations.
But most upsetting is the fact that they are all young people! Born in the 80s 90s and 00s. Some are teenagers – just 15 – 16 year olds! With heart problems!

The clinical notes are:

  • Chest pain
  • Chest discomfort
  • Myocarditis
  • Pericarditis
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Abdominal pain
  • Tachicardia
  • Chest heaviness
  • Sharp chest pain

– all after the vaxx.

Now I noticed that less doctors are writing clinical notes. But if you see the combination of these test: troponin, d dimer and ECG and the person is 20-30 y.o. it’s absolutely clear why they are having these tests
Every day during my shift I see 20-30 request forms with clinical notes and some without clinical notes. I’ve stopped counting them.

The second part I want to mention is Covid swabs. They are a river of money for the company. The amount of covid swabs coming in every day is enormous! You have to see it with your own eyes to believe it! It’s a money making machine. You wouldn’t like it to stop if it were your business.

After all I see there is no way they can convince me to get this shot! From — I am not working there any more.

Medical Receptionist

Dear whistleblower admin,

I follow your channel on telegram and have wished I could contribute but not sure that I can as I am not a medical professional, but I am a medical receptionist.

I have witnessed multiple patients’ adverse reactions to covid vaccines as I work at a private specialist practice for a dermatologist. I am involved in receiving referrals, booking patients appointments and printing/sending the specialists consultation reports to the referring doctors, following the consultation. Therefore, I read first-hand the reason for the referrals. I am only commenting and reporting the adverse reactions which have specifically been attributed to covid vaccines by the referring GP. I then see first hand the patient with their skin condition and see the photos they send in to us. I also read the notes and letters.

I have seen at least 3 examples in the last 2-3 months of a fairly serious and rare skin condition in patients of which the onset was specifically attributed to the covid vaccine. Bullous pemphigoid is a horrible blistering auto-immune skin disease which, once acquired, the person has for life. The patients did not have BP prior to receiving the jab. They did have some milder skin condition though, such as eczema or psoriasis and it is as though the jab has exacerbated their existing autoimmune condition into something much worse. Both pfizer and AZ jabs were involved.

I have seen countless examples of new referrals for patients with a sudden onset of terrible, severe rashes following the covid jab. They mostly do end up clearing up eventually after topical and/or oral medication so these are the “lucky” ones.

If I do qualify as a “whistleblower”, I would love to contribute the above examples. They are dermatology examples and might not be considered life threatening, however, the adverse reactions are real, visible and causing distress to people, and in the case of the bullous pemphigoid patients, is a serious and horrible disease they have to manage for life.

Location withheld
Workplace identification provided ✅

I’m a wardsperson at — Hospital. I had a job to take a 70+ yr old lady to theatre for an operation. When I arrived, she was in pain, looked exhausted, and her leg was swollen larger than a pineapple.
During the trip I asked her what happened, as sometimes it’s alright to ask.

She proceeded to tell me that she’d been healthy before taking the AZ vax. Afterwards she found out her body was now ‘full of blood clots’. She proceeded to tell me how since then she’s had a heart attack, a stroke, and whatever has happened to her leg. Her leg was not only swollen but covered in bruises and blisters. Her toes were dark purple. The blisters were bigger than 50c pieces.

She told me she hadn’t wanted to get the vax, but that she and her husband felt they were doing what the government said was right, and that they didn’t have a choice. She only had one dose. Now she doesn’t know what to do, and wonders if she’s a bad person for not getting the second dose. I understand she’s older, but her entire life has been turned upside down.
I really struggled with this one. I had to take a few minutes afterwards and collect myself.

My — is also a wardsperson and has seen countless people coming through ED with side effects from the vaccines. Despite all this, the hospital has now placed a directive stating all staff must be vaccinated. I may lose my job, but I’ve seen firsthand what it does to people.

Retired NSWPF Officer 30yrs+, Funeral Industry Worker 6yrs+
Location withheld

Retired NSW Police officer after > 30 years service.

Working in the funeral industry for 6 years smallish country town (—, NSW). Currently stood down due to Medication (vaccine) status.

The company has the Government contract which involves being called to removal of deceased people upon Police request for a variety of reasons such as: require coronial investigation, suspicious circumstances, fatal motor vehicle accidents, or not being treated by a doctor for 12 months.

This contract covers 24hrs/7days in the (— Police District) population is about 52000.

I was on call week on/week off.

Some events of note:

1. April 2021 – 89 Female, living alone with dogs. Healthy. Deceased within days of getting vaccine.
2. May 2021 – 76 Female. healthy eater, walking morning and evening, playing sport. Deceased within days of getting vaccine.
3. August 2021 – 42 Female. Slightly alternate lifestyle. Deceased within 2 days of getting vaccine.
4. September 2021 – 45 Female. Busy lifestyle. Healthy eater. Deceased within weeks of getting vaccine.
5. October 2021 – 39 Male. Timber worker. Fit. Deceased @ 6 weeks after vaccine after numerous hospital visits.

These are some of > 20 deaths recorded by a government agency (NSW Police) and updated after another event.

I have also had on occasion to see and hear General Practitioners who attend funeral parlour mortuary (to conduct Cremation reports and view deceased people for cremation to ensure they do not have pacemakers fitted) and view the written Medical Certificate Cause of Death prepared by Hospital Doctors (locums in some instances) and state, “but I knew him he was healthy, Cause of Death Pneumonia – 2 days – what a cop out” which is alarming to me.

The number of Medical Certificates Cause of Death that have: Pneumonia 2 or 3 days, of DVT was significantly higher on other deceased people since April 2021 which just so coincides with the vaccination program commencement.

Several of my work colleagues and friends have also been treated at hospital for heart palpitations, massive migraines for a week, post vaccine.

I am also aware of at lease three people who have suffered stroke post vaccination – two of whom are basically palliative.

Hope this information is relevant and can be posted onto the FSO site.

Let me know if you need my phone number/s to clarify or confirm this information.

FWSO blesses and thanks you for your service, a true light in the darkness ✨

Aboriginal Health Service Worker – Rural/Remote
Location withheld
Workplace registration provided ✅

I worked in several remote communities. In June, the Health Service began its campaign of vaccination across the communities. They began by driving and flying teams into the communities. The teams organised barbecues and public meetings. The atmosphere was festive and encouraging. In one community meeting that I witnessed, community members were told that vaccination teams would be coming soon as they “rolled out” their vaccination campaign. People were told that “… if you get the shot, you will not get COVID and you will stop all your old people from getting COVID.”

In my presence, I never heard anyone inform people that there was any risk of adverse reactions, possibility of “breakthrough infections”, possibility of death or that it was an experiment. Only positive messages and the guilt trip that if they didn’t get the shot, they might be responsible for the death of their old people.

One old man stated that he did not intend to get the shot because he believed it could be dangerous. The health care worker asked him where he had heard that. He just repeated that he thought it was “too dangerous”. The health care worker kept trying to get him to open up about why he thought that and when he refused to discuss it beyond repeating “too dangerous”, she asked, “Did you read something on the internet? It’s all misinformation on the internet.”

A week or two later, the vaccination team arrived. When a number of people did not go to the clinic, they came down and gathered them up from where they were sitting around their campfires. They cajoled and encouraged them. They put the walkers and wheelchairs into the clinic cars and ambulance and drove them to the clinic. They convinced even the old man who had thought it “too dangerous”.

Their techniques were persistent. They were friendly and dismissed concerns. There was no discussion of adverse reactions or any potential serious consequences. They took a tribal people, many of whom are illiterate and for whom English is a second language and they told them that the vaccination was the only way to protect their old people; the implication being that if they were unvaccinated and somebody died, it would be their fault. They planted the seeds of guilt. It was not informed consent.

As an employee of the organisation, I received regular emails advising me of the anticipated dates of “the rollout”, telling me that it was my role as an employee to encourage and advise community members to get vaccinated. It was obvious that we were not supposed to tell people anything else. We were also asked for our vaccination status and told that if we didn’t want to tell them our vaccination status, we should complete a statutory declaration to the effect that we would not be informing them of our vaccination status. There was no mention of the Commonwealth Privacy Act or that filling out the stat dec was not a legal requirement.

As the rollout progressed, we were emailed multiple times and told to ask for and report the vaccination status of the people who worked with us. There was no mention that this was in defiance of the Commonwealth Privacy Act.

In one community, one of the nurse managers had to take time off work after the second shot. She told me that she had “…the worst period of my life with massive bleeding and clots you wouldn’t believe.”

I responded, “You know that is a recognised side effect of the vaccination?”

She looked shocked and surprised and said “Really?” as if she found it hard to believe. I could tell by her reaction that she hadn’t been given full information about the possible side effects either. I took from this that at least some of the nursing staff were also uninformed.

In another community, a seventeen year old indigenous boy had a (I believe) non-fatal heart attack about a week after one of the rollouts. The reaction of most medical staff was “How unusual!” but no-one said that it could possibly be linked to the vaccine. I could see that the nursing staff were unaware and I wondered how they would even recognise a possible adverse reaction or recognise a reportable adverse event. I doubt that the nurse with the bad period thought to report her experience as a potential adverse reaction.

With a two week period, three people died from a community I was in. Two were people with known medical co-morbidities (so who would know if they were pushed over the edge by the vaccine) and one was a woman in her thirties who, according to members of her family “…walked outside and dropped to the ground dead with blood coming out of her mouth.” The family were told that the cause of death was a heart attack although I’m not sure that could have been definitively determined as she was dead when medical help arrived and no autopsy been done at that time.

I noticed a big uptick in “chest infections” in the weeks after the rollout although most people had been given a flu shot in the weeks leading up to the Covid vaccinations. Also, people making comments about an old woman “I never realised how shaky X is getting to be”. This comment was made after the first set of shots and again, no-one seemed to consider that it might be connected.

MICA Paramedic
Location withheld
Workplace registration provided ✅
Submission Date: 11/11/21

I am a MICA (Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance) paramedic in ——, my brother received his second Covid-19 vaccine and within a two week period suffered a major heart attack, was admitted to the —— private hospital for ten days, and is now virtually on home Oxygen most of the time due to heart failure. His wife since having her second dose was admitted to Hospital with blood clots in her legs and was hospitalised for ten days, has not been able to go back to work. These cases were not reported to the TGA.

ERT Medic
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Submission Date: 18/11/21

I’ve had my 1st Pfizer vaccination so I can continue to work and support my family.
My wife had her 1st vaccination (Moderna) and had serious health issues with unknown long-term side effects.

On the site I work I had seen 9 people with various side effects from vaccines in one rotation. One in particular was a 27yo F who was suffering many of the same health issues my wife had done. This patient had to be transferred through two hospitals for urgent critical care.

Unfortunately I will need to have my 2nd vaccine so I can continue to pay our honour our loan payments whilst helping my wife where I can money wise, as she can’t work due to the ongoing effects. I had some health effects to my 1st as I’m Type 1 diabetic on insulin and my blood sugar levels went erratic for weeks post-vaccination.

ALS (Advanced Life Support) Paramedic 9years+
Location withheld
AHPRA registration verified ✅

Patient 1: 31 year old Female – Nil cardiac hx
Presentation/injury: 5/7hx worsening central chest pain and SOB post Pfizer second dose. Tachyarrhythmia. Pt normally bradycardic – 45bpm at rest. O/E HR 90 at rest. Pt unable perform simple house keeping tasks without becoming significantly SOB.
Reported to TGA: not by me and unknown further
ICU admission: unknown
Triage nurse: rolled her eyes when vaccine injury was suggested despite thorough investigation of ddx by myself and paramedic partner (who is pro Vax)

Patient 2: 50s Male
Presentation/injury: Quadriplaegic pt – acute onset central chest pain + SOB. First dose Astrazeneca 4/7days prior. Nil hx clotting disorders PEs or DVT. Admitted to local ED as per Docs request. Pt later found to have PE and transported to (major city hospital).
Admission to ICU – unknown
Reprted to TGA – no

Patient 3: 60s male w/ co morbidities ie. HTN, cabg, T2D.
Presentation/injury: Palpitations + SOB post first dose Pfizer same day. Described as very different to past cardiac episodes. Contracted covid-19 3/52 ago. Cleared of covid 1/52 later. Described it as a mild cold – not nearly as bad as current chest pain. Advised to get vaxxed by GP despite having only just been cleared of covid and acquired immunity.
Suggestion of vaccine adverse event brushed off by triage nurse
Admission to ICU – unknown
Reported to TGA – no

Patient 4: 26yo female
Presentation/injury: 6/24 SOB + palpitations post second dose Pfizer same day. Contracted Covid 2/52 ago – cleared 1/7 ago. Pt stated she would not have known she had covid if her test had not returned +ev, symptoms were that mild. GP directed pt to have Vax asap after recovering from covid despite recent infection and acquired immunity.
Admission to TGA – no
Icu admission – unknown

Additional notes:
Ambulance —- have a new guideline (treatment directive) entitled ‘chest pain following mRNA vaccine’ that encourages us to leave new onset cardiac type chest pain post mRNA vaccine at home with a referral to GP. This is provided the ECG is normal for pt (how would we know without past ECGs to compare?), they are <35yo, and no hx of coronary artery disease.

Several family members have also had reactions, have only included the ones hospitalised:
—-s grandmother was admitted to hospital 4 days after AZ first dose. Severe migraine, high BP (usually has low BP) and vertigo. Told she was lucky she didn’t have a stroke. Stayed 3 nights for monitoring. Very unsteady on feet for weeks afterwards. Refuses to have 2nd dose.
My (family member) in WA recently had first dose of Moderna and went to hospital with chest pain, SOB, abnormal ECG and Palpitations. Both were not reported to TGA and Drs brushing off.

Editor note: Medical practitioners – please send us correspondence of medical directives especially as they relate to COVID-19/mRNA directions and guidelines, so as we can liaise with appropriate Senators/MP’s to raise concerns and FOIA’s

Registered Nursing Student
Identification verified ✅


I was a 3rd year registered nursing student a few months ago, but have been refused graduation. I have worked over 2000 clinical placement hours as I switched unis mid-way through. Although I am not a registered nurse yet, I was only one more placement subject away from graduating. I believe what I have to say still counts.

I worked at a large (withheld) hospital in Brisbane throughout the pandemic on the oncology ward from October to December 2020. At least 30% of the staff were HCA agency nurses, and as soon as the vaccination clinics began, agency nurses left in droves to staff the clinics due to a federal government contract and increased rates of pay. The media blamed this on Covid, but we only had two positive covid patients in the entire hospital. The beds were instead full of patients who desperately required surgery for brain tumors or other issues, and were denied this in QLD due to the restrictions. One man had to travel to Sydney to receive neurosurgery and was told to quarantine for 14 days upon his arrival back to Brisbane. His wife was his primary carer and no other nursing or medical staff were allowed to help during this time. He was told to travel to his chemotherapy appointments in a taxi with the windows down to avoid “infecting” anyone.

At the time, we were ALL unvaccinated. There were no orders for immunocompromised patients to remain isolated in their rooms, no-one had to wear masks or gowns or face shields, and patients were free to have as many visitors as they wanted throughout the day. The ward was bustling and full. I did not witness a single patient be offered a PCR test for covid, and there was not a single patient deemed as covid-positive throughout 2020.

In May 2021 I was placed in ICU. There I witnessed a 77 year old man who had been discharged four days prior due to a cardiac issue. He was readmitted on 4/7 after his GP had given him the AZ vaccine the day prior. The man was now suffering sepsis, confusion, coughing up large blood clots, and diagnosed with multi-organ failure. It was deemed as unrelated to his previous presentation however no report to TGA was made.

Within hours, the ICU turned from a regular ward into certain fear mongering. A new regulation meant every nurse and patient had to be masked, and PCR tests were given to patients who were ventilated for unrelated issues. The next day, students who were not doubly-vaccinated were removed from placement immediately and not allowed to return. I did not meet a single nurse who thought these new restrictions were warranted or made any sense at all.

I have attached a copy of my blue card and student nursing card for verification.

Thank you,

*Many thanks to the Nursing students who dedicated 3+ years at university, only to find they were unable to graduate without taking a COVID19 vaccination. To the student nurses who were coerced to receive the injection, feel free to let us know your experience. Many blessings to all student nurses 🕊🤍

Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist, Community.
AHPRA verified ✅


I am a registered Occupational Therapist, I graduated in —-and I work in the community, visiting people at home.

This week one client in his mid 70’s, with cancer treatment told me his story post VAX.

His treatment and health regime was steady for the past 12 months. 2 weeks post vax, his WBC dropped to 0.3. He was in hospital for 5 weeks. They found blood clots. He has been discharged home where he lives with his wife, much weaker, much worse for wear.

His wife told me that her sister, healthy and active in her early 70’s, had a stroke 3 days post vax.

Another client told me her 17 year old grand-daughter had dreadful neck swelling and pain.

None of the treating Drs linked the symptoms to the vax.

Thanking you for the opportunity to share my story.

Occupational Therapist
AHPRA verified ✅

Firstly, a huge congratulations and thank you for the immense work you are doing, I am so impressed, well done.
I am an occupational therapist working as a sole trader in private practice in a small regional centre in —-. The bulk of my client group are NDIS participants. I am absolutely disgusted by the information coming through multiple times weekly by the NDIA, urging me as a provider to encourage and facilitate participants to get the vaccine. I am being offered a payment of $150 for every person who I assist to get it.
Many thanks and keep up the AMAZING work.

Occupational Therapy – Hospital
Workplace registration verified ✅


I am a front line worker about to face disciplinary action on Wednesday. I was and still am vaccine injured but despite medical records and a drs certificate have been mandated to take a second shot.

I work in Inpatient Neurorehab ward at (hospital withheld). I have served 2 pts (patients) with AZ injuries, 1st GBS (Guillain-Barré syndrome) and the other multiple strokes and FND (Functional neurological disorder) tremors, passing in and out of consciousness. It was horrible to witness.

I worked front line during the start of the pandemic, 10m from the testing clinic with no barrier and no mask due to PPE shortages. I had to service pts that had come from over seas with mystery respiratory illnesses, one who was on a ventilator. PCR tests came back negative so i was told i could not wear a mask due to PPE shortages.

I am a kiwi, job loss will see me homelessness and unable to provide for myself.

I am holding the line. This is bigger than me.


Pathology worker


I am not an APRAH nurse, so not sure if this is what you’re interested in. However I do have qualifications in paramedical science, —— nursing, bachelor in health science and a —— background.

I am currently working in pathology. Every time I work in a patient centre taking bloods, I have patients come in and we chat. Here are some examples:

Patient 1; aged in 40’s Came in with blood request form, tells me he is getting checked because he is going blind on one eye, but thinks it’s because he doesn’t wear sunglasses. After asking he tells me he had one of the Covid vaccines 6 weeks ago.
His doctor was only assessing for diabetes as their is a family history of type 1 diabetes. This man doesn’t look like he would be stereotypically type 2 diabetic. However no other blood tests requested for investigation of post vaccine injury were requested.

Patient 2; aged in late 30’s. Came in for blood tests because she had pains in both her lower legs. Doctor only testing for routine blood, so I told her she could ask her doc to request specific bloods to check for clots/post vaccine injury.
She agreed & went next door to doctor office to ask for these. She came back and told me that the doctor apparently looked her up and down and said “you look ok, there’s nothing wrong”, and refused to add these tests. I wrote down the tests and told her to get a second opinion if she needs too & feels worried.

Patient 3; aged mid 70’s came in for cardiac enzymes due to heart palpitations. Had been double vaccinated by Covid vaccines in august.
Has past Hx of stroke in 2017, however still got approval for vaccines.

There are more of these that I have seen however these are the ones that I started writing down as I didn’t expect that there would be more and more coming in. Doctors do not seem to have a protocol to investigate post vaccine injury however there are blood tests that can clearly investigate this. It seems that there is a gap in doctors process or they are simply not given one or they are ignoring it. Patients are getting ignored.


Physiotherapist, 40years. Private Practice.


I am a Physiotherapist with 40 years of Private Practice experience – Some of the clients I see I have been seeing them and their families for different things for decades.

On Thursday I had four of the jabbed ones in. They all had the same set of symptoms.

Their original injury that I treated them for occasionally — maybe once every few years over the last few decades has returned with a vengeance and is excruciatingly painful. Additionally all four of them had pain all over in ankles, wrists, knees, hips, backs all over… and they all had a severe headache.

They are not relating this to the jab.

I have been seeing this new presentation of pain over the last couple of weeks.

However, on Thursday with them all coming in on the same day with the same symptoms I now KNOW it is a pattern of pain for the jabbed.

This evening I went out with a Nurse friend who is jabbed and she has the same thing happening to her. Neck, arm and wrist pain, swollen feet and foot pain, and she kept saying she felt old, and her body was breaking down… She is 15 years younger than me and could barely walk home from dinner.

These people are my friends and long term clients — it is difficult to watch them suffer.

Team of Physiotherapists, Private Practice.

(Response to #0003) Hi,
We’re also a group of private practice physios of similar vintage and have seen this pattern of presentation in the jabbed ones.

Headaches feature prominently. In addition, we’ve noticed discoloured feet (purple-red), swollen joints (one young patient with Crohn’s disease resorted to a walking stick), swollen and tight calves, recurrence of old injuries as well as new joint aches snd pains.

When dry needling, our acupuncture needles are now “swimming” in tissue because there’s just so much generalised inflammation of the muscles. Patients are reluctant to report these symptoms because they’re doctors have told them “the shots are safe”!

Physiotherapist, Private Practice. 27/09/21


Thanks for giving us somewhere safe to speak out. I am a physio in private practice and previously contracted to aged care.

I have seen several deaths in aged care facilities in 12-24hours following the vaccination in people who were previously stable. Each time the entire file has been completely removed from the system and any notes by staff related to vaccine were deleted prior to the file being returned.

I actually retained proof of this from the first time I saw it happen as I could not believe what I had seen happen given how strict they are on no modification of record keeping being made in ANY other circumstance. This was not normal protocol when a death occurred in the facilities.

In private practice I have seen and heard of many side effects – similar to all those listed in the other accounts (persistent sharp headaches, increased previous injury flares, auto-immune disorder flares)

Probably the worst 2 were a patient with Parkinsons who I have been seeing for several years and had been symptomatically stable the entire time despite other health challenges. Post second vaccination they had a debilitating increase in freezing episodes and pain through their lower limbs. Their specialist denied this would have any connection to the vaccination so they did not question it any further.

Another client attended an appointment reporting they were completely bedridden for 3 weeks with extreme dizziness, lack of appetite and fatigue post initial vaccine (AZ). They were still breathless and very fatigued on the day they saw me. They are normally very well and active with no history of prior health issues. Again when they contacted the GP regarding the issues following the vaccine they were informed that what they had experienced the equivalent of “mild” symptoms of COVID and that was all to be expected with the vaccine. When I queried if they were going to return for their second dose, they reported they were so afraid as the GP had told them catching COVID would be much worse than what they were currently going through so they definitely needed to ensure they returned for their second dose.

Physiotherapist, Private Practice. Sydney, NSW.


I am a physio in private practice in Sydney.

The mother of one of my colleagues developed Stevens-Johnson Syndrome from AZ. Doctors confirmed vax caused it and told the family to report it. They were so traumatised by it all that they had no energy left to report it to TGA. She said they now know of at least 5 other cases.

Spoke to my sister this week via text (we have very opposing views on life) – she’s a specialist in emergency med in a Sydney hospital. Asked her how work was, is it busy? She replied, “Very variable. Tonight busy but nothing really proper – soooo many anxious people with symptoms after their Covid vaccinations” (followed up with a face slap emoji).

So there you have the caring view of uninformed medical staff, not willing to listen to their patients because they have been to university to learn everything and you haven’t therefore you know nothing.



I am a physiotherapist. I have 2 incidences where I’ve had a friend/family member become ill or injured exactly 1 week after the Vax.

First case: family member had been in isolation for weeks due to fear of leaving house. One week after the 2nd dose of AZ came down with a terrible fever, shortness of breath and felt like she was going to die.

Sats were 95. She blamed it on the takeaway /Uber delivery, that’s how ‘it’ got into the house. She was diagnosed with Covid and refused hospitalisation due to fear of germs.

2nd Case: colleague exactly one week after receiving the 2nd Pfizer dose was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia. She has taken 3mths leave as she’s so out of it with all the pain medication. I asked if this is from the Vax, she said ‘the Drs didn’t think so’. It was not reported as a side effect. How many more are unreported!!!?

Physiotherapist, Applied Kinesiologist

I wrote earlier about the clients I see having a new presentation of pain that I have not seen before in my 40 years of being a Physio.
This is a severe exacerbation of a previous injury plus pain all over their body with headaches.
All but one client are not relating it to the jab because they had the jab about 3-4 months ago.
The client who is awake says she and her friends who have been jabbed are all having returning illnesses, injuries and pain since the jab.

That client allowed me to see if a magnet would stick to the jab site — and it stuck SHE IS NOW MAGNETIC AT THE SITE OF THE JAB.
Those videos on the internet of the jabbed being magnetic are true.

Additionally, the transmission from the jabbed.
I am now getting this weird spotty rash on my forearms and this blood blister bruising as well. My forearms feel itchy all the time.
I have been using ivermectin, pine needle tea and bentonite clay on my forearms plus wearing gloves with the jabbed and it went away.
I did not wear gloves for one client the other day and it has come back. The Pfizer manual says it transmits by skin contact — I hate to agree with Big Pharma but I have to agree with them.

Physiotherapist 14 years experience
Location withheld
AHPRA registration verified ✅
Submission Date: 9/11/21


I am a physiotherapist with 14 years experience.

I currently work in a private practice setting in regional (major state). I have had a myriad of unusual and disturbing coincidences reported to me or that I have observed in recent weeks and months.

1. A lady in her 60’s presented to see me for some help to start some rehab. She had suffered a stroke 4 weeks prior, the week after her first covid vaccination. This was not reported at the hospital despite the family’s request. I provided links for them to self report as per the family’s request.

2. A friend of mine who is in her 30’s was admitted to hospital with myocarditis and suspected PE’s within days of her first moderna vax. She had a raised d-dimer test but nothing showing up on scans.

3. My son’s — coach reported being unwell for about a week after his first covid vaccination and had a heart attack less than 48hrs after the second.

4. A young man in his 20’s with migraines for past 6-8months. Despite multiple investigations and neuro consult he has no explanation as to their sudden onset. He is unsure of exact dates as he had never considered the link before, but he was vaccinated at the start of the year.

5. A woman in her 40’s diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer who has had both pfizer vaccinations. She mentioned that there were multiple other young women in our small town in for mastectomies on the same day as her surgery and that the breast care nurse said that was really unusual.

6. Two (close persons) who report debilitating inflammatory joint pains since being vaccinated. One has made the link, the other thinks its just a coincidence and not related.

7. A 13yo boy presented for his first pfizer vaccination against his parents’ better judgement and wishes, but they took him because he had asked to have it so he could travel and be able to socialise with his mates. Within minutes of it being administered he was seizing violently on the floor and lost consciousness, eventually taken to hospital for observations and later discharged home. This reaction was reported by the clinic where it was administered.

I have had several other unusual presentations that we have been unable to find a cause for and are very slow to respond to treatment.

I will cease working at the end of this week. I refuse to provide my vaccination status in order to work. I have heard too many stories of people being coerced to have the vaccination in order to keep their jobs. I also have a teenager who doesn’t want these vaccinations but he is considering having it so that he can socialise with his mates, play sport and go back to work (he has told his boss he isn’t happy to be jabbed for now).

I have tried reporting some of my earlier concerns directly to AHPRA but have had no response even though my letter was sent to them months ago. My greatest concern is patients being refused medical treatment. This cannot be excused or explained away.

Our system is broken and I plan to leave it. I cannot work in this broken sickness industry any longer.

editor note: sincere blessings and gratitude ❤️


Podiatrist, 7years. Private Practice.

I’m a Podiatrist of 7 years in Private Practice and have worked as an RN prior.

I’ve had 3 patients with gastroenteritis in the 2 days after vaccination. 2 were post AZ dose 1 and one post Pfizer dose 1. All were women between 70 and 85 years of age. One was hospitalised for a week. Another for 2 days with gastro, asthma complications and an exacerbated neuromuscular condition ( that was previously in remission). 2 weeks on, her asthma was still periodically flaring up.

All stated that they felt like they were “dying” with severe body aches. All stated that the vaccine connection was denied by the hospital medical officer or their GP or both and not reported.

The patient with asthma and the neuromuscular condition called the hotline and the lady she spoke to said she had the same thing but is compelled to get the second dose for work reasons. My patient was very firm that she would not get the second dose.

A friend’s relative in her 70s (also local to me) had an anaphylactic reaction requiring adrenaline and hospital admission post AZ dose 1. The doctor plans on giving the second under hospital supervision!

There is no genuine consideration or risk/benefit analysis and consent is not happening.

Private CEOs

CEO, Private Healthcare Company, NSW.

My mother’s friend died of a heart attack 1 week after pFZ, husband was so adamant it wasn’t linked he got himself a pFZ vaccine a month after her passing. Rest in peace, not reported to TGA.

We see so much exacerbation of pain syndromes, about 1/10-15 have an inability to complete their normal fitness for months after, I feel this is likely due to all the mini clots that occur is the tiny vessels messing up the cardiopulmonary blood/ oxygen flows.

Two members of my family have had miscarriages post vaccine. One had the vaccine 6 weeks prior to conception and the other had a week 7 injection that led to a week 9 miscarriage.

It appears a vaccine within the first 20 week of pregnancy has a 10-15% higher chance of miscarriage compared to normal data. 3rd trimester much safer, but no long term testing. There’s still no good quality study on ability to conceive after the vaccine. This concerns me greatly as no one is reporting a miscarriage 6 months post vaccine as a vaccine adverse event.

Private Practice Owner

I am a private practice owner in (location withheld) (mental ‘health’).

This is not a whistleblower post about adverse reactions specifically, but more about our experience of coercion.

I am told I must mandate my team to be COVID medicated (I simply cannot use the word vaxx for this jab) or I face closure of my business (that services *thousands of* members of public per year) plus 100k fines plus possible suspension of my ABN.

My team (most of who do not want this medication) are told they will recieve 20k fines if they dont have it.

We are daily supporting the anxiety, panic and fear of our clients, while I support the same in my team, while I try to work out how to navigate this without our service being removed from the community and my team risking de-registration to practice.

My position – as business owner, employer, practitioner, and human being – is that which aligns with my personal values…it is not within the scope of any of my roles to recommend, prescribe, require medication of anyone, and I will not discriminate by restricting access to jobs or services. I will support peoples ability to use infection control common sense. I will respect personal choice.

Legal advice is contradictory. Information is contradictory. Its a day by day game of hope.

My concern is that this will not be enough to keep us from punishment as such. It breaks my heart that there are so many people that, despite the position and service that I worked so hard to build, I may not be able to protect.

Despite this – I will NOT take the knee and allow myself to be used in this coercion against humanity.

Registered Midwifes

Registered Midwife, Small Rural Hospital.
28/09/21. AHPRA Verified ✅


I’m a Midwife in a small rural hospital.

We recently admitted a woman who’s baby had unfortunately died in utero and was subsequently stillborn. She was in her third trimester and she’d had her 2nd dose of Pfizer just 3 days before she stopped feeling the baby moving.

When I questioned my manager if this was going to be reported to the TGA she talked to the doctor and he said no, because there was no evidence of the two being linked.

I can’t help but wonder…what if nobody else is reporting events like this either because they all think there is no evidence?

Registered Nurse/Midwife. MS.N.
AHPRA verified ✅

I am a registered nurse/midwife with a masters in nursing. I currently work as a nursing lecturer in —-.

Many years ago for me, the system became disheartening clinical and concerning which led me to leave clinical nursing to move into education where I feel I can make a difference to the nurses coming into our healthcare system.

Today I am absolutely astounded and heartbroken. I teach first year nurses about informed consent, patient centred care, non discriminatory – inclusive practice, therapeutic interaction, advocacy, communication including empathy; validation; compassion; active listening; respect, legal documentation requirements and the 10 rights of medication administration including the right to refuse – the basic foundations of nursing.

I have a colleague that also works on the frontline attend to a patient presenting with inability to move their arm. My colleague was relaying this encounter to me. My colleague began the assessment thinking stroke then discovered the patients ability to move their arm to remove their mask when asked to show their face. My colleague determined then that the patient had received a covid vaccine recently. At that point my collegue began to ridicule the patient for attending and wasting time and not reading the covid vaccine information.

There was no compassion, empathy, inclusive practice. Despite the severity and cause of this patients physical symptoms the patient deserved to be treated with the respect, validation and the seriousness they deserve as a human. Where is the holistic, patient centred mental healthcare? My students are forced to have the vaccine to attend placement – where is their right to refuse? I know and have experienced first hand the attitudes of many of my healthcare colleagues similar to that above where they berate, name call and judge those not wanting to have the vaccine and those protesting for their human rights.

I have not had the vaccine and do not intend to. Currently I am lucky that my workplace has sent a survey to determine staff feelings around vaccination. However, I’m sure with the pressure they will conform to the political directive of mandatory vaccination at which point I will be out of a job that i love and have worked really hard for. I have two children to support. I also do not intend to attend hospital if I become unwell – I could not withstand the judgement and would rather die a preventable death before attending a health service filled with nurses practicing contrary to all that I teach, believe and value nursing to be.

The very reason I became a nurse was to support and care for others without judgement. Which brings me to my final point or should I say question. Why has Australia banned access to safe and effective early in home treatments to recover covid positive patients without requiring hospitalisation?

Registered Nurse/Midwife. 14yrs.
AHPRA verified ✅

Part 1 of 3.

Wanted to share with you our families story. (followed by c19 vaccine horror story)

I have been a registered nurse for 8 years, and a midwife for 6. I had our first child in 2017. When he was 6 weeks old he had his first lot of vaccinations. Before this he was thriving, content and healthy. He would follow us with his eyes across the room, he was smiling and giggling and clenching his firsts/holding our fingers. He could hold his head up well. Not only meeting his milestones but ahead of them by quite a way. He was vaccinated late on a Friday afternoon at our local GP clinic.

Like most babies he was initially unsettled but calmed down with a feed. But within 4 hours post vaccination he had started screaming. He screamed like nothing I had ever heard before for the next 32 hours. He did not sleep, he would not feed. He would scream and vomit and then scream more. His whole body was tense and stiff like a board. We took him to the ED after about 2 hours of the screaming at home. We had given him panadol to no avail. The ED team initially were understanding of our concerns. They did basic obs and tested his urine. However when these came back normal, they sent us home with no explanation and no plan.

We immediately presented to the private hospital ED for a second opinion. They monitored my son for 6 hours, but were at a loss of what to do. The Paediatrician would not see our son as he deemed us to be “nervous first time parents” even when he was informed of my extensive experience with babies and healthcare. We again were sent home, this time with a referral to a sleep school and told to try formula. We continued at home for most of Saturday and again presented to the public hospital ED that afternoon (24 hours post vaccination, with our baby not having anything to drink during that time). I was concerned with dehydration and that my baby clearly was in pain and discomfort. We were seen by a different Dr who would not listen to our concerns.

He continuously said “vaccines are safe and effective reactions just don’t happen”. After another 6 hours of monitoring his vital signs he finally stopped screaming and fell asleep. They told us this was a good sign and we were discharged home. They suggested that my breast milk had given him an allergy and to formula feed as then I could “monitor his input and output better” (not evidence based and no clinical findings to support this). He then slept the longest he has ever slept in his life- 9 hours straight. I was so exhausted from being up 2+ days that I also slept and didn’t realise until after he woke.

When he woke he was a different baby. He couldn’t meet eye contact, he couldn’t grip our fingers in his hands. He didn’t smile for over 2 months. He did not giggle for much longer. It was like he was awake but no one was home. He was also very unsettled, with signs of food allergies setting in quite quickly. He became allergic to dairy, soy, wheat, corn, egg, beef and rice. He lost tone in his mouth/oral function and had a very poor latch for nearly a year. When Monday rolled around I was at our GP clinic when they opened with him. I thought that because my GP knew us and had seen him only 3 days prior she would do something and would be supportive to make a plan.

She listened intently, read the notes I had been given, ans then told me because she had not witnessed anything she wouldn’t be able to report his reaction, she wouldn’t be able to refer us for any brain scans and she was inclined to think I wasn’t coping and needed the help of sleep school to settle him. She said that I needed to teach him to self sooth and that’s why he screamed for so long. She said that nurses and midwives make fearful parents because we see catastrophe everywhere. She was dismissive of my concerns over his behaviour and loss of function. She told me to bottle feed him if I couldn’t breastfeed.

Frontline Workers Speak Out! 💉❤️🩹 #AU, [01.10.21 21:18] Part 2 of 3.

This type of treatment continued for 2+ years. We saw countless GPs, two Paediatricians, a Gastroenterologist, an Immuologist, speech pathologists. The only supportive people we found were the local Lactation Consultant, and the midwife who had done his wellness check 2 days prior to his vaccination. We have spent over $10,000 on private therapies to heal my son. He is now meeting his milestones at 4 years old but has allergies and some lingering behavioural and neurological issues.

When he was 3 years old we found an excellent Gp who guessed that he likely had a vaccine reaction, and that to continue vaccinating him when we had no idea what went on inside his body (due to no scans or MRI etc at the time) was illogical and dangerous. Even so this GP would not write us a medical exemption for fear of being reported to AHPRA and being investigated. The immunologist we saw said that reactions do happen but as he didn’t see it, he didn’t believe me. He said that my son didn’t die but he might if he got Polio so we should vaccinate him. He is not eligible for an exemption purely because no one did their job when his reaction first happened, and no one will look into it now 4 years later. If it was mandated for his age group he would not be granted a medical exemption which I find deeply concerning.

Frontline Workers Speak Out! 💉❤️🩹 #AU, [01.10.21 21:18] Part 3 of 3.

My —— in —— story of his covid vaccine reaction is also concerning-
38 year old healthy male, slightly overweight but no other health concerns. Had first dose of Pfizer on the Thursday morning. He complained of feeling “a bit under the weather” Friday through to Sunday. On Monday my sister (his wife) left the house early in the morning and arrived back after dropping the kids to school. She found him crawling up the hallway because he woke and couldn’t feel anything from the waist down. He then started having numbness but intense pain in his extremities. This nerve type pain continued for 18 days. He was taken to the local small hospital where they kept him for 3 days before he was ? sepsis and then flown to the larger city hospital. There he went to ICU and stayed for 3.5 days. He had countless tests, and found to have some heart abnormalities. Tachycardia constantly and chest pain. His fever broke after a lot of antibiotics and IV fluids. He continued to have numb extremities.
He was transferred out of ICU to the ward where he stayed for 4 more days. They thought he had a lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s.. the list went on. Finally he was discharged with no diagnosis, and told to continue the medication and he would either get worse and to come back, get better or stay the same.

My —— is extremely pro vaccination and even though my ——- In —-(the affected patient) questions if it was a reaction, the medical team said that there is no way they could tell if it was definitely the vaccine so they will not report it. My Sister will not report it and my brother in law won’t go against her wishes.
He is due to have his second vaccine next week. He still has awful nerve pain, numbness, weakness in his legs and arms, chest pain and shortness of breath.

Registered Nurse/Midwife, 13yrs.
AHPRA verified ✅

I have been a Registered Nurse and Midwife for 13yrs, as well as completing a postgraduate degree where we learnt to understand the research and levels of evidence. In this time I have worked at one — organisation across all sites and on various wards including the special care and neonatal intensive units.

I have also worked as a community child and family nurse for 4yrs.

In my time I have seen and encountered countless, what I would call vaccine injuries to newborn infants and young children. I have never been able to pin point them exactly or they have never been “severe” enough to require investigation. It has however led me to go on a good 10year investigation into childhood vaccination, I have nearly read and researched every vaccine insert and study done in these immunisation as well as researched to understand each and every single ingredient in each one of them. I have never mentioned the possibility of this to my any of my patients at fear or being ridiculed by my colleagues but more importantly being reported to AHPRA. My concerns regarding vaccinating pregnant women make me feel sick nearly every time I hear about it.

I had no vaccines in any of my pregnancies and never would. I am pregnant now and the thought that I may be forced to take an experimental vaccine while pregnant so I can keep my job or receive appropriate pregnancy care from a public hospital against my wishes and with informed consent makes me sick, angry and so mad. Neither of my children are vaccinated, they only received an oral dose of the Konakian/vitamin K at birth in hospital, mainly because the fear mongering, Intimidation and bullying I received from mainly medical staff and some nurses was too much for me to decline. I never gave them the follow up doses once at home.

My —— son, when he was 3wks old broke out, overnight in a very severe, what I thought at the time eczema type rash. There was no environmental trigger or change, no diet change through breastmilk and it has never happened again. Even with all my knowledge/research and hesitancy I never made the connection until I started researching the vitamin K more throughly now pregnant again. This is when I came across the fact that “eczematous” reactions which are listed on the insert and can occur up to a year post exposure, images of these types of reactions were exactly what my sons looked like. It took 3wks to clear up with a lot of TLC and attention from me to manage his skin, he now has very sensitive, slight rash type skin.

This type of reaction, in hindsight is something I see so often in the infant. We brush it off as eczema and talk about diet or environmental triggers. How to manage and care for an outbreak. We also see this post so many of the other childhood vaccines, even though eczema is listed as a side effect we never talk about it with parents.

Another reaction I see often is a mucousy, quiet baby, difficult to feed soon after birth and soon after the Hep B vaccine. Nearly every baby has this soon after birth and we never see them before it so don’t ever make the connection but again, gastrointestinal issues is listed as a reaction in the insert. What we are doing to our children and the next generation is criminal. We are supposed to be an advocate for our patients but are scared and gagged at every corner. We hear so many stories from mothers who say how much their child changed sometimes over night following vaccines, the withdrawn stance, behaviour, neurological and physical regression or delay. Instead of believing them and giving them answers we gaslight them, fobbing off clear vaccine injury and continue on to harm more children. Sometimes I hate being a nurse but can sleep at night knowing I am still doing more good than harm…

Registered Nurse/Midwife
New Zealand (Kia Ora to our Brothers & Sisters across the Tasman – We are with You)
#ANZAC 🇳🇿🇦🇺🤝

Hi I work at —– hospital as a midwife. I’ve seen two 21 week pregnancy loss on the same day, and 2 full term still born babies, again in the same day , last month, I looked through their notes for covid screening and they had all been vaxed.

Also we had a woman transfer from —- direct to our —-. She had medical history of lupus, she had liver disease, and a syndrome called sjergens, which caused her tear ducts to dry up and her salivary glands, so she had a very sore mouth. Her complications all occurred after the jab.

I commented to the Dr that she’d been vaxd, and the Dr just said that was great.

I have been warned at work for talking to patients about the vax, and any anti vax chat can get us sacked.

Registered Midwife 6yrs
Location withheld
AHPRA registration provided ✅


I’m a midwife of 6 years who has recently moved into private practice.

My 3 years of training and 6 years of work in the public system was spent in a tertiary hospital, where we saw the full spectrum of pregnancy complications. I worked in antenatal clinic and often triaged referrals, therefore having access to lots and lots of ultrasound results.

The reason I bring this up, is that a close friend of mine is currently 20 weeks pregnant. She has been diagnosed with something called a subamniotic haematoma. Basically, a very large blood clot in between the 2 membranes surrounding the baby. This type of clot, from what research I have done, is usually only seen postnatally, caused by the placenta coming away from the uterus. It is *incredibly* rare for this condition to develop DURING pregnancy, and even rarer for it to be this size. I never saw anything like it in my time at a tertiary hospital. If the clot ruptures it could endanger her life, as well as the baby’s.

She has no significant medical history that would predispose her to this, no clotting condition etc. But… she did have Pfizer early in her pregnancy. I have to wonder if there is any connection…

Thankfully I have stepped away from working in institutions and most women I see are choosing not to be vaccinated. It would be interesting to see if these types of conditions are increasing across the board…

Thank you for all that you are doing and documenting this insanity.

Registered Midwife 30+yrs
Location withheld
AHPRA registration verified ✅
Submission Date: 8/11/21

Nurse midwife many years
Stood down from employment after 30+ years and working through a ‘pandemic’ as a hero

I have and am still seeing ‘unexplained’ medical conditions from co worker’s.
Specifically confusion, disorientation, TIA’s ( mini strokes), in ability to focus and concentrate, dizziness, vertigo etc.

Friends- acute autoimmune responses requiring chemotherapy!!
Chronic bronchitis

All put down to some other cause/condition. Vaccine never mentioned!

Registered Nurse & Midwife 28years+
AHPRA registration verified ✅
Submission Date: 27/11/21

To Whom it May Concern,

I am a RNand Midwife located in — QLD, Australia. I have been a RN for 28 years and a midwife for 26 years. The (hospital) has a maternity unit that only deliveries low risk pregnancies and refers to a (major hospital) any high-risk pregnancies for delivery. I would like to inform you of some the following cases and observations I have seen within the last 4 months and longer, as a health professional within my locality.

1. a 56yr old woman with co-morbidities, seen in ED post 1st pfizer dose for cellulitis. Post 2nd dose of pfizer was admitted to the local hospital with bilateral Pulmonary Emboli. She was discharged against her wishes, told that she did not need oxygen, even though she was unable to ambulate without oxygen to maintain her SpO2 above 95% and became short of breath ( SOB)). Seen in a GP surgery 4 days post discharge, where she continued to be SOB after 3 steps with a SpO2 at 93%. Treated with clexane and warfarin. Not documented as an adverse reaction to pfizer with information hotline.

2. Man in his 60s with a history of leukemia , his treatment had a positive effect, with his blood work near normal markers. Post 1st AZ, blood markers decreased. Post 2nd AZ dose, he suddenly passed away from a heart attack.

3. A 18 yr old woman presented day 4 post 2nd pfizer administration to her GP surgery. Pfizer administered on a Saturday . Following day, Sunday to 3 days post Pfizer , she experienced pain in her chest that radiated around to her back. On the day seen by the GP , the pain had ceased and her ECG was normal, thus nil follow or notification to the adverse reaction hotline was made.

4. A woman in her 30’s, who was third trimester, was seen GP/ED practice for tachycardia (elevated heart rate) , HR up to 140 post pfizer administration. She was booked to have follow up with a cardiologist for investigation for myocarditis- nil previous history of any cadiac issues)

5. In October 2021, the local maternity unit, had 7 neonates (babies) that had slow weight gain. All 7 were only increasing their weight by 20-40 gms over 2-3 day period( usual weight gain 70-200gms). This is something that as a midwife of 26 years experience, including working in teritary units in a major Australian city, I have never seen before. this included an exclusively bottlefed baby. All had been reviewed by a pediatrician before discharged and nil abnormalities identified. All mums had older children that did not have an weight gaining issues as neonates.

6. The maternity unit, which only has planned LOW risk deliveries, has seen in October and November 2021 an increase in the number of newborns requiring specialist care post delivery to assist survival.

7. a 90s tr old male, still active in attending his property, eg driving tractors, post 2nd AZ administration, had a ” sudden feeling of dread’ ( as described by his son) and suddenly died as his son was trying to get him to hospital for review.

8. *Observations of other vaccinations* Since the introduction of administration of recommended influenza vaccines and pertussis vaccines (whooping cough) to pregnant women, I have observed an increase in the number of presentations of their newborns and infants to GP’s for autoimmune conditions that include eczema, dermatitis and respiratory conditions like croup (viral infection upper airway) and bronchitis.

9. I am also noticing an increase in the number of biopsies being done by GP’s on patients >65 yr old on skin conditions that are not responding to low dose steroid ointments or even high dose prescription steroids. This older group of patients have a high rate of vaccination of the yearly flu vaccine, pneumococcal and shingles vaccine administration.


Registered Nurse, Community Health. Queensland
AHPRA Registration Verified ✅
Submission Date: 23/09/2021


I’m a community RN on the —— , Qld.

I am seeing and caring for adversely affected clients who have had the vaccines and are quite literally dying. Our palliative care is increasing at an exponential rate, people are getting diagnosed with terminal conditions and dying quickly. We (community nurses) are seeing 2-3 palliative clients per day each, this is a massive increase from 1-2 each per week. Other palliative clients who haven’t been vaxxed, then their families talk them into the vax, die more quickly than expected.

Have noted that those who are vaxxed that their clinically ‘weak’ areas are being exacerbated. Appears to be at 3, 5 then 12 week patterned intervals. Not one of them associate with the C19vax.

Had one man in his 70’s in very stable remission with leukemia for years. Within 3 weeks of having ‘the vaccine’ his white cell count dropped so he had neutropenia. He suddenly developed in 24 hours bilateral cellulitis to both legs up to thighs. 9 weeks later, he is dead.

Those with rheumatoid arthritis who have been jabbed experiencing related consistency of flare ups. Getting all sorts of skin infections for no obvious reasoning. They’re having constant medication reviews and increasing analgesia.

3 x clients with healing venous ulcers, all 3 had the jab, 3 weeks later all developed septicemia all with hard to treat bacteria.

Those with cardiac conditions who were clinically stable on medication for years, suddenly no longer stable. Arrhythmia’s, unstable blood pressure, syncope, falls, increased hospitalizations.

Cancers: seeing massive increase in skin cancers. They’re growing very quickly and aggressively.

Cognition: clients who have been vaxxed and predisposed to some memory issues, increasing episodic bouts of confusion with accompanying amnesia and increasing STML.

Of my nursing colleagues who have been vaxxed, noticing increasing sick leave being taken.

Registered Nurse, 39years.

I am an RN with almost 39years experience.

We looked after one of the first AZ blood clot patients. Male, 45yo. 8 days post his 1st AZ shot he complained of dreadful stomach pains. Went to ED. Scans showed a massive blood clot in his bowel. It took 3-4 days before they could operate, as his Coags were all over the place. The clot was finally removed along with almost 2 metres of necrotic bowel.

When out of ICU, he came to our ward. A beautiful man, who was black and blue all over with bruising. He was on an anti-coagulant drip, with a drug I’d never heard of (still can’t remember the name). He was transferred to our Haematology ward, and unsure what happened to him.

Admitted a pt yesterday, who had been in ED for 10 hrs. Quite casually he told me that he couldn’t believe the numbers of young guys coming in with side effects from the vaccine. I asked him how he knew this, and he said he could hear the conversations.
I asked re the side effects and he said chest pains, breathing problems!

Nursed a female pt, fully vaxxed, with pancreatic issues, but she’s had increasing weakness in her legs?? All Neuro tests are NAD. She can no longer weight bear, and has been told it’s because she’d been in ICU and was deconditioned???
I’m not so sure….

Will no doubt lose my job end of October, as no jab for me!

RN. Brisbane Hospital, QLD. AHPRA Verified

Hi there,

I am a nurse at one of the major hospitals in Brisbane. Had my first Pfizer shot back in April – suffering pericarditis, numbness and tingling in both arms, ceased menstruation, elevated insulin levels.

Will not get second.

No Covid at our hospital. Have seen many adverse reactions from Covid vaccine. Mainly block clots, strokes, heart problems.

RN/Critical Care Nurse. Rural, NSW. 26/09/2021

Love your idea by the way! It’s too hard for us to speak out and keep our jobs

I watched many of my fellow colleagues suffer side effects. I was one of them too! When you talk about it so many stories come out and quite a few of us have ongoing issues to this day.

Within my workplace in a rural Emergency department I find myself as a team leader at times. I have been overwhelmed with patients post vaccination suffering side effect. Some short term such as chest pain amongst 20 -40yr olds to abdominal pain. Then the more serious long term stokes, heart attacks, guillian barre and pulmonary embolism.
For those nurses around me that have not had their vaccination yet, they are terrified!! For us that have had a reaction. never again!

Very little are reported and knowing how a proper clinical trial is conducted for my many years at university. this roll out is terribly wrong!

I understand COVID can make you quite sick (even if I have never seen it in my nursing career) but I believe this vaccination is no better! We need to go back to the drawing board and admit defeat instead of pushing forward.

The politics running this with no medical knowledge should be ashamed!

RN, Regional NSW. AHPRA Verified 27/09/21.

Reported by REGISTERED NURSE from Regional NSW:

(1). 62 year old with blood clot on lung post AstraZeneca- ICU admission

(2). 35 year old with severe headaches and blood clot on brain- ICU admission 2 weeks- sent home to have MRIs every 2 weeks as followup

(3). 27 Year old Male- Pericarditis following Pfizer

(4). 19 Year old female- cardiac arrest 3 days post pfizer (deceased)
…and many others.

V status not being consistently asked or documented in eMR- medical team not looking to make correlation. Medical team worried about AHPRA and their careers if they speak out.

This is not what we signed up for!

RN, Major Hospital. AHPRA Verified 27/09/21

I work on a rehab ward

I know of 3 patients who had a stroke 7-8 days post jab. (1). 1 Pt with bell’s palsy.
(2). 1 Pt with Guillain-Barré syndrome.

(3). 1 man experienced an unresponsive episode following his 2nd jab. Diagnosed with hypo delirium and pneumonia! 3 weeks in hospital so far and at what financial cost?
Nothing documented in notes. Family told it was nothing to do with the jab.

Also possibly seeing vac shedding too.
Bels palsy, shingles causing encephalitis, lots of falls. Lots of PE’s, but unsure of vac status.
Interesting that recently the federal gvt was trying to amend the NDIS Act! It would be interesting to see the statistics of new NDIS applications.

And, what happened to influenza?? Vanished?

MD. RN. 46years.
AHPRA Verified 27/09/2021.

Part 1 of 2. Hi,
Im an RN of 46 yrs practicing as an acute peri/post operative care nurse.
I no longer practice. The following is an account of a close nursing colleague. She experienced: Pfizer x no1 jab- “headache from hell”.
No 2 pfizer jab- awoke in the night totally paralysed for 4-6 hrs(estimated as time unknown on waking). She could not move a muscle, cough, speak, take a deep breath or nudge her husband to call ambulance until it resolved. Only eyes would open and one point she wished she would die she felt so terrible.

On return to duty when recovered much later, she reported incident in writing to hear similar affects with 6 other nurses in total at her hospital. Date 2/6/21. Still has not been interviewed face to face as normal protocol, 10 weeks later.

What is going on? We must all ask ourselves and our superiors?
The Hippocratic oath- to do no harm? Are the medicos brain dead? Is it mind control? Surely no one could need the $ that badly. That is only one example…

Part 2 of 2

No 2 this is anecdotal from a jab victims daughter-in-law:
An 80 r yr old independant lady, no comorbidities in nursing home. Family expressly forbade- face to face with 2 staff members, her having the jab( I can’t call it a vaccine as it isnt). The army turned up to jab the residents. When they came to this 80 yr old, the residential nurse on duty told the army nurse the said woman was not to have the injection. She ignored the nurse and gave it (az) anyway- that was on a Thursday.

On the Friday the relative came to see her mother in law, having been informed via phone of the misdeed. She found the woman in an unusually hyped up state- as if high on something- unusual for this quiet woman.

On the Saturday, the injected woman asked her nurse to return her to her room as she felt unwell. According to the relative who had been told the following, as she walked down the hallway she collapsed and died instantly. This was day 2 after first az.

The attending physician refused to sign the death certificate as he thought his now deceased patient had NOT died of a cardiac arrest as staff assumed. Deceased was sent to coroner in a large city nearby. The coroner only scanned the body, decided it was heart attack and declined to perform a full post mortem. The lady has since been cremated so no body to exume? We all know what to call such an incident!

Life should never be this cheap!
Enough is enough. This must be stopped.
We all know there is power in numbers. Everyone, seem to be impotent to act on this critical and existential crisis in the making.

In fact this is threatening humanity’s very survival.

Childless Gladys should read these ‘testimonials’. She is some one else’s child too! Unwitting guilt abounds. The people responsible including medico’s, who ignore what they must be re-cognising, cannot plead ” I didn’t know” for too much longer, surely?? Bring on Nuremberg!

M. D. RN

RN, 40 years experience, NSW.
AHPRA Verified ✅

I am an RN with over 40 years experience, mostly in the public sector.

I am currently employed on a casual basis.

I received a letter from NSW Health last week stating I “ must have” my first “ vaccination” by the 30th September to continue to work.
If I don’t I will not be able to work for NSW Health and will be placed on unpaid leave.

All of the nurses in my ward( except a pregnant one) acquiesced to the “ vaccine” even though some were
dead against it.

One nurse experienced loss of sensation in both legs below the knees which eventually resolved.
Another staff member( clerical) had a mini stroke and ended up in ED.
Both these episodes were not reported as vaccine injury.

Indeed, one Physician said it definitely is not vaccine related.
I will now be forced not to work as I do not want the “vaccine”.
I believe NSW Health system will be in dire straights after 30th September and beyond as very experienced staff leave.

RN, Public Hospital, Melbourne, VIC.
AHPRA Verified ✅

I am a Registered Nurse working for a large public hospital in Melbourne.

A significant amount of our patients have had the covid vaccine and are presenting to us as transfers from ED, presenting with chest pain, shortness of breath, neurological symptoms , headaches and fevers. These patients are being found to have confirmed mini strokes (TIA), Pulmonary Embolisms, neurological disorders, severe headaches and deranged pathology resulting particularly often in acute kidney injury.

The most concerning of these presentations is the fact that majority of these patients range from 20-70 years old. One female patient in her 30’s presented with a body temperature of 40 degrees and has since been found to have multiple bilateral PE’s.

There has been no documentation or discussion from Doctors linking these patients symptoms with their recent covid vaccination. These patients were healthy and fully functioning people pre vaccination.

We’re also having to palliate patients at a concerning rate due to acute deterioration. Most of these patients are dying from respiratory failure or suffering a massive stroke.

All nurses in my clinical area have now been vaccinated besides myself. Some have told me they were coerced into getting it by management.
I am counting down the days now until I’m fired for not wanting the vaccine.

Our current staffing is awful, I hate to think how bad it will be after October 15th when unvaccinated nurses are mercilessly terminated from employment. I feel for the patients who will fall through the gaps of our already stressed healthcare system.

RN, 30years. Metropolitan Hospital, Melbourne. VIC.

Hi Team,

I was a RN in a large city hospital in Victoria.

Employed April 2020 to work in a Covid isolation facility. Arrived from overseas March 2020. Nursing for past 30 years.

Started to ask questions re: treatment of covid positive patients can they have Vitamin c and d
– told no.

Tried to make the patients isolation as easy as possible.
Routine swab to be weekly I declined and was threatened with job loss immediately. So I complied when a medical need due to colleague who had been in a ‘hotspot’

Vaccines started March 2021 not fully informed and no informed consent gained. I was told to ‘shutup’ by my management.

I am an experienced registered immuniser for many years overseas and completed the university online training in Australia in September 2020. If anyone asked me questions I was told by my management to tell them to speak to another RN.

I was given 10 days notice to leave the facility to be redeployed as I declined the vaccine. I left and was not redeployed but terminated the day after I left by HR.

No support from my union ….told me lucky to be in Australia…..lucky to have a job…..lucky to be offered a vaccine…. I have left the union. Also I may have left my nursing career for good due to imminent vaccine mandate.

Thank you for starting this telegram channel. Thank you to all the nurses working and hanging on to their jobs and speaking out right now. It is traumatising. Be strong for our profession our colleagues and our patients.❤️

RN. Community, Melbourne. VIC.
AHPRA Verified ✅

I am an RN working in the community sector in the south east suburbs of Melbourne.

The devastation not just clinically but also mentally from this injection, (can’t call it a vaccine as it doesn’t meet the description in anyway) is mind blowing.

Uncontrolled diabetes in clients that have been diabetics for a long time.

Increased falls and general instability

Venous ulcers that were nearly healed back to daily dressings.

Ambulances being called for unwell clients with random spontaneous symptoms that don’t match their diagnosis.

High rate of clients no longer able to stay at home and needing full time care.

Stress on families both physically and mentally is extremely difficult.

I am not jabbed and won’t be jabbed as who will care for our vulnerable community if we all succumb to this poison.

Social Media: Telegram – Frontline Workers Speak Out! 💉❤️🩹 #AU

M.D. RN. 46 yrs.

Response to #0024

Before long the health system will either collapse or they’ll beg us to return as there will be so many sick people desperate for our skills …. They can’t replace us overnight. Experience and learning takes a loooong time.

The money and the regret will also not be worth the ill health one risks by caving to their unethical and dishonest demands. What price is life and health?

(1). A friend’s 84 yr old independent mother, living alone- (happily), had az several months ago. Long story – short. After 3 weeks of gradually increasing suffering, went to AE with x2 PEs and a myocardial infarction.
Drs/staff would not discuss the V as a causative factor. No longer can she live on her own, tho has improved a little. No further az for her.

I have 46 yrs experience and practice in acute /high dependency care. Can no longer justify working in this unethical health care system unless it turns itself around ethically and morally and logically.
This brings me to tears.

RN. 33years. Vaccination Hub, South West Sydney. NSW
AHPRA Verified ✅

I too am a nurse with 33 years behind me. Working at a vaccination hub in south west sydney I was absolutely shocked that people
from cultural backgrounds, that could not speak one word of english had been registered by their family for the “jab”.

They had no idea what informed consent was & people were being pushed through like items on a supermarket checkout.

No one seemed to care, I felt pressured into taking the first “jab” but resigned from Health the other day & the Nurses Union absolutely disgusted at the way we have
been treated.

It’s the patients in the end who will loose out so very sad, I have lost respect for colleagues who are like sheep they are all about the dollar.

Social Media: Telegram – Frontline Workers Speak Out! 💉❤️🩹 #AU

Registered Nurse, QLD.
AHPRA Verified ✅

I have witnessed many incidences of coercion to get the Covid jab among both colleagues and patients. Some colleagues were afraid to get the second dose, but felt they had no choice but to complete the two jab requirement.

Many patients had been advised by their GP to get the jab, although some told me their GP wouldn’t give them an answer and they should ask at the hospital if they should get it. I was forced to speak quietly with my patients about avoiding it at all costs but many were bullied into getting the jab when I wasn’t there.

Long-time staff members were told they would probably be moved to a different area if they didn’t get it.
A fearful environment was allowed to flourish, nurses were worried they would be sent somewhere else if they did not comply.

Lots of sick leave. Various ailments post jab including chest pain dismissed as anxiety, skin complaints, tachycardia, dizziness, vertigo, menstrual irregularities, migraines, exacerbated autoimmune disorders.

AE for patients who have been jabbed are quite varied.
Severe epistaxis needing rapid rhino
I’ve seen a few nosebleeds, but nothing like this – large golf ball sized clots just falling out.
Increased number of falls, head strikes
Increased number of patients suffering from shingles-type, erythema and other unusual skin presentations with multiple medication reviews.
Some patients and all Drs not associating with the jabs.
GP mask exemption letters ignored or scoffed at.

*Drs refuse to consider any suggestion of AE from Covid injections.
*No education provided on how/where to document Covid injections given in iEMR.
*Covid injection information not documented by most nursing staff.
*I have never witnessed any documentation regarding Covid injections/AE from Drs in my department.
*No discussion or robust debate permitted
*All attempts shut down by Consultants and Drs

I can’t explain how previously intelligent people I had respect for, have succumbed to this narrative. It has to be more than just fear of losing their medical license and a big pay packet. I’ve met many who would argue all day the benefits of jabs, masks & lockdowns and refuse to hear anything to the contrary.

I became a nurse because, like many others, I was called. I never thought of it as just a job because I loved it so much.
So to have my career threatened in this way for declining an experimental medical treatment, as is my right, is both heart wrenching and maddening.

In saying that, my faith leads me to believe a new health system will rise when this deceitful lie is exposed.
It will be staffed by Drs who still remember their Oath, nurses like us, and all the other HCW that know how very wrong this is and are speaking out publicly too.

I’m big on advocating for my patients, they trust me and know I will support them and back them up. Bullying of patients is rife in this health system.

And that system is very sick, as evidenced by these disclosures being made by nurses and other health care workers around the country.

RN. 30years. Agency worker, multiple wards.
AHPRA verified ✅

Part 1 of 2.

I have been a registered Nurse for over 30 years. I work for an Agency, so at multiple facilities and wards.

(1). The first patient I encountered with a possible reaction was an elderly lady sent in from an age care facility. This lady was usually alert and orientated.
She was active and ambulant.
It was her second presentation in 24 hours.

She had her first Covid vaccination the previous morning. That evening she had a fall, and was sent to ED. After review she was discharged. The following evening she experienced a seizure. She had a history of Epilepsy.
I actually contacted the RN at the facility for further information. She told me:
The patients epilepsy was well.
controlled. It had been over a year since her last seizure. Her seizures normally followed a pattern and the patient always knew she was going to have one. She was normally aware that she had experienced a seizure afterwards.

The RN said the patient had had no warning this time and no recollection of the seizure. She also said the seizure was much more intense than previously.
It was the combination of the Covid vaccine, the fall and the abnormal presentation of the seizure that had concerned her. This concern was the reason she had called QAS.

When I assessed the patient she had no recollection of the seizure and did not know why she had been sent to hospital.
She had recollection of the early part of the day only.
She was also able to tell me in detail what normally occurs when she has a seizure and when her last one was.

(2). The second was a gentleman in his 60’s with COPD. This man was able to tell me about his condition. He had a medical plan for managing acute exacerbations and rarely presented to Hospital.
His Covid vaccine was a few days earlier. That evening after the vaccine he become increasingly breathless and felt generally unwell. He had implemented everything in his plan but his condition had worsened. He said,” I scared the wife, so she called QAS. ” He added that he had never been this breathless and was concerned that he might die this time.

Registered Nurse, 6years. Northern NSW.
AHPRA Verified ✅


I am an experienced RN of 6 years & currently work at a small rural hospital in Northern NSW. I am being forcibly terminated as I have declined taking the mandated covid “vaccine”.

The staff that have had adverse reactions:

(1) A security guard with no medical history now has chronic crippling back pain after his pfizer x 1 shot.

(2) A cleaner broke out in herpes sores around her mouth after her first pfizer shot.

(3)A security guard has lost his sense of taste & smell post vaccine x 1.

(4) A staff member reported losing sensation to her lower limbs, self resolved.

(5) Several ED staff stating they felt so terrible they almost presented to ED post vaccine.

(6) A RN broke out in a body rash post vaccine.

(7) A RN reported chronic joint pain since having her vaccines

(8) An elderly woman patient had AZ & next day found on the floor of her home unable to use legs. No investigation or reporting of the incident, diagnosed with likely UTI. Now has confusion/dementia & requires home placement as she is unable to go home with her condition.

(9) An elderly woman patient with newly diagnosed parkinsons had her first pfizer & weeks later “declined in condition”, had a seizure & lost her ability to swallow. Just days before she was sipping wine & dancing. Now for placement as she has a deteriorated condition. Family believe it is definetly vax related.

(10) Mid 50 yr old male had AZ x 1 dose, reported headache immediantly post. The headaches worsened over 6 weeks, with left side facial droop and a sensation washing down his left side- that resolved when the headache resolved. D dimer showered random clotting. No correlation to the vax or reporting even though I questioned the medical team several times raising the timing of AZ, bells palsy symptoms etc.

I am hanging up the scrubs, thankful of the experience & all I have learnt. I no longer feel aligned with our “health”care systems approach to health.

Registered Nurse, 21years.
Mental Health Team Leader.
AHPRA verified ✅


I have been working as an RN for 21 years.

I’ve worked in a variety of settings including Acute, Rehabilitation, community, ED, aged care snd for the past 10 years in Mental Health, 8 of those as a Team Leader.

I am disgusted by this government’s over zealous reliance on experimental injections of unknown substances in an attempt to prevent and treat a virus that has a risk of survival of 99%.

But I am especially disgusted at the medical and health care fraternity pushing this experimental injection into unwitting mental health patients and clients.

A couple of weeks ago I heard from a colleague that our psychiatric medical director had visited the ward and basically bullied all the admitted mental health patients into taking the injection. He’s also bullied staff who would otherwise have declined.

I then witnessed a registrar offering a patient the injection, except it was less an offer and more a skilfully worded demand. “Can I organise your COVID vaccine for you now while you’re here?” The patient then compliantly walked into a room and not long after walked out and went to get her things ready for discharge. So quick I thought. Was there any informed consent provided there, I thought. I wanted to scream. I hated them for what they are doing to my clients and my patients.

These people, these patients, have been trained to be compliant and these doctors use their authority to creat an imbalance of power. Makes me sick. And now nurses who would otherwise advocate for their clients and patients are being pushed out of the system. Their service no longer required. No longer appreciated. Expendable.

Registered Nurse. Emergency Dept.
WA. 28/09/21.

63yr woman.
Healthy, Fit, Nil Medical History.
Collapse immediately post 1st first vaccine AZ.
Tx in GP room.
Dx Vasovagal- self resolved.

30 days later.
Collapse immediately post 2nd Vaccine AZ.
Transfer to hub site.
3 further seizures enroute over 60 min.
2 further seizures on arrival.

Contrast Head CT and Bloods NAD.
Dx Pseudo seizures.
Continues to seizures on ward.
Commenced on Lamotragine.

60 year old woman.
Fit, Healthy, Nil Medical History.
2nd dose AZ
Develops acute confusion and becomes completely Aphasic. Appears to have Severe Dementia – although Nil previous History.
Contrast Head CT and Bloods NAD.
Partially resolved after 30 days rehab.

Drs refuse to report as Vaccine related although nil other cause found.

ME = Unvaccinated & Unemployed.

Registered Nurse, 35years.
Public Hospital, Melbourne. VIC.

I have been working 35 years as an Emergency Nurse in many countries but now here in a Public Hospital Melbourne, Victoria.

My family and I have had all necessary childhood, travel and employment vaccines. So no one should dare call me an antivaxer as I administer vaccines but I am Pro Choice with informed consent

Despite what I am witnessing, it does not benefit me to speak out publicly, except the possibility of costing me my job probably.

However, I have been very disturbed and concern as I observe increasingly less informed consent, more coersion and numerous adverse reactions from the experimental shots daily than the virus itself yet nothing hits mainstream media.

Initially the elderly when they first rolled out the Astrazeneca with numerous clotting disorders, then age 50s-60s, then age 30-40s with Pfizer related issues but recently young 18- 20s yr old.

Besides the time consumption to complete, none of the staff ever get told by Government or Hospital boards nor reminded their professional duty to report to the TGA! (Therapeutic Goods and Administration Authorities). I try to report when time allows daily.

Seeing symptoms from days to weeks after their COVID injections such as severe unexplained abscess arm injection sites, joint inflammation, increased occurrences of shingles, vision, weakness in limbs, nerve impairment, Guillain Barre Syndrome, headaches, chest, abdominal pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, diarrhoea gastrointestinal problems, confirmed Cerebral, Myocardial Infarct, Pulmonary, Deep Vein Thrombosis (clot in brain,heart, lungs, legs) Myocarditis & Pericarditis.

If patients are lucky they get redirected to specialists for further investigations, ultrasound scans, echocardiogram and follow up. Others just get labelled anxiety, paranoid etc.

Working in the public sector means coercion from employers and government. The datelines mandating staff to get the so called COVID Vaccine will gradually cause staff on stress leave and unfortunately soon staff shortage due to mass exodus for those not wanting this untested experimental injection to humans.

My hope is that Australians will awake to sciencific facts and realize that any virus, will mutate in order to survive so yes variants will exist. However, our human body is so complex and natural immunity can withstand, offer far greater super protection with healthy nutrition, exercise and sunshine – than any vaccine can!

Registered Nurse, Neuro Rehab Unit.

I am a nurse on an inpatient acute neuro specialty rehab unit. 2021 I’ve seen many “young” stroke patients in their 50’s- all had the experimental shots. Nothing in the doctors notes on correlation/causation.
I took care of a beautiful, otherwise healthy-young looking -60 year old at work last night. She was there from a stroke, and blood clots in her legs! She admitted to me that she had the second dose of the shot a couple weeks earlier! Now her entire left side of her body is paralyzed! She has to be fed and all her bowel and bladder functions done for her. She said that most of the doctors that have treated her haven’t mentioned the correlation. She didn’t know blood clots and stroke were side effects of the jab! 😡
I told her she needs to report this to TGA!

Registered Nurse 6 years; 25 years in healthcare
Aged Care and Ward (renal/vascular/ urology)
AHPRA Verified ✅

From 03/09 – 19/09 a number of patients came though with what i believe to be AE post vaccine.

#1 36 yo male
no med hx
#2 Pfizer
3/52 chest pain nil SOB. Diagnosed by GP as pericarditis and sent home with ibuprofen and which symptoms did resolve. But 2 days prior to admission to my ward redeveloped symptoms and so sent in by GP.
Admitted ?PE… CXR showed L) lower zone opacification. DDimer 0.76. Mild ST elevation. Was awaiting for CTPA and ?VQ scan but got trs to Private.
Not reported.

#2 69 yo female
Hx HTN and ^Chol.
#1 AZ 8-9/52 prior to admission
Suddenly felt unwell while out with husband. went home, booked covid test with GP.Became worse overnight, couldn’t make it to GP and came to hospital.
Diagnosed with Acute kidney injury in setting of new anti-GBM (globerular basement membrane) disease or Good Pasteure’s Disease. Is a result of auto antibodies targetting the kidney and /or lungs causing damage to the GBM. Rare 1:1mill.
CT showed bilat PE with nil haemorrhage. Creatinine 1175. Renal bx showed necrotising glomerulonephritis. Hb 61.
required i/o vascath for daily plasma exchange and as required haemodialysis. 2U blood cells. iron infusion and aranesp for renal anaemia. Pt stayed for one week then got discharged. Advised to get mRNA vaccine for next shot !!
Pt stated she was aware it could be a side effect and will think about getting second.

#3 72 yo female
Hx breast Ca /resection 1998
#1 AZ 4/52 prior to admission
2/52 hx of diarrhoea. malaise,
Diagnosed with AKI in setting of anti-GBM. !!
Vascath inserted for plasma exchanges and dialysis etc.
Not reported

54 yo male
Hx asthma ex smoker
#2 Pfizer
Abdo pain CT showing PE. CTAP with contrast show R) lower lobe small PE assoc with compressive atelectasis. CTPA with conclusion multi segmental acute thromboembolic disease in bilat lower lobes. Pulmonary infarct in posterior basal segment of R) lower lobe. Pt sent home on apixaban with follow up wth GP in 2-3 months.
Pt concerned is adverse event and doctors reported.

I am relieved to not be a part of this system at the moment, My last shift was a weight lifted – i do not want to carry guilt for not bring able to speak to patients and allow them to ta;l about their health. it is all very sad, frustrating and criminal.

Registered Nurse, 40yrs.
Theatre Nurse, OHS / RTW Manager
AHPRA verified ✅

I too have just been stood down for refusing to take the jabs. 40 years nurse means nothing.
We were bullied, coerced, badgered, threatened for months to take the jab, most gave in, against their will, but out of fear of going bank rupt, losing jobs etc etc, same story everywhere.

I have dealt with colleagues families, 4 of who suffered relatives deaths from AZ two serious illnesses , 2 cases neurological permanent disability – Dr claiming of course not jab related, 2 others requiring hospitalization from the Pfizer.

Registered Nurse, 5yrs.
Emergency Dept.

Leading up to the no jab no job policy mandate effective as of 30th sept Everyday I would encounter pts coming in of concern post Pfizer and AZ jab (1st and 2nd dose) non discriminative of their age and co-morbidities.

I’ve noticed the worst side effects were more commonly reported among pts who took the Pfizer vaccine as opposed to AZ vaccine. Numerous presentations per day and representations of pts experiencing fevers,chills, body aches, chest pain, palpitations, heavy Vaginal bleeding, sore arms, abdo pain, SOB, headaches, migraines, v+d, nausea, dehydration, chest tightness and chest heaviness day in and day out.

The youngest of ages I encountered was from age 15+. Immediately from the get go such pts would be deemed as non critical by the triage nurse and are typically categorised as cat 4 or 5 (low acuity). The stigma associated with side effects post vaccines would commonly result in doctors and nurses delaying their investigations and downplaying their symptoms including the urgency for further investigations via bloods, imaging, and detailed assessments/referrals.

Many JMO, RMO, lOCuMs would desirably advocate their names to care for such patients as a general rule little investigation would take place or was expected from patients experiencing symptoms post vaccines and therefore doctors were more keen to pick up such pts. As a general rule about 50 percent of patients experiencing side effects would simply be observed for a few hrs with at lease 1 set of observations post triage prior to discharging.

Treatment for such patients was usually downplayed by doctors as drug seekers (even when they have never had any history associated), anxiety disorders, faking of symptoms generally followed by the administering of panadol and neurofen prior to discharge even when on occasions pts were still evidently in distressed or experiencing breakthrough pain. For the remainder who were lucky enough an ECG and blood work would be done as a baseline followed by discharging.

As a General rule FBC, cmp, Lft, d-dmer(if AZ), CRP(if fever), EUC, Trop(if chest pain or palpatTions) would be tested for via the blood test. From experience 80 percent of patients were discharged post bloods so long as their abnormalities weren’t out of wack or substantial abnormal based on their blood work. But even for the remainder who did have elevated trops >14,a high ddhmer, or an abnormal FBC, a majority of the time further detailed assessments (that would normally be conducted in this case outside of the vaccine related) would never be conducted.

For Example no angiogram, MIbI, echoes, ct scans would follow through, yet alone medications following such results (eg asprin, GtN, Ecg x 2, MONA etc for acute coronary syndromes with experience elevated trops). In 100 percent of cases the symptoms were simply NOT REPORTED nor were the patients Advised or directed in anyway on how to report their symptoms post discharge. Furthermore neither staff were ever advised of such regulatory agencies yet alone informing the patients to report their symptoms.

Represented patients experiencing all sorts of symptoms post 3weeks of taking the vaccine were also never considered as illnesses or symptoms closely related to the vaccine even when many of them were young healthy, had no medical history and have never been to hospital before which was of concern. Not being reported was one thing but doctors not being able to make any association to the vaccine with illnesses more than 3 weeks post taking the vaccine was alarming As this meant that Longer term studies were never conducted post vaccines (not to mention that how such symptoms experienced long after taking the vaccine were ever linked or tied back to the vaccine itself) in future presentations.

Registered Nurse, NSW
AHPRA verified ✅

My daughter had the common and expected headache and chills post first jab. Then 2nd shot Pfizer in March things went south.

Collapsed at work (hospital) day after 2nd jab – yet to return. Currently sick leave without pay, unable to claim federal compensation under covid scheme as never admitted into hospital.

30 year old slim fit female has now been referred to psych, cardiologist, rheumatologist and now starting under the care of a graded exercise therapist. She’s on meds to control palpitations and thankfully autoimmune specialist stated it appears she has post vaccine myalgic encephalomyelitis.

I say thankfully as an actual diagnosis was validation of sorts for her (mentally) however the association to the vaccine still appears to be something whispered but not documented.

A normal day may find her able to stay awake for up to 3 hours at a time with varying degrees of mental agility. I’ve also seen her crash after walking for about 40 minutes, slept for close to 48 hours straight after that episode.

Gastrointestinal issues, POTS, brain fog, muscle weakness, chronic fatigue, continued nausea.. 6 months on and still no

Registered Nurse, 22yrs.

I am a 42 year old female and have been a RN for 22 years.

I had put off having the vaccine as I am currently having idiopathic anaphylaxis investigated. However, when it became mandatory I consulted with my immunologist who said I could have the Pfizer shot. He warned me that I would have a reaction and advised me to take antihistamine QID for 48 hours beforehand and 7 days post vaccination. This is what happened:

Within 2 minutes of having the vaccine I had pre syncope, chest tightness, tingling around my mouth and in my hands. I was laid on a bed and asked if I wanted a cold compress for my head. No vitals were checked, but they started to draw up adrenaline. I had antihistamines with me so I took an extra one which reduced the tingling. I left the vaccine clinic after an hour with nothing documented.

Whilst walking back to the car I became short of breath and started coughing. This continued throughout the evening and into the next morning. I was using a ventolin inhaler for relief.

By mid morning the day after my vaccine, the chest tightness was worse, I had central chest pain, a cough and was short of breath just walking in my house. I presented to ED. They did bloods, chest X-ray, ECG, everything was normal so they contacted my immunologist for his opinion. He was happy for me to go home, so I was discharged and told to go back if I got worse.

The symptoms continued, I was unable to go to work and unable to look after my children. They had to spend an extended time with their Dad.

Day 3, I started to have a burning central chest pain, I put it down to indigestion initially but it was still there by day 5 so I went back to ED. They ran all the same tests again and did a D-Dimer which was negative. I was told it was probably a coincidental viral thing and discharged.

The symptoms started to settle on day 9 and today (day 11) I only have a bit of a cough.

I have lost 2 weeks worth of work and am not getting paid for it all as I don’t have enough sick leave to cover it.

I spoke to my GP about an exemption for the second dose. He told me it was unlikely I would get an exemption, and to just get myself well before I think about the second dose.

Looks like I will be stood down on December 1st as I am not putting myself through that again!!

The whole thing has been very traumatic for myself and my children.

Registered Nurse, 20yrs.
AHPRA verified ✅

Hi, I am a registered nurse of 20 years and 12 years post, confirmed flu vaccine injury that I acquired at work.

I felt ill immediately after receiving the injection and progressively got worse over the following 10 days. I felt a stabbing pain below my left scapula, a feeling of tightening around my torso, feeling of bugs crawling across my back, constant twitching in my face and left arm, an internal tremor and vibrations. These symptoms led to partial left sided paralysis, severe pain in the left side of my head and the term ‘brain fog’ doesn’t even come close to describing what I experienced.

I literally couldn’t find words for everyday items, forgot how to make my kids school lunches, and would completely forget dinner. At the hospital I was told instantly that this was a vaccine injury and I was referred to a neurologist. Over the years I have seen numerous neurologist’s with little help. I was told at the time of the injury, that this is rare reaction and we are that ‘one family’ that shouldn’t be vaccinated. Although my kids have had most of their vaccinations we have since had an exemption for further vaccines (my son also has unexplained left sided nerve damage.)

When covid vaccines arrives on our shore I naturally assumed that having a severe, debilitating, permanent vaccine injury would ensure me an exemption. NO – apparently not. Apparently the Pfizer shot is appropriate for me – the shot that is documented to cause the very same reactions that I experienced?? What alternate universe do I live in whereby medical professionals are happy to stick an experimental ‘vaccine’ into the arm of someone still living with the permanent effects of a vaccine injury? It will be over my cold, dead body that I will EVER have another vaccine, especially this one!

I am also a qualified —– school teacher and have now lost both career options. I tell my story because I am reading these horror stories and I know first hand the suffering vaccine injuries cause. It’s one step forward and 2 steps back – it’s an incredibly long, hard road. Twelve years on and although most of the paralysis has subsided (part of my face only coming back this year), I still often have the pain in my head, internal vibrations and tremors, twitching, neuralgia and often exhaustion. At this stage I still couldn’t work full-time.

Bad days are still bad days and I rarely get through the day without the need to sleep. NO ONE should be pressured or coerced with loss of employment to take an experimental vaccine! Who is going to take responsibility for you when you’re injured – NO ONE!! Not only are most injuries denied, there is literally no liability taken by anyone? How is any of this ethical or even legal? This isn’t medicine, it’s madness and I am genuinely shocked and heartbroken.

Update 4/10/21 – Hi I just want to update. My younger brother who works in construction in Melbourne, like everyone else was forced to have the ‘vaccine’ last week. He has now been admitting to hospital with pericarditis and pneumothorax. He’s getting chest drains in today. The doctors have already told him he has to have the next injection??

Registered Nurse, 42yrs.
Telehealth Triage
AHPRA verified ✅

Continuation of Adverse Events – Response to #0051

I recently wrote to you regarding my now job as a telehealth nurse. Just an update. Out of a six hr shift on —- . I took 8 calls related to adverse events involving the vaccine. These ranged from a swollen lymph gland and massive headaches and vomiting to cardiac issues and limb paralysis. I sent all 8 to their respective hospitals ED department.

Registered Nurse, 20yrs. VIC.
AHPRA verified ✅

Part 1 of 2.

Hi I have been a registered Nurse for over 20 years and have been involved in the contact tracing process in VIC since mid last year.

I am very concerned by what I have seen.
I started off believing the whole narrative, but became suspicious soon after I started doing contact tracing.

For a start, during the second wave in VIC last year, even though we had 700 plus cases a day, I would often only make about 2 to 3 calls in an 8 plus hour shift as we could only call cases as the files were sent to us.
The system we used was difficult to use, had many IT issues and did not have enough room to add in appropriate information. This was updated to a better system where more info could be added but still had many issues.

Just as we would get used to the process, they would change the process so we would have to re learn a whole new system This happened several times. As a result, many inexperienced and even experienced staff would not be following the right procedures resulting in errors, which would then lead to cases not being followed up correctly.

I spoke with several cases that were in fact NOT ever positive, or they had had an initial inconclusive PCR test followed by several negatives, but they were still being counted in the numbers.

Whilst I sat twiddling my thumbs waiting for cases to come through, when they did come through, some of them were 8 plus days after they had tested positive so by the time we collected information from them as to where they had been and who they had contact with, others had already been exposed, contracted and spread the virus.

When the press conferences were saying that almost all primary close contacts were being contacted within 24 hours, I believe this was blatantly untrue.
Multiple times a day we were contacting people several days even more than a week after exposure telling them they needed to isolate.

Primary Close contacts need to isolate for 14 days from exposure. However, we were contacting people on DAY 14/ 15/16 plus days after their exposure and telling them that they need to go and get tested and isolate . We had a script to read and we would waffle on to these people telling them that they need to go into isolation etc. It was embarrassing and showed government incompetence when we had to call these people 16 plus days after their exposure and to tell them they had to isolate for 14 days from exposure. The recipients of these calls were understandably often really frustrated and concerned.

Many, many close contacts had more than one file, some even had 4 different files for the one person. If 1 person has 4 files, is this being counted as 4 different people? I don’t know for certain, but I suspect it probably is. I also wonder if the same thing is happening with positive cases. For this reason, as well as many others, I DO NOT BELIEVE THE CASE NUMBERS ARE REAL!

On multiple occasions exposure dates, times and locations were added incorrectly resulting in people being forced unnecessarily into isolation, whilst others were not isolating even though they had been exposed.

Case files had incorrect data including exposure dates, date of symptom onset, incorrect details etc and no matter how many times I would update and escalate these issues, I’d still see the case reappear the next day with the incorrect details.

So many people that did the right thing and completed their long and difficult quarantine or isolation period, and would then not be released when they were supposed to be as they had not received a clearance call or email which they need to be able to return to work! So these poor people would be losing income whilst isolating and then losing even more income waiting for the incompetent government organisations to release them from isolation.

Frontline Workers Speak Out! 💉❤️🩹 #AU, [04.10.21 22:44] Part 2 of 2.

We were literally harassing some citizens with multiple calls a day whilst others that desperately needed to receive a call for either information or clearance weren’t getting any at all, and even if they tried to contact the department, they would either not get through to anyone or if they did get through they would just be told that someone will get back to them.

I am also aware that NSW has exactly the same issues with their contact tracing so this is not just in VIC.

As for the efficacy of vaccination, I do not believe it is a clear cut as what we are being told. Vaccinated positive cases are getting sick and requiring hospitalisation, even ICU. In a household where one is vaccinated and the other isn’t, sometimes the vaccinated person is fine but the unvaccinated person is unwell. Sometimes it is the other way around where the vaccinated is the sick one and the unvaccinated is fine. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated are often asymptomatic but “confirmed” by PCR.
Often cases contract covid very soon after vaccination, and these people often do get quite unwell.

Sadly most positive cases are told to manage their illness at home until they are severely short of breath or their lips turn blue and then call an ambulance!!
They are not given any advice as to how to manage their illness, or what preventative or immune boosting treatments they can take to avoid severe illness. The next question one might ask – why did the TGA suddenly ban ivermectin which has been around for 30 years, and won the nobel prize in 2015???

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) 14yrs.
—-, USA.
Registration provided ✅

I started as an —IN —. Been a — for — years now. I worked — years as a —- in —-. I have worked – years in —-. I was furloughed at the start of the “pandemic “.

I lost my oldest daughter to suicide in —. When she was – the HPV vaccines were new. I thought I was protecting her later in her life. Just recently learning the truth about Gardasil causing neurologic changes and linked to suicides, and more so in girls.

I was placed on ———– for not submitting to taking the Covid vaccine or weekly testing. I am pretty certain the weekly testing is to set people up and have false positives that will result in more pressure put on employees to be forced to take the vaccine.

A — of mine took the Covid vaccine and she already had Factor V (more prone to excessive clotting) , now she has an AVM (arterio venous malformation) on her brain, a dilated vessel in her brain and a blood clot in her arm…of course they will not link it all to the vaccine. Several other —— that went and took the vaccine after it was mandated says they have had headaches since they took their vaccines.

Private Nursing, QLD.

Ask the midwives at the Mater in —— where they also have babies dying in utero after the vaccine.

One of our clients also miscarried the day after her 2 nd dose.

Another client postnatals was bedridden for 4 days with high temps, rigours and couldn’t walk after her second dose of Pfizer.

Another — received shedding from her husband and was sick for almost 3 weeks.

All — ( 30+ ) people I work with professionally know someone affected by the vaccine.

Registered Nurse, 15yrs.
AHPRA verified ✅

Part 1 of 2.

I am no anti-vaxer by any means and have had all my vaccinations to date as I’ve had no questions about their safety or efficacy. I still have no issue with vaccinations but I do have concerns with these COVID vaccines.

I have not received the vaccine and am thankful I casually did not book in to get the vaccine at the start of the year when it was offered at our workplace. We were only offered AZ initially. We have easily around 100 staff working in our department and that’s not including the surgeons, anesthetists, company reps and assistants who come each day.

Our staff age ranges from 20 to 65 years of age. When the vaccine was rolled out at our workplace at the beginning of this year I could not believe how sick people were becoming just hours after receiving their first dose. I’d say about 80% of our staff ended up quite unwell from the vaccine initially. People were being sent home within hours of receiving their first dose as they were dizzy to the point of not being able to stand, had fevers, rigors, flushed skin, headache and joint pain. My first thoughts were “how in the hell is this safe?” and “is this an appropriate reaction from a vaccine?”.

Several staff members in their 20s reported not being able to get out of bed the next day as their joints were almost frozen stiff. One staff member couldn’t use her hands because they were so stiff and painful. She said it was as if she had developed arthritis overnight. For many weeks we had anywhere from 5 to 10 people off sick every day due to vaccine related illness, with some taking a whole week off. For the small majority who did not get sick after their first dose (mostly the older generations of staff 60+), they went down after their second dose.

Today we have the option of both AZ and Pfizer being offered to us at our workplace. There has been an increase in the Pfizer uptake and there are daily MET calls (emergency code alerts) and Code Blue’s (patient unresponsive – emergency) at our onsite vaccination clinic.

Several staff who did not receive the AZ vaccine earlier this year have since had the Pfizer vaccine. I have heard multiple stories of those said staff members going to emergency departments multiple times since their vaccine for unexplained chest pain and palpitations. All the standard testing is done and comes back as inconclusive. They are told to go home and see if it happens again. It has happened again. Many times since. They now say they regret taking the vaccine and some have now refused to get their second dose. (redacted sentence). Obviously they are ———, but I do wonder about the long term effects, particularly relating to fertility.

We have had several friends who have contracted COVID in the past few months and they have said the constant harassment of calls from the DHHS has been worse than having the virus itself. They described 2 to 3 days of flu like symptoms, lack of taste, smell and appetite, as well as being very lethargic with mild shortness of breath. After those few days most just felt exhausted for the next week or two which is generally how most people feel after a severe cold or flu.

I have been on the fence the entire time during this pandemic, not knowing what to believe. I have wondered if it is the media blowing the whole thing up or is it something that I should be taking far more seriously. We have —- mailed by our employer that we have until the —- October to have our first dose or have booked in to receive our first dose. I will not be doing either and am planning to take annual leave if they do not allow me to physically come to work. I am hoping I could fall through the cracks but I do not see that happening.

Frontline Workers Speak Out! 💉❤️🩹 #AU, [06.10.21 12:47] Part 2 of 2.

I love my job tremendously and wouldn’t have done 5 years of schooling to do otherwise. I do not want to give up my passion solely over being forced and coerced into receiving a vaccine that no one knows what it is going to potentially do to us and is still in a clinical trial phase. I would consider myself a healthy individual. I do not smoke or drink, I am not overweight and I weight train 5 days per week. Therefore, I feel I would be quite capable of surviving COVID and at this point in time I cannot justify getting a vaccine for an illness which 99% of the general “healthy” population will overcome.

It’s scary they are also trying to ban or have banned over the counter medications which have proven to treat COVID. Yet I hear Pfizer is making their own version of these now….

Registered Nurse, 23yrs incl. ICU.
AHPRA verified ✅

What I’ve seen;

1. A massive increase in nose bleeds

2. A person post vaccination with fainting and an overall jaundiced colour. Months in this person still had a jaundiced colour

3. chest pain, palpitations and a feeling of impending doom 1 day post vaccination

3. extremely high temperatures 1 day post vaccinations

4. people who make statements like; “ever since ______got the jab I feel really unwell”
This has happened on a number of occasions

5. people who struggle emotionally with the mask wearing. Mental health issues have dramatically increased in the students.

6. Someone a week post vaccination with ongoing symptoms. Heavy bleeding, rashes, brushing, generally feeling awful.

***Updated by request, altered some content for obscurity

Registered Nurse (Credentialed) 16yrs+
AHPRA verified ✅

Thank you for this place to speak out and bring us together from all over Australia. I don’t feel so alone and am relieved to hear of other peoples symptoms as this is my story…

I work in an area with high risk clients due to age and ethnicity so the COVID vaccination was rolled out very quickly and efficiently. Based on the information that we had at the time about safety etc etc from all the sources my husband and I both got the pfizer vaccination. 2 weeks after the second injection I had a heavy 8 day period and also had the commencement of huge reflux symptoms and intermittent GI symptoms of abdo pain and diarrhea.

10 weeks after the pfizer jab we were mandated to get the fluvax. After getting the fluvax I experienced cardiac palpitations and ended up in ED having a full blood work up and ECGs. All have come back normal. I currently have full work up for GIT issues and medicated for reflux.

I was a healthy person with no comorbidities, never taken medication except occasional panadol, able to tolerate a 45min daily work out and able to eat all foods with no issues. Now am medicated, under GP care trying to ascertain what my health issues are and not able to tolerate exercise. My gut is constantly aching, gurgling and diarrhea is not far away.

The only way I made the connection to all these issues and COVID vax (what else could it be) is that I started doing my own research and reading documents of experts that mainline media were discrediting.

I have notified TGA of all the symptoms I have experienced.

My husband and I completely regret having the vax but its done and we can now discuss further with others in regards to an alternate view. We are also fighting side by side with those who choose (and choose well) to not have the experimental vax.

As a side note, my husband had an initial day off work due to the 2nd pfizer jab and has had constant chest pain which he can only describe being similar to having food stuck half way down your oesophagus. His wrist and both thumbs are starting to seize up as well. Perfectly healthy prior to any pfizer jab!

Registered Nurse, Community.

Part 1 of 2.

I started noticing an increase in patients coming in for halter monitor reviews (24 hr cardiac monitoring) for issues like tachycardia, arrhythmia etc. I thought was rather unusual given the increase, so I checked their immunization status and all had recently been vaccinated, one day there was 3 patients in, all with cardiac related symptoms and i started to connect the dots.

(1). Even one (staff member) had bizarre chest pain symptoms and palpitations post vaccine, ECG was normal, doctor did not send her for echo or bloods however and she did eventually recover after about a week. This same (staff member) (female in her 40’s) developed shingles both times approx 1 week after each dose, she 100 percent believes it’s from the vaccine, however the doctor said it’s just coincidence and most likely stress related, she said she felt no more stressed then usual, I couldn’t believe the disregard to anything questioned about these vaccines.

(2). Male in his –’s with a history of blood clots, presented for his 2nd dose of Pfizer, he had an exemption from having AstraZeneca. He told me he had recently been discharged from hospital after having a thrombectomy (blood clot removal) , he developed a clot in his leg after the 1st dose of Pfizer. I questioned him and his thoughts on it being related to the vaccine and he said he believes so but he was so afraid of dying from COVID that he decided he was going to go ahead with the second jab, I never did get to follow up with him but I did tell him to ask for a D-Dimer blood test post vaccine to check for elevated levels signaling blood clots. He had never heard of this from his —– before I informed him.

(3). An (older) female patient in her –’s, informed me she had been booked in (redacted sentence). Her surgery was post-poned 4 times due to “emergencies”. She said this has never happened to her before and that the surgeon must be inundated with workload. I’ve also heard similar comments on cardiovascular surgeons in the local hospital.

(4). An (older) male patient in his late —’s, very fit and walks 17000 steps per day, had a sudden onset of shaking and rigours, vomiting and dizziness, later to be admitted in hospital for a bizarre case of cellulitis in his leg. He had absolutely no idea how this happened (3 weeks recently vaccinated, 2nd dose of AstraZeneca)

(5) (older) Male patient early —’s, another fit and healthy individual who plays (sport) regularly, had acute MI (myocardial infarction – heart attack) requiring stent, nil previous health conditions or cardiac issues. Recently vaccinated (—weeks post 2nd astra Zeneca)

(6) Also noticed with a couple of our regular patients who have dementia have had sudden cognitive decline and some resulting in aggressive behaviours towards their partners, increase in falls or episodes of LOC, most ending up being admitted to hospital. All recently vaccinated (anywhere from 1-6 weeks post 2nd doses)

(7) But the most heart breaking of them all was the death of a lady in her – (middle aged), who works in healthcare ——–, a single mother leaving behind 2 children. She started complaining of migraines and suddenly dropped dead in her home, autopsy showed a cerebral haemorrhage from an aneurysm. I spoke with close friends of hers and she had in fact received her Pfizer vaccine not long before this happened. Nothing was reported by the hospital staff even when people had their suspicions of it being vaccine related.

I refuse to take the jab just from what I have witnessed over the past months of this vaccine roll out. So much is going unreported and being dismissed. Many aren’t connecting the dots or just turning a blind eye to it all. I have never been so disgusted with the medical system and the silence that is going on. I pray for the children who’s parents are going to force them to have this when there has been no (directly attributed COVID..) deaths amongst the children, it makes no sense.

Frontline Workers Speak Out! 💉❤️🩹 #AU, [07.10.21 17:29] Part 2 of 2.

Natural immunity is far more superior and safer for these age groups. However nobody seems to want to talk about natural immunity as if it doesn’t exist. It all seems so very strange to me that everyone thinks this vaccine is the only answer when it is in fact a ——- vaccine and does not stop transmission or infection.

Registered Nurse, 12yrs+, Public Hospital.

I started to notice an increase in strokes after the AstraZeneca vaccine (at least 3 a week). Blood clot strokes. Leaving patients with hemiparesis on one side of the body. Majority not making a full recovery. When I asked them if they had the vaccine, many had the vaccine and the stroke occurred within 30 days of vaccine. It mostly was occuring in over 50s with one or more preexisting conditions (over weight, diabetes ect) one of them had no preexisting conditions. When i queried this with the Drs they said they weren’t due to the vaccines and they weren’t reported.

(1). I had one patient with thrombocytopenia (bleed in the brain) days post the Pfizer vaccine. She was in her 40s and never had a bleed in the brain before and never had a reaction to a vaccine before. She did have factor 5 but this had never affected her before. When she requested her reaction to the vaccine goes reported the Doctors didn’t do it because she had factor 5. Even though it was clear the vaccine had caused the bleed.

(2). I have seen so many cancer patients who were stable prior to vaccine, go down hill straight after the vaccine. Both Pfizer and Astra. Most ending up palliative but i have not seen one of these cases go reported.

(3). Nurses throughout our hospital have been calling in sick in numbers greater than we’ve ever seen before. *I can only assume its because the majority are vaccinated and their immune system has been suppressed. (Conjecture)

(4). My friend which works in ED said they have 2 two to 3 patients a day coming in with heart effects, involuntary muscle spasms and numerous other issues due to Pfizer and Astra. There’s no trend to this. They are coming in young and old and majority with no pre-existing conditions. Many having to be sent to a hospital in the city to manage them. But they are not being reported.

(5). Nurses have reported period issues after the vaccine. Some have bled out for months.

(6). Increases in confusion and falls in general across the hospital. Don’t know if COVID-19 vaccines are related but in my 12 years of nursing i have never seen this amount of confusion and falls. Started noticing the increase 5 months ago.

Registered Nurse, 34yrs +
AHPRA registration supplied ✅

I am so sad about what is going on at the moment. Currently, I am on LWOP (leave without pay) as I am not getting the experimental injection. I work in a public hospital.

(1) — mother in her late 70s, has always been well. Has had a stroke not long after one of the injectables.

(2) I know an RN and who has been stood down due to not taking the vaccine.

Her son got the Pfizer shot without her knowing, required for his job. A few days later he became very unwell and presented to ED with chest pain. The chest pain has persisted with paramedics being called to home. His lymphocytes are very low too. His ECGs have been normal and his d-dimer is 0.25.

They asked their GP for more blood tests and further investigations of pericarditis/myocarditis. The GP dismissed the issue being related to the vaccine. Same GP said that he would be fined if he ordered an antibody test, and he proceeded to show her on the computer. The GP threatened to call the police because the mother demanded care for her son (after escalation from family).

The mother and son presented to the GP again the next day and saw a different doctor. This GP commenced her son on prophylactic treatment for myocarditis and her son is now having an echo of the heart.

This is appalling. Doctors are not caring for their patients and being respectful to families who have genuine concerns for the health of themselves or their children. Why are doctors told that they will be fined if they do an antibody test for COVID?

Registered Nurse
Location withheld

At the very beginning of this pandemic I was working in (an) —— dept.

We had daily huddles run by infectious diseases .

The message was constant- this is a large droplet virus, it’s not airborne unless ventilated or nebulised. Basic good hand hygiene, gown gloves, goggles and mask during clinical care and social distancing – where able – are sufficient to keep one safe. Contagion was only possible if you were all confined in a room for an hour with no PPE or alternately if you stood face to face with someone and had a conversation for 15 minutes. I overheard a — and some of the consultants saying very confidently that its ok, evidence from overseas indicates that hydroxychloroquine works really well on COVID positive patients.

We had no fit tested masks and when I inquired about that I was told it wasn’t necessary and that the PPE provided was enough. They also constantly reiterated the message that ‘this bug is easy to kill, normal washing detergent kills it and it only survives for a short time on surfaces’

We did have some COVID cases come in, and there were no health care worker transmissions at this in spite of not having the ‘proper’ PPE – because we are all nurses, and we religiously wash our hands and never touch our faces during clinical time.

To my knowledge the science has not changed, we have had no updates to inform that the first messages passed by infectious diseases have in any way changed and had to be corrected.

We went from having each cubicle full and ambulances waiting with patients on stretchers to less than 10 in the whole department

Suddenly people were too scared to come to hospital in fear of catching COVID

Health care and front line workers were being applauded by the public, the very businesses going bust were sending us free food and vouchers – this disgusted me. Here we were all still employed and they were all facing loss of income. At no time were we ‘inundated’ with serious cases of SARS-CoV-19 patients. The special ICU that was set up in my hospital was mostly empty.

Around late April, once we had been in lockdown for a few weeks the trickle steadily became a wave

-Domestic violence, self harm, alcohol and drug overdose

-Acute anxiety, mental health crisis

-The older population in particular was punished

-They were continually pointed out by the media and politicians as being the most vulnerable and therefore required special protection

-It made them feel marginalised even going out to the shops

-This ‘protection’ entailed cutting out all their social activities

-All bus trips and social outings were stopped immediately – for many hundreds this is their one highlight of the week and the only interaction they have with other people

-Dementia support centres stopped all day respite care, leaving families in the lurch. Caring for someone with dementia is a 24/7 job, and the relief offered by day respite is vital to keep the family functioning

-People dependent on support at home had many services cut, as workers chose to stay home on job keeper payments

-In one day we had — people over the age of 75 come in due to suicide attempts – 2 deceased soon after

-The one survivor said that when the tightest restrictions came in she felt there was no further point to living. Her family were only dropping in at the door, to ‘protect’ her – and would not touch her or stay for a visit

-I particularly remember an old gentleman coming in, he had been isolated in his own home for over two weeks as his carers would not come into his home. He hadn’t had a shower for those two weeks

-His care providers said that he had a cough and they were worried he was infectious. This man has chronic obstructive airway disease and always has a cough. He finally called the ambulance as he was so lonely and desperate for care

Now this tide of human misery has turned, and instead we are being flooded by the vaccine injured. The media propaganda machine has succeeded in scaring people into making uninformed health decisions. The injuries are debilitating and life limiting. Medical staff are increasingly turning a blind eye to this and convincing families that these symptoms are due to pre-existing conditions.

We will never know what the real story is, as there is no investigation going on. All I know is that our hospitals and emergency departments are full of the same cluster of symptoms and the one thing in common is that they have all been injected with these provisional drugs. The media is still churning out the same mind numbing propaganda about case numbers, clusters, exposure sites as though we have somehow had a nuclear spill

It’s a respiratory virus like many others before it, its not a pandemic.

Patient 1). Received 2nd dose Pfizer just recently –
since then new acute confusion
Not able to get dressed unaided
previously independent, fit and active
Delirium in the absence of any clear cause

(Patient 2). Chronic diseases present however well managed until now
had AZ – since then
has been short of breath for 3 days
bilateral swelling to the lower limbs
moderate pleural effusion in one lung

Patient 3). Headaches in the past couple of weeks since having Pfizer vaccine.
Last seen well the Saturday night , found on the floor in vomit Sunday morning
Bilateral swelling to mid shin, worse on one leg
Raised inflammatory markers and blood count abnormal
myocardial infarct and sepsis – went to ICU

Patient 4). AZ vaccine 3 weeks ago
Sudden fast heart rate and shortness of breath – no history of heart disease
Severe chest pain, difficulty breathing, Elevated cardiac markers
left pleural effusion and embolism in both lungs, heart strain.
New atrial fibrillation
– Diagnosis: life-threatening blood clot

Patient 5). COVID-19 vaccinations, second dose 2 weeks prior to presentation
Fall overnight lost consciousness for 2-5 minutes
Partner heard fall , brought to hospital with ongoing dizziness
Hb to 68 –– unexplained gastro bleed and fainting

Patient 6). 1st AZ Vaccine
Woke up with pain in the right shoulder
Had palpitations, chest tightness and felt clammy
Came to hospital
no history of heart disease
Diagnosis: Acute heart attack

Patient 7). cognitive decline since AZ vaccine,
Fall last week
rapid onset of Left sided deficit noticed by family
slurred speech
Brief seizure activity – unresponsive after this – stroke

Patient 8). Received 2nd dose Pfizer vaccine
Onset of chest pain since the weekend
Constant pain
Associated with shortness of breath and sweating
ECG changes

Patient 9). 1st dose of AZ vaccine recently
Severe headache
– 2 falls (no previous history of falls) loss of consciousness
Wakes up on the floor
NO medical history
Subarachnoid haemorrhage

Patient 10). Completed both doses of AZ COVID vaccine second dose 3 days before admission
Admitted with headaches and loss of consciousness – no external head injury
No pre-existing hypertension or anticoagulation
Extensive subarachnoid haemorrhage.

Patient 11). central chest pain AZ vaccination a day ago
Sudden onset of chest pain, burning sensation in centre of chest
was present for several hours.
Troponin leak – aborted inferior myocardial infarct

Patient 12). Fit and healthy male under 55.
Recently had 2nd Pfizer COVID vaccination
The next day felt heaviness right side of the chest- worse when lying down,
cannot walk further than a few meters
Complete pleural effusion right lung. No cause identified

Patient 13). AZ one week ago
shortness of breath started three days ago.
Getting worse, cant breathe lying down
lower limb swelling worsening in the last week
large right sided pleural effusion no cause identified

Patient 14). AZ vaccine 1st dose 3 days ago no previous medical history
lost balance and fell onto floor.
No loss of consciousness or chest discomfort
ECG changes, Large blood clot in the heart and cerebellar stroke

Patient 15). AstraZeneca 1st dose.
Lives alone independently
Scan showed clots in in the brain
Seizure activity
This person had been totally independent prior to injection and now looking at being placed into a nursing home as the stroke has left him dependent on others for showering and dressing

Patient 16). both AZ COVID vaccines
2 day of worsening shortness of breath and heart palpitations
Rapid atrial fibrillation
Shortly after arriving onset of one sided upper limb weakness
Diagnosis: stroke

Patient 17). AZ 2nd dose last week. Last seen well at 0830
Found collapsed in shower, loss of consciousness
Dense R paralysis with right sided facial droop
acute stroke

Patient 18). AZ vaccine
15 minutes of seizure activity
Fall , struck head
Diagnosis: Stroke

Patient 19). AZ Vaccine
Usually fully independent
Fell onto soft surface, did not hit head
Full right sided paralysis
Inability to speak
severe haemorrhagic stroke

Patient 20). Pfizer vaccine 1 week ago 2nd dose
Increased shortness of breath
now unable to walk more than 3-4 steps
Previously very active
massive left-sided pleural effusion with no clear cause

Patient 21). Previously fit and healthy sudden onset of Severe demyelinating neuropathy

Patient 22). Had AZ vaccine on Tuesday (first dose)- was well prior to this
Started to feeling unwell the next day
woken up by a sudden headache
Nausea, generalized aching, very fatigued
headache is worse on movement
Haemorrhagic stroke

Patient 23). Pfizer vaccine 5 days ago
Severe chest pain onset 3 days ago
IHT to city hospital severe cardiac tamponade

Patient 24). AZ vaccine 1 week ago
Loss of lower limb strength, leaning to one side when walking
Family concerned due to increased confusion
Fever and pneumonia

Patient 25). Under 70 year old previously healthy. AZ early September
Started having falls the week after – sudden loss of consciousness
Admitted after multiple falls, had a large intracranial haemorrhage needed surgery for this
Facing a permanent brain injury with a very long hospital stay

Patient 26). 32 year old fit and healthy male
Pfizer vaccine last week
Started feeling pins and needles in arms and legs
Now cannot walk – myelitis (inflammation of the spinal cord)

Patient 27). AZ a week ago
Admitted with severe back pain and inability to walk
Previously independent with mobility and ADLs
Has ongoing tremors and unable to be mobilised by physio due to this

Patient 28). AZ vaccination
Previously fit and active
Presents with lethargy, muscle weakness and continual falls
Family state this has all started since vaccination
Multiple admissions and investigations nothing conclusive

Registered Nurse
Location withheld
AHPRA registration provided ✅

Throughout my career I have worked across many wards, predominantly medical, theatre and surgical. I have worked within Emergency Department throughout the entire COVID response. In 2020, the hospitals prepared for the worst-case scenarios and prepared the correct PPE for us and we didn’t have fit-testing like we do now (though I have colleagues that couldn’t fit any of the masks and they told them to wear the most comfortable one). We expected a large volume of patients to roll in but the department was very unexpectantly quiet and only received a handful of positive cases. The Emergency doctors only swabbed for COVID-19. Influenza and other respiratory PCRs were rarely ordered (I saw around twice or three times that they did) before they get sent to the ward. Mind you once they get a negative swab for COVID-19, they are off any respiratory precautions and just went to a regular 4-bedded room on the ward.

This year on a regular shift, I would see around 20 patients a shift present with chest pain (extremely common), pain behind one calf, febrile, tachycardic, tingling and numbness down limbs, exacerbation of chronic symptoms after having a jab and SOB.

In terms of specific accounts
(1) I had a lady in her __s presenting with severe abdo pain with a prognosis of vaccine-induced enteritis
(2)An older lady in her ___s had cheek swelling the day after her AZ vaccination which was diagnosed as parotiditis
(3) A young female in her ___s had palpitations and tachycardia of close to 200 right after having her first vax. She re-presented with palpitations and tachycardia several months after her 2nd jab, she had no cardiac hx or anxiety.
(4) An older lady sent into hospital from home with a MOCA of <5/30 (kept the real number hidden for confidentiality reasons). I was informed by her daughter that her mother recently had her jab few weeks earlier and said even though pt was a bit vague, cognition has rapidly deteriorated since then, vaccine was not documented anywhere in the notes.
(5) A young male in his 20s with intermittent chest pain post pfizer – confirmed diagnosis of pericarditis
(6) A young person in their 30s had pfizer a week ago with chest pain, lethargy, febrile, difficulty on standing and tingling in limbs
(7) An older lady in her 70s or 80s came in with tingling, burning and pain down limbs the day after her vax including pain in one of her calves, sent home after given some antihistamine.
(8) Another man in his 40s presented with chest pain, SOB, tachycardic, febrile & desaturation a week post vax with raised D-Dimer.
(9) A work colleague that has had transient headaches ongoing for 3 weeks post vax

Speaking with colleagues within COVID wards, a lot of them are double jabbed. How does that make sense, if the vax works?

There are other incidences where pts are coming into hospital with PEs and DVTs post vax but because they have other existing comorbities, I have not included them in my accounts. No longer working due to mandates and disappointed that my nursing career has been put on hold because they want us to participate and bullying us to comply.

Registered Nurse

I work as a nurse in a mid —- hospital, a patient attended to our out patients department for a short synathen test, she told me she was a healthy 26yrs teacher, but immediately after she received her 1st covid jab she was admitted to hospital because she collapsed. I asked her if she knew the covid jab was an experiment, she said she was never told that, and if she would have known she would not have had the jab. She said the test was to rule out lupus. When I looked in her eyes there was a dullness. She said she felt different, not her old self, so sad.

Critical Care Nurse 21+yrs
AHPRA verified ✅

I am a Critical Care trained nurse of over 21+ years and have recently stepped away from a large public hospital in Melbourne due to fatigue and dissolution about what is happening in the medical system over Covid.

Last year I was working as a Clinical Nurse Consultant and saw many of my complex patients with multiple comorbidities survive a Covid diagnosis – without any treatment. Remdesivir was used initially then seemed to lose favour pretty quickly. I rapidly saw the disconnect between what the public was being told and what I was seeing. Sure – some patients died, but some were on borrowed time for many years.

Last year I had deep concern over the government handling when I had patients post surgery who were from regional —- refused home assistance on returning home from (large city) until they had done 2 weeks quarantine. I had a young male with a very large LV thrombus return to a regional hospital where he self discharged but couldn’t get access to any of his anti-clotting injections because he was told he had to go home and isolate. He ran out of injections and didn’t leave home. I then (as an RN) had to arrange for an urgent admission back to the hospital with the AO.

This year, since leaving the system, I have been working in a clinic providing treatments to patients that are not considered mainstream. I have lost count of the men and women who come in for treatment post vax with similar issues:

Neuropathy post Pfizer
Fatigue, fatigue and more fatigue after any vaccine lasting weeks – even in fit, young men.
Feeling “not quite right since the vax” is common.
Inappropriate heart rate response

My most heart breaking was a mother of 3 who didn’t want to be Vaxxed but wanted to see her daughter dance in December. 7 weeks later and she still has vertigo, can’t walk properly due to neurological damage, was highly active and now will walk a short walk followed by a sleep. She was crying in the clinic with the despair around her lack of diagnosis, mistrust of symptoms by her neurologist and no ability to get an exemption for the second vax but simply told get AZ.

Is the medical profession asleep, blind or bought?

Registered Nurse

I am an RN/Midwife with 27 yrs experience mainly in rural hospitals across Australia.
I just wanted to let you know that there was a death of a 29 yr old female 10 days post her 1st Pfizer end of August. Found dead in her home (rural community of – 10000). Coroners report showed cause of death: Pulmonary Embolism. Her GP has reported this to the TGA.

Registered Nurse

To whom it may concern,

My name —-, I completed my Bachelor of Nursing at —– University and Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) in ——.

I was interested in emergency nursing and working as an agency nurse for more than 8 years and a practice nurse for over 9 years. I was working as PCA for two years during study, who is based in (location withheld). I worked in —— Medical Centre, they are COVID vaccine provider, as I refused to have vaccine and provide vaccine evidence, I was terminated my job on —/10/2021

As an agency nurse, I was mainly working in ED, I noticed the shortage of staff. I was asked to work the night shift on the —/10/2021 in —- Medical Centre, —/10/2021 at —– Private, but soon they realised I wasn’t given proof of COVID vaccination, they cancelled the shift, and sms the whole agency.

I feel sorry for staff who are struggling in the hospital, not only the frontline like ICU, ED.
I tried to apply for an online support nurse, as I could work from home, some require proof for COVID vaccination, too.

I was feeling so sad was, it’s hard to explain my situation to my family, as they all vaccinated, and experience different levels of adverse effects.

My mum had 1st dose of AZ, within 48 hours, she was highly distressed, crying and disoriented for half an hour. I drove her to ED, and they D/C her for family distress caused confusion, only done FBE and UEC, no CT B, as GCS back from 14-15 when paramedics arrive. The day after, she was flat affect, decrease of appetite, and accused me abandoned her to ED the day before (as Melbourne locked down start, no family member could stay in ED, unless end of life care, or the client is minor). We considered she still “odd”, we drive her to others ED, which luckily, the NIC let me start until my mum till admitted to the ward.

Luckily, CTb result NAD, but continue tachycardia, confusion, GCS could go down to 9/15, blood test result hypokalamia, as it treated with transfusion, however the confusion continued and delusion for the whole world is treating her as lab rat, and her 40 years old best friend is no longer alive, (which she is) till other two days. Initially, dad and I wanted to take her home, try to avoid the test like LP, however, that morning, she experienced GCTS, and tube to ICU, later found her Sodium is low, which trigger the GCTS, she had 3 LP, as 1st and 2nd without successful outcome, The doctor keep her on sedation till they did one in imaging.

LP result inconclusive, as contaminated result from next ICU bed, as claimed, but my mum treated with IV anti, and d/c from ICU to gen med ward for other 4 days observation. They run further blood test all NAD, MRI brain and abdo, all NAD. However the back pain caused by LP, and continue shoulder pain till now. Currently, my mum is GCS 15/15 RUDAS 30/30. I later book a follow up appointment with my mum as confirmed her diagnosis as SIADH, but never mention something about adverse reaction from vaccine. Her d/c summary is written as unknown as Dx.

As I worked in ED, one case I witnesses kept me the most emotional. 16yrs active sport male, Dx as appendicitis, waiting for ward bed, sudden onset of CP, ECG shown ST elevation, Med reg review brought a u/s, confirmed Dx myocarditis. Father claimed child vaccine by pifzer 1st Dose 10 days ago, Med reg said to him, “that’s the sixth case in this month.” Father shocked and become speechless.

The more irony case, 68 years little old lady chest discomfort client, Blood test and ECG clear by med reg, she claimed the chest discomfort start from the 1st dose of AZ, med reg along with Medical Student 3rd years tried to persuade her the vaccine is really safe, but I was at the next bed, helping the nausea 54 years old lady, without chronic illnesses, confirmed double legs DVT, 2 months after the AZ vaccine.

I am at the worst position, as parents wanted to vaccine, and go out for a job to reduce the financial distress, other family member who is in medical field all vaccinated, and kept worked in the frontline, I am the black sheep of them all. I am currently jobless, and emotional blackmail by family, as I try to give in to the medical treatment I don’t want, I have a chat with my friend, and currently feel better. And need to think positively for my situation. I gave up the consideration from vaccine, because it is not the solution, it is just opening of other hell.

We all hope the united we will fight against not only the mandated, but also the pandemic itself, I wish all team member in good health, and kept fighting, I know I am not alone to fight this, but I hope the true come out ASAP, otherwise, good people will get blood in their hands, without knowing what had they done.

Registered Nurse

I am a Registered Nurse of — years working in a ——-. I work on .. (wards withheld for privacy).

Here is a list of things I know and think are related to the vaccine.

Vaccination reactions

• 53 year old female with embolic stroke post AstraZeneca. Was reported.
• 54 year old female with history of leg weakness presented to ED with bilateral lower limb paralysis. Lungs collapsed in ED and she was then tubed. Failed extubation and then had a trachy inserted. No connection made to the vaccine or any documentation but when I cared for the patient she expressed to me that she thought it was caused by the vaccine. ‘Undiagnosed GBS’ is what they ended up calling it. Unsure of which vaccine.
• 31 year old with myasthenia gravis flare up which she had been asymptomatic of for the past 10 years – Pfizer
• 80+ year old female presented with TIA. Grandson mentioned to me that she had cognitively declined since having AZ. (Forgetful, personality changes, mood changes, dizziness and having frequent falls and near misses).
• 80+ year old female with stroke, also found a DVT in her arm during admission.. no connection made with vaccine. Daughter of patient states that patient had been ‘off’ since vaccine. Unsure which vaccine but I assume Astra Zeneca.
• 34 year old female with basal ganglia hemorrhagic stroke 2 weeks post Pfizer
• Young male between the age of 25 and 35 ran up to me in the hospital corridor looking for ED. Very frightened and teary eyed. I escorted him and asked what was wrong. He handed me a letter from his GP referring him to ED for heart palpitations, chest pain, bilateral leg pain & swelling 2 days post Pfizer. The man said to me ‘that was the worst decision of my life’.
• 3 females aged 40 and 60+ with Bell’s palsy – Pfizer
• A colleague in late 50’s diagnosed with early onset dementia in June. Had AZ in March. Can no longer participate in patient care. No link to vaccine has been made.
• 48 year old lady had Pfizer on 21st sept , found collapsed at home by husband 28th sept. Basal ganglia bleed. EVD inserted. Bleed extended. Palliated
• 63 year old man admitted with new diagnoses of GBS. ? Cause. Nothing documented in notes regarding vaccine what so ever. Asked patient if he had been vaccinated. He said ‘yes and 6 weeks later I got GBS, but the doctors don’t want to know about it’. AstraZeneca.
• A friend of mine is a fully vaccinated agency nurse and expressed to me that she thinks the amount of vaccine related presentations to ED is a pandemic in itself.

Thank you for what you are doing.

Registered Nurse

I’m an RN in a private practice that gives around 1000-1500 covid vaccinations per week – AZ and Pfizer.

At first there seemed to be very few reactions, but as we progressed through the batches, they appeared in increasing numbers. Our Dept. Of Health grossly under-reports both numbers and severity. If we ring either Public Health or the AIR, they take details about the mild reactions, and just tell us to send bad ones to E.D.

The hospitals send us a discharge summary, including details of the patient’s presentation to ED, treatment, results of any tests/investigations, and a possible diagnosis. These rarely mention anything about the vaccine, even though the patient may have had it 10 minutes prior to going to hospital. It’s like they’re told not to mention it.

With a large percentage of patients coming for their 2nd jab, I’m noticing distinct changes . Many appear confused, unable to follow simple directions such as “have a seat, there”, or “please go into the room next door to wait for 15 minutes “. More than 50% say they still have severe headaches, joint and muscle pain, extreme fatigue, confusion, and exacerbation of conditions they’ve had in the past but weren’t a problem at the time of their first jab.

Registered Nurse – New Zealand


I have to share, I’m a registered nurse in the (North Island) in A&E, and since being in level 3 we’ve had a great deal of people getting vaccinations, as a result I’ve witnessed a number of severe reactions during my shifts.

After seeing so many severe vaccine reactions I think it’s important that NZers understand the risks.

(1) My own mother got her 2nd jab and came down with myocarditis and she is not the first I’ve seen suffer, so many are coming in, it’s becoming critical. They say covid has the potential to overwhelm us, but surely the cure can’t be worse than the disease, Like others I’ve seen shedding that has resulted in pulmonary embolism (blood clots in the lungs) as well as a raft of other serious illnesses.

(2) (3) Like the 15 year old with thrombocytopenia which is incredibly rare in young people, or the 46 year old with arthritis when she had none before? These reactions are beyond what should be expected in these age groups.

You need look no further than the many other whistleblower reports you are getting to see the impact on our communities.

I think people need to know what’s going on because it’s being swept under the carpet.

Now is the time we must stand together to fight this tyranny.

Going against the system is never easy but we must, absolutely must stand up and educate New Zealander’s.

Registered Nurse
Location withheld

RN major hospital. These are taken over 5-6 weeks. I have kept records.

Patient 1: Had Pfizer ?pericarditis
Patient 2: Palpitations after Pfizer vaccine
Patient 3: Right upper thigh pain and swelling, Pfizer 2nd dose 3 weeks aga, D-dimer raised (normal platelets). ?r/o DVT
Patient 5: Chest pain atfer Pfizer vaccine
Patient 6: L)Sided c/p post Pfizer dose ?pericarditis
Patient 7: Headache, usually doesn’t have headaches
Patient 8: L c/p 6d post Pfizer vaccination ?myo/pericarditis
Patient 9: Chest tightness post covid vaccination with raised D-Dimer
Patient 10: breathless post Pfizer
Patient 11: Acure severe Headache since 2nd dose of covid vaccine. R/O intracranial bleed
Patient 12: Covid vaccine 2nd Pfizer on Thursday last week. Pain 3 hours later ?inflammatory arthropathy? De Quervain’s tenosynovitis
Patient 13: Headaches post AZ vaccine. Slightly raised d-dimer r/oTTS
Patient 14: Left Sided chest pain post Pfizer vaccine
Patient 15: shortness of breath after vaccination
Patient 16: Pfizer vaccine 6 days ago, chest pain, a bit of sob, also asthmatic
Patient 17: she had covid vaccine 6 weeks ago. Short of breath. Any clot?
Patient 18: Chest pain post Pfizer vaccine
Patient 19: Chest pain post Pfizer vaccine
Patient 20: Chest pain post Pfizer vaccine
Patient 21: SOB . Pfizer dose 5 days ago
Patient 22: Chest pain post Pfizer vaccine ?Cause
Patient 23: Enlarged cardiac border. 1/52 post Pfizer, chest pains, dizziness
Patient 24: Had Moderna – pericarditis
Patient 25: 1/7 Hx of palpitations 1/52 post 2nd dose of covid-19 Pfizer vaccine ?pericardial effusion
Patient 26: SOV 10 days after Pfizer vaccine
Patient 27: SOB with chest pains post covid inj = Moderna last week

God bless you.

Editor note: How many of these went unreported to the TGA?

Ex-Military Medic, Practice Nurse
AHPRA registration verified ✅

The practice I worked at had a meeting back in (early 2021) about nominating our practice to give the experimental injection. At this meeting I stated that I refuse to have anything to do with the administration, documentation or monitoring cold chain of the injection. My —- asked why, I responded “how much time do you have? in a nutshell I refuse for ethical reasons”. The practice wasn’t giving the injection up until the time I left.

Our patients had the injection at other locations and it was around July I started noticing some unusual presentations. I was only working there — days a week, so the information I have gathered from July is from only working those — days per week. There are approximately 3700 patients on the books, we have had only 1 patient with a positive Covid result.

Abnormal presentations from patients post injection –
Chest Pain / Palpitations – 24
Vertigo / Syncope – 24
Abdominal Pain – 34
Limb Oedema / Bruising / Neuropathy – 36
Headache – 19
SOB – 30
Lymphadenopathy – 7
Tinnitus / Ear Pain – 12
Epistaxis – 6
Shingles – 4

I was noticing that most of the 8 doctors at the practice were not documenting vaccination status, I believe on purpose. The information I have gathered is only from verified vax status on files. There are A LOT of other bizarre symptoms from other patients but due to no verified vax status I have not included them.

Some stand outs include –
-Dx Adenocarcinoma of lung 3 months post 1st AZ, died 2 months after dx. Healthy prior.
-Dx TIA 2 months post AZ, continual headaches, SVT
-Severe epigastric pain, ⬆️ d-dimer, ⬆️ Fibrinogen 2 weeks post AZ
-⬆️WWC, ⬆️Lymphocytes, ⬆️ serum iron and saturation 2 months post PZ ( in remission for leukaemia)
-Dx Parkinson’s 2 months post AZ
-Dx GBS, severe reaction, symptoms 2 days post AZ
-PE 4 weeks post AZ
– hot spot on lung PET 3 weeks post AZ
– ⬆️d-dimer, ⬆️LDH, ⬆️GGT, ⬆️WWC, ⬆️lymphocytes, ? Myeloproliferative disease 4 weeks post AZ
-⬆️d-dimer, DVT lower leg 6 weeks post AZ
-uncontrolled BSL’s (T2DM controlled well prior), ⬆️ LFT’s 2 months post AZ. Patient died 3 months post 2nd injection.
-DVT 6 weeks post AZ
-dx stroke 1 day after AZ
-32 weeks pregnant, severe reaction (dyspnea, febrile, SOB, CP) 12 hours post 2nd PZ. Dx pneumonia, I witnessed dr saying vax would not have caused illness.
-dx PE, gangrenous gall bladder 3 weeks post AZ
-dx PE 3 weeks post PZ
-dx endometrial adenocarcinoma 4 months post AZ
-dx pneumonia, ICU on ventilator 2 months post AZ
-PSA 15, PSA 7 months prior 5.3. AZ x2 given between.
-dx myocarditis, 18 yo 6 days post PZ.
There are many more.

I have no faith or confidence in the medical system (illness system) and have a lack of trust in doctors from what I have witnessed. Our system is severely broken. I can only advise people to do all they can to remain healthy and not have to rely on the system. Most doctors are profiteering off people’s illnesses and ensure patients are reliant on continual visits for scripts, pathology, scans etc. Nurses are no different, not advocating for their patients and blindly following and not questioning. I was embarrassed to call myself a nurse or to be seen in public in my scrubs.

Thank you for giving us (ex) healthcare professionals a platform to speak out. I pray this insanity ends very soon and that many people are held accountable for the immense harm that they have caused.

Registered Nurse 20yrs+
AHPRA registration verified ✅
Submission Date: 18/11/21


I am a Registered Nurse with 20 years experience. I have recently stepped out of the hospital system and am currently working in the community as a (nurse) and — —-.

This is a personal testimony. I was mandated to receive a Covid Vaccination to continue my career.

I reluctantly had my first dose of Pfizer (in.. September). Since then I have been struggling with ongoing symptoms of chest pain/tightness/heaviness; tachycardia (110-170bpm); SOB (short of breath) on exertion (RR 20-30); full neck/head and feeling of tightness (not muscle tightness). I have followed the medical path and went to ED for initial tests. Most tests came back unremarkable but symptoms remained. They discharged me with diagnosis of ?Pericarditis and Cardiologist referral.

Further blood tests, ECG’s, Chest X-ray, Echocardiograms and Treadmill Stress Test showed only mild changes. Stress test showed a run of SVT (20 beats); but cardiologist not concerned. I was told to not do any strenuous exercise until symptoms improve. I started on Colchicine BD, Ibuprofen 8/24 prn and Metoprolol 25mg (If needed). My cardiologist will not give me any diagnosis as he is unsure of what is happening in my body but is willing to agree with me that it is Pfizer related.

He is unsure of how to treat me or what to advise for further doses. I have a medical exemption for second dose until (second quarter..) 2022. I am only allowed a 6 month exemption. I have reported to SafeVic and am waiting for their advice for subsequent doses. As I live in Victoria, it is no jab – no job for me. I am unsure of what to do or how to treat my symptoms. I cannot exercise. Usual household duties are very difficult for me (example – after vacuuming – RR of 30 – HR of 120). I get SOB after a shower or unpacking the dishwasher. Constant chest pain/tightness. Struggling to live my normal life or work effectively.

I would love some advice on if there are others who are going through this, or if there are doctors who have a better understanding of these effects. Please help.


Registered Nurse, Aged Care, NSW.


I am (was) a Registered Nurse in Aged Care in NSW.
I was terminated from my job there over a week ago now for declining the jab. The facility had a covid clinic where the masses received Pfizer.
On the day as they had left over stock the staff were then offered jabs which many of them didn’t feel comfortable but got because the management where there on the day saying things like “come on just get it, don’t be ridiculous, if you can’t trust the science what can you trust” one staff member declined twice, the third time she was pushed into getting it (all on the same day) I seen this as pure bullying and coercion, she submitted and got the jab.

The next day a resident died (nobody batted an eyelid) within three days post jab another two residents died.

Over the course of the next three weeks we lost in total 6 residents all who had significantly declined overall and not to mention a lot of other residents declining overall and becoming unwell.

The second jab clinic, within the first week, we had five people end up in hospital who then died, shortness of breath, heart issues, others the residence getting rashes not being able to lift their arm up, acting as delirious state, within the next week after that another 5 residents died.

In total within the 3 months roll out of the jab, we had 14 deaths of vaccinated residents.

In a nursing home with 90 residents most of the staff are commenting on how unheard of this amount of death was but when questioned in relation to the jab many were in denial stating it couldn’t be from that.

Over the course of three months watching the staff who had been injected so many staff off on sick leave a few staff members ended up in the hospital one for heart reasons the other one had blistering rashes all over her body she ended up being admitted twice, mass reports of headaches lasting days to weeks, dizziness, just generally reporting to not feeling right since having it. The fear in the eyes of the staff is something I will never forget. Other staff feeling completely deflated as they could lose there jobs and had to submit to the jab, In which some after were crying to me at how much they just felt defeated. I have many things to say in relation to this, I could write a novel.

I know just within the week and a half of not being there they are struggling to fill shifts, which sadly impacts on everyone, residents and staff the only people it doesn’t effect is the management.

I love being a nurse but I just can’t do it in this current situation it no longer aligns with what I believe health to be. It is a sad and devastating time.

RN, 40years. Palliative Care.
AHPRA Verified

I am an RN of 40 years, presently my work is in Palliative care where I have worked for 8.5 years permanently in ——-.

I am seeing patients developing increased effects from Palliative radiation, which is commonly prescribed for reducing various conditions arising from cancers. Our patients are deteriorating more quickly with increasing weaknesses, breathlessness (?PEs) facial droops (Palsy or stroke), neuropathys in hands or feet.

The cancers some only recently diagnosed, seem to have metastisised very rapidly. This needs to be looked into carefully. We as nurses are commenting those going for radiation are very much at risk; a death sentence which hastens their deterioration towards death. As Palliative patients, their downturns are passed as expected, while we see them as alarming.

I have many colleagues took the jab out of sheer fear of losing their job and incomes. Also one other colleague after she recieved her 1st pfizer jab was off work with encephalitis and remains very unwell having diffuculty with headaches and dizzy spells.

I am ordered to leave from September 30th, a job I am passionate about and feel have been valued. While now 61 years old I hoped to continue my work for 5 more years and feeling very sad to be forced to leave.

I think the radiation perhaps is accentuating the vaccinations, namely the graphene components.


RN. Palliative Care Ward, Melbourne. AHPRA Verified

I’m a RN working on a Palliative Care ward in a major Melbourne hospital.
We never had Covid patient as they stay on the acute wards, obviously we need to protect our non-Covid patients.

However we have had a number of patients coming to our ward and subsequently dying with sudden onset of unusual symptoms. Of course no connection has been made to the jab what so ever.

One male 70-something had his second AZ jab and a few days later suddenly collapsed with seizures. He was brought into hospital, ICU, had a number of CT’s, MRI’s and other investigations done, was intubated for a number of weeks. Every time he was extubated, he was having seizures despite being on high doses of anticonvulsant (anti-seizer medication). The medical team decided he might have Autoimmune encephalitis (=autoimmune brain inflammation) eventhough the EEG and bloods did not confirm this conclusively.

(1). A man in that age group suddenly having an autoimmune disease? Eventually the decision was made to palliate him, which is when he was transferred to our ward. He somehow stabilised on our ward but was bedbound and definetly not like himself. Now here’s the twist.
All along in his medical history the diagnoses was documented as “autoimmune encephalitis vs. vaccine injurie post AZ”. At one stage during the weekly meeting I actually asked if he was going to be a Coroners case, since it’s unclear what his cause of death would be.

I was looked at really strange, my concern was dismissed, I was told no it’s clear that he suffers from Autoimmune Encephalitis. After that the above comment was removed and his diagnoses remained Autoimmune encephalitis. To me this was a trigger to start looking at each patients history deeper.

(2). Female 65 years old and healthy was transferred to us after she’d suddenly collapsed at home for unknown reasons. ICU, intubated, again seizures from unknown reasons. They had done all the tests available under the sun(whole body MRI, CT, EEG, Autoimmune tests, etc). Medical team unable to find a cause of her severe deterioration. Decision was made to palliate. Transferred to us and then died after a couple of weeks. At least this one was a Coroners, as the cause of death was unclear.

A number of other patients were transferred to us, mostly with some sort of seizure that led to a collapse, or Stroke that led to more strokes and collapses. Sometimes one has to dig a bit to find info of recent vaccination with Covid vaccine!

I am genuinely concerned for every single person that had or will have the jab! Please don’t take it!

EEN, Aged Care Facility, VIC.

Hello, I’m an EEN working in an Aged Care facility in Gippsland, Victoria. I have over 10 years of accumulative experience in aged care, 4 years as an EEN.

Since the covid 19 jabs have been administered, I have noticed rapid general decline in most of the residents at my facility. Other staff members have also commented the same. When mentioned to management, other nurses and GP’s – it always gets fobbed off as something else and nothing is investigated in relation to the jab.

The general rapid decline that I have noticed has been: increased complaints of persistent headaches, chest pain, vertigo, dizziness, unexplained bruising (often widespread), blood blisters, skin rashes, skin infections, increased UTI’s, increased URTI’s/Chest infections/pneumonia diagnosis, blood-shot eyes, fevers, blood noses, lethargic +++, SOB, delirium, confusion, personality changes, anxiety, facial drooping, venous ulcers, an increase of both faecal and urine incontinence, increased hospital admissions, increased falls leading to #NOF’s and that has lead to residents passing away.

1) 5 Residents have developed blood clots post the Pfizer jab. One resident was diagnosed with a DVT 9 days post the jab. When asked, the GP stated it was unrelated to the jab but he didn’t bother to do any investigations whatsoever. This same resident has also been experiencing multiple, superficial blood blisters – some of them the size of 50c coin. Also experienced rashes.

2) Resident was physically active and very cognitively healthy prior to the jab. Post the jab, resident rapidly declined, cognitively and physically. STML +++. Used to watch the news, read the paper, play card games, now sometimes she can’t even remember where she is and often doesn’t recognise her surroundings. She has also had some cardiac experiences post jab, such as elevated BP 220/130, sweating, extremely SOB. This decline occurred very rapidly (within a couple weeks post the jab). Very sad. This lady is like a different person to before she had the jab.

3) Resident passed away in sleep from cardiac arrest couple weeks post the jab. Not linked to the jab. GP did not do any investigations.

4) Resident with dementia was recovering well from #NOF prior to taking the jab. Returned to nursing home post surgery, recovering well, building strength, doing physiotherapy, started walking again. This resident had the covid jab, and very suddenly declined over the next 2 weeks, became delirious, stopped eating and drinking, suddenly unable to ambulate, was palliated and passed away at the nursing home.

5) Resident had a fall during the day. Head to toe assessment was done by nursing staff – NAD. Complaints of severe chest pain that night at 2000. Transferred to hospital and passed away from 5 hours later from cardiac arrest. This occurred a couple weeks post the jab. Very active prior to covid jab.

6) Resident was transferred to hospital 5 days post the jab and diagnosed with a Pulmonary Embolism. Remained in hospital for 4 days for treatment.

7) Resident had blood blisters occur on arms and hands post the jab, and a red rash to torso region.

8) Resident was active prior to covid jab. Two weeks after having the covid jab she became very delirious, suddenly unable to weight bare, pain to bilateral legs, severe pain and swelling behind R) knee, stopped eating and passed away within 3 days.

9) Resident had the jab and that night experienced severe chest pain and had out of range vital signs, elevated BP, didn’t want to go to hospital, BP returned to normal ranges. 1 week post the jab, she was diagnosed with shingles.

10) Two weeks post the jab, resident was diagnosed with DVT. Very elevated D-Dimer. Treated for DVT with clexane. Became non-verbal post the jab and very inactive.

11) Staff member had the Pfizer jab and 1 week later she was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with a DVT and PE. She is now taking two medications for the rest of her life.

Frontline Workers Speak Out! 💉❤️🩹 #AU, [29.09.21 21:41] 12) Several Post-menopausal staff members have began bleeding immediately post having the jab.

13) A young female staff member had the jab and with a week, began bleeding, passing clots and also something she described as “looking like tissue”. Experienced severe pain during this time. Not the time of her usual period.

14)PCA Staff member had the Pfizer jab and was very unwell for 10 days, post both first and second doses. Body aches and chills. Tremors, fever, Migraines, dizziness and nausea and vomiting.

15) RN staff member had the jab and was in bed for one week post. Experienced aches and pains, body chills, fever, general weakness in limbs, headaches and fatigue.

16) One staff member received the Pfizer jab and immediately fainted. Once home continued to experience vertigo for the next week.

17) Staff member who already had an auto immune condition, had received the Pfizer jab and was extremely unwell with severe pain and inflammation for 2 weeks post. This staff member found it very difficult to get out of bed and while she had experienced flare ups of her condition before, this was the worst it had been.

After seeing all these adverse effects, I have not received the jab. I have been stood down from my position due to not being vaccinated. I loved my job as a nurse and loved helping people, but I cannot compromise my own health. It saddens me so much that the residents miss out due to the mandates which are causing staff to leave. Many of my colleagues were forced to have the jab to keep their jobs – hardly any of them actually wanted to have it. So many were very anxious and upset about it. Some were even attending the vaccination centres in tears – that’s not consent.

Registered Nurse, 20yrs. Aged Care.

I’ve been stood down from my work in aged care also. Not sure what I’ll do next.. I didn’t want to lose my job but at the same time I did not want this vaccine…

In total, I worked as an RN for 20 years – both in medical,——,/ ——-, ———-, palliative care and aged care. I loved being a nurse, it’s who I am. I was taught that we should “do no harm”… but what is happening right now with the non-reporting, etc??

I know of an elderly lady in her 80’s I looked after – she was very bright and spritely and still had good quality of life in the nursing home. She was able to knit and spend time with her family (Covid restrictions permitting). After the 2nd Pfizer jab she suddenly became ill, was unable to move both her arms and could no longer knit or hold anything (Neurological damage obviously).

She later returned from hospital as they were unable to find a diagnosis and she died a few days later…. this wasn’t reported due to the vax. Obviously after reading this Telegram page I’m not alone with my concerns.. feel relief you’re all speaking up but when will this insanity end?


Registered Nurse, Emergency Department. NSW.

I am a Registered Nurse from NSW,

I have a young colleague, also a nurse who did not want the vaccine.

Due to the mandate she got the shots. After her first shot she had searing pain down her arm. Unrelenting pain. After her second shot, she was bedridden for an entire week. She could not sit up straight. She was so sick, unable to move and constant chest pain.

After the week of being bedridden she returned to work with chest pain. She finally has been admitted to hospital with myocarditis.
She is early 20’s. Before the vaccines she was healthy with nil health issues. Now she has cardiac issues and may need medication for the rest of her life.

Each day we are seeing the emergency department full of patients with stroke, Pulmonary embolisms, cardiac arrhythmias, Myocarditis, endocarditis. The increase of strokes is exponentially growing. Patient after patient with PE’s, cardiac issues. Most in previously healthy patients. Doctors are denying connections to the vaccines.

RN. Emergency Department, Melbourne, VIC. Hi,
I am an Emergency Department RN based in Melbourne’s east and have similar experiences to the other whistleblowers.

We have young, healthy men in their 20’s-30’s coming in every single day due to chest pain after the vaccine. Pathology is usually fairly normal (Trops and d-Dimer) and doctors write it off as either psychological or unrelated to the vaccine. Even when they admit it’s probably vaccine related, it is never reported. Ever.

I have looked after a young, healthy female who felt coerced in to getting it due to her job in healthcare, who suffered from severe headaches ever since, and nothing seemed to help. She was sent home basically left to hope that it resolves eventually. Doctors did not report it.

Another patient came in with multiple blood blisters, and petechiae on his arms. He was diagnosed with ITP which is a known adverse effect of the Pfizer vaccine. His platelets were literally completely wiped out. Doctors did not think it was linked to the vaccine he had 3 days earlier, and so it was not reported.

If science was being respected, people would be followed up properly, and the cause of the chest pain for example would be getting investigated, but it isnt.

None of these things were discovered during the purportedly thorough and complete clinical trials. None of the patients were made aware of the possibility of these effects, which means they could not give proper informed consent.

Now they want to force us to take it or lose our job? Who knows what other problems will be uncovered in the future?

No risk/reward analysis is being done in regards to age demographics. Many experts are saying young adults have greater risk from the vaccine than the virus. No formal studies have been done that I’m aware of, but I suspect that is true. And it is definitely true for children. The government now wants to vax all children despite their risk of harm from covid being almost zero, and the risk from the vax being comparatively high.

Medical treatment is supposed to have a favourable risk/benefit analysis, and it absolutely does not in this case.

The medical field is about to lose staff who are capable of thinking for themselves and standing up for themselves, and healthcare for patients will be much worse because of it.

Registered Nurse, 5 yrs.
Emergency Department
Sydney, NSW.
AHPRA verified ✅

I am an RN working in a large hospital serving the local government lock down areas of concern. Some are more detailed as I started noting down these issues. Others are from memory so less detailed. I only write down what I know.

I really will not have the time to list all the vaccine injuries. There are soooo many. But I will list a few.

I have seen the following:

1. 50 year old female had AZ two weeks ago, pt was sent in by her GP with bradycardia and hypertensive but with nil chest pain. Pt was bradycardic at 36-50 beats per minute.
Pt had AZ second vaccine on 23/09. Since having this second jab pt has been unwell, feeling foggy, like something is wrong with her head. Pt stated that her husband has also had the same feeling and that she asked if this was being reported. Escalated to Doctors who stated it wasn’t. Pt was taken back to Resus and needed to be admitted under Cardio and now may require a pacemaker. Pt has no prior medical history and appears otherwise healthy.

2. 48 year old female presenting with neurological issues, numbness, tingling to left side of body, weakness, all scans normal. Pt sent home to see her GP and follow up. Pt told nothing is wrong.

3. 17 year old male, student doing his HSC presented one day post Pfizer, chest pain, headache, CXR, bloods and all tests came back normal. Pt discharged home to follow up with GP stating muscular pain.

4. 33 year old male, a tradie presented with Left sided chest pain, pain ongoing. Pt had pfizer first jab on Sunday and was in ED on Tuesday. Pain was since that day, and got progressively worse. Pt had elevated troponin levels, admitted under cardio, diagnosed with Myocarditis but no mention of link to vaccine. Pt was upset and said he didn’t want to have his second jab. I informed him to see his GP with this adverse reaction as to avoid second jab. This was what he wanted. No one made any link between jab and myocarditis. Pt stated it could only be the vaccine.

5. 28 year old male, a tradie, fit healthy, presented to ED with chest pain, ongoing. Diagnosed with myocarditis. Admitted under cardio. Pt had 1st Pfizer a week before that and had ongoing lethargy since.

6. 34 year old female, presenting with post pfzier neurological issues. Pt stated had the jab a week before on the Wednesday and that same night was unable to move the left side of her body, pt was unable to do anything until the feeling passed and some movement was restored. Pt attended ED, all tests attended, cleared by Neuro team and sent home. Pt then re presented a few days later, symptoms of numbness, weakness L side of body, severe lethargy ongoing. Also complained of a drunk feeling, head feels weird, headaches, pt was unable to walk and had to escort pt to CT brain in a wheel chair. Pt states she got the jab so she can get out of the house, she lives alone and was getting depressed. Pt was awaiting second review of neuro team. No link was made to the jab even when I asked the doctor treating the patient.

7. Many many patients presented all tradies, between the ages of 18 – 60 with ongoing chest pain since pfizer, rarely AZ jab first and second jab, too many to list here. Literally the weekend that they ordered the tradies to have the jab for the lockdown LGAs two days after the waiting room was full of tradies with chest pain. Most diagnosed with myocardicits, some pericarditis, some sent home with nothing is wrong with you, maybe you have anxiety or usually they say muscular, go see your GP.

8. 21 year old female had pfizer Sunday, did not want to get it but was encouraged as did not want to get locked in when her friends can go to the club etc. Since having the Pfizer had some chest pain at Qudos Arena. They gave her some Loratadine thinking its an allergic reaction. She told them she felt better so she can leave. Next day she was in ED, chest pain, SOB, lethargy, unable to do normal walking.

Frontline Workers Speak Out! 💉❤️🩹 #AU, [29.09.21 18:18] Pt was slim, fit, active, doesn’t drive, always caught public transport and informed me that she was unable to walk fast and the same distance, feels her chest hurts her. Pt was told it was muscular, all tests NAD and sent home to follow up with GP.

9. 82 year old male, had pfzier 1st and 2nd jab, since having the second has had ongoing lethargy for three weeks, unable to get out of bed, did not want to present to ED as worried about covid. Pt all tests NAD, lethargy continued and was unexplained. Pt stil recovering and sent home to recover and follow up with GP.

10. 43 year old male, had 1st AZ three weeks ago, since having the AZ pt had felt unwell according to his wife. Pt stayed home from work for three weeks, unable to do his usual activities and was mostly resting. Lethargy, SOB, C-19 test NEGATIVE. Finally pt felt better, went to work and that same day was sent home by his boss. Pt came home and told his wife he feels like he needs to burp and requested massage of the back area. Pt collapsed, BIBA to ED. CPR commenced by ANSW, continued with ED and then the LUCAS CPR machine. Pt did not make it. 1 hour and 26 minutes after pt was announced dead. Pt has kids. I had to escort kids and wife in to see social worker before they go in and see their father who had now passed. Diagnosed as sudden death. Case going to coroners. Police notified. RIP Rapid C-19 tests says NEGATIVE

11. Many nurses having side effects and going home especially after second Pfizer. Headches, severe headaches, tiredness, fever etc, one particular nurse was one of the first to get the Pfzier, had severe headache, lethargic, unable to go to work for weeks, lost hearing, ongoing, finally was able to go to work after 4 weeks. Work did not see it as a vaccine injury as they did not know then about this, he was one of the first. Nurse used annual leave and sick leave. I observed even on this nurses return to work, was not normal, seemed extremely tired, and eyes looked worn out. Eventually recovered but took months before nurse in question appeared normal again.

12. 54 year old senior Police Officer of many years who works now as a detective stated he had the Pfizer and since the second jab has being extra tired, unable to do duties as usual and was on sick leave, pt had presented with ongoing chest pain. Admitted under cardio diagnosed with Myocarditis. C-19 Negative

13. 23 year old female, self presented with bilateral lower limb numbness, nausea, chest pain, post 2nd dose pfizer three days before that. I did not get to see the outcome as I went home but general tests were being run.

Doctors not reporting these incidents. Patients are not getting told they can report it themselves. When questioned as to what is the policy on reporting vaccine injuries to the TGA, the doctors told me what is a vaccine injury. When asking a senior doctor about this he stated that it was not 100 percent that it is the vaccine hence it can’t be reported. Another doctor started avoiding me and told me they he knows nothing about the vaccine and that he does not know anything about the policy. When i asked my educator about this she stated that this was a medical decision and there is no policy for this. When I asked my Clinical NUM she stated they should be reporting it. They are not reporting to the TGA. I told the senior doctor if they don’t report then this will go under reported and Doctor said the same spill, we are not sure it is the vaccine, this happens in the usual population.

Doctors are not reporting this. I have started educating my patients to report to the TGA themselves. Patients are excited to do this as they are upset as many did not want to get it, some wanted to get it but still upset at the doctors approach. Most got it for their jobs. Some got it to come out of lockdowns. Some got it to protect their elderly family. Alot for the pub and to go out. People are depressed. There is a HUGE mental health crisis, so many presentations for MH and for drugs and alcohol, many coming in intoxicated with alcohol. More than usual.

Frontline Workers Speak Out! 💉❤️🩹 #AU, [29.09.21 18:18] Sometimes the Acute area is full of mental health patients all setting each other off, Ambulance bay full of scheduled patients. Its a normal site, people are anxious, depressed and some self harming, some have a plan for suicide, admit under mental health is their plan.

I have so many more stories to tell but I really don’t have time at the moment.

The doctors are acting dumb, they are not interested about reporting vaccine injuries and are making no correlation between the vaccine or the injury even if if the presentation is within a day of the pfizer or AZ.

We are starting to see younger people 16 + to 24 come in with side effects, I don’t mention here the reactions that are standard like fever, allergic reaction etc, I have only documented above the the chest pain, neurological issues, feeling weird, another nurse had bells palsy after first pfizer but still wanted to have her second. A nurse high up that is leading the surveillance swab testing area. No correlation made at all. She asked the ED doctor if it was the vaccine Pfizer and he said no so she accepted that.

More people coming in with miscarriages too, not sure if linked but jab is highly encouraged and most have had x 1 jab pfizer. Sent to early pregnancy clinic with threatened miscarriage. Bleeding in females, ongoing. One worker told me she bled for weeks.

I wish what I am saying above is not true, but it is.

Updated – 5/10/21

A male in his early forties presented to ED one week post AZ, SOB, lethargic, was unable to do his regular work. Pt had blood tests, ECG and all scans. D-Dimer elevated and CTPA showed PE – pulmonary embolism.Pt was given blood thinners clexane and admitted awaiting bed in a larger hospital. The PE was linked to the vax but not reported. Patient was distressed and no doctor took the time to talk to him. Requested the ED doctor to see the patient which was done. Not reported

Registered Nurse, Emergency Dept. 22yrs

Part 1 of 2.

Hi Guys,
I’m an RN, I have worked in my ED in —- WA for 8.5 years permanent part time, I have been a Nurse for 22 years this year.
Over the past 3-4 months I have noticed obvious reports from patients post their covid shots.
So it started off around May with pts all ages reporting onset of bad headaches for a week following their astra Zeneca 1 st shot. No prior migraine issues. Older pts would get a CT head and all clear, bag of fluid and home.

Now In the past 4 weeks I have been asking patients when and what Covid vaccine they have had and Noticing many possible exacerbations of their underlying conditions three weeks post a vaccine.

72-year-old female chronic anaemia was due to have an iron transfusion at HB 85, however 3 weeks post her second Astrazeneca haemoglobin was now 64 and second trip to the ED for becoming symptomatic with low HB, now 48 and no active bleeding, admitted for upper GI scope and colonoscopy, blood transfusion.

49-year-old female underlying hypertension on Olmesartan, second presentation to ED in two days, had her Pfizer first dose two weeks ago since then left-sided chest discomfort left shoulder and under rib area, severe pain waking her up at night had PERC negative, troponin negative, chest x-ray no consolidation and D dimer negative, ongoing requiring strong analgesia, sent home for echocardiogram follow up with GP.

Mid 70s female approximately three weeks post Astrazeneca second dose now waking up feeling odd with ataxic gait, some confusion tunnel vision to rt eye, abnormal feeling down one side of her body, head CT to rule out stroke – neg. Admitted for further investigations.

87-year-old male underlying stable Alzheimer’s disease, CCF, AKI , a few other co morbidities
( lives at home cared for by wife) second dose of Astrazeneca became unwell with pneumonia symptoms a few days after now getting diarrhoea, covid swabbed., admitted to treat pneumonia and AKI.

Mid 50s female came in approximately three weeks post Pfizer, abnormal sensations -down left side of her body, some chest pain, headaches and exacerbation of her pre-existing rosacea condition, Sent for CXR, CT and bloods/ biochem taken, no diagnosis, sent home , I strongly advised her to report to TGA.

Mid 70s female patient said to me her chest pain issues started exactly after she had her Pfizer vaccine, no pre exisiting conditions to her heart, I said to her you and everybody else are complaining of the same issue.

91 female patient lives independently on her farm no prior illnesses has underlying heart condition, prior MI, HTN, cholesterol, otherwise well and independent , no dementia, Asked her GP if the vaccine would be safe for her and was advised yes so she had her Astrazeneca vaccine now complaining of abnormal sensations to one side of her body and headaches since the vaccine 3 weeks prior a tunnel type vision in one of her eyes.

Frontline Workers Speak Out! 💉❤️🩹 #AU, [02.10.21 19:29] Part 2 of 2.

I can hear young people in their 30- 50s explain abnormal chest discomfort and palpitation feelings To other nursing staff and Doctors around the department saying they’ve had a recent covid vaccine, not my direct patients but I can hear conversations happening in the next bay or across from me.

Concerned Nurse for covid vaccine.

ICU/Emergency Dept RN. 22.5Yrs+

Part 1 of 2.

I am an Registered Nurse with a post graduate Critical Care degree. I have over 22.5 years experience in ICU & ED. I will be out of a job 1st October if I do not take a vaccine that is still in phase 3 clinical trials until 2023 and only has provisional use (not full approval) in Australia under a state of emergency.

Some of my colleagues have experienced some very nasty side effects post the vaccine. I am unsure if any have been reported to the TGA.

1) nurse in her 30’s developed chest pains after 1st vaccine. Went to ED, had blood tests, all came back inconclusive. Given pain relief and sent home. Slowly improved, but has ongoing lethargy and is concerned about what it may have done to her heart.

2) nurse in her 40’s developed sore feet and joints within days of receiving her 1st vaccine. Was referred to a rheumatologist by her GP where she was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called ‘Rheumatoid Arthritis’. Is now on daily lifelong steroid based medication (which has its own set of side effects & weakens your immune system) to help with pain & inflammation. She continues to have persistent pain and discomfort, cannot go for long walks anymore, and struggles with the 12hr shifts. She believes the vaccine caused this as she had no symptoms prior to the vaccine.

3) nurse in her late 40’s with a history of anaphylaxis to a previous flu vaccine was still advised to have the covid vaccine or loose her job. She was told to have her vaccine in a hospital near the crash cart. She did not have an anaphylactic reaction, but did develop a huge lump on the side of her neck the size of a tennis ball. The doctor put her on a strong course of steroids to help reduce the lump.

4) nurse in her early 60’s had 8 weeks off work after her 1st vaccine dose due to issues with her blood pressure and constant dizziness. She was put on various medications to help with little effect. She slowly improved and eventually came back to work. After her 2nd dose she had another 4 weeks off work with similar issues. She is planning on an early retirement at the end of the year as she isn’t coping with the long shifts anymore. Prior to the vaccine, she was very fit and healthy and rarely had a sick day.

5) nurse in our coronary care department developed tremors and shaking in her arms and hands on and off for weeks after her vaccine. It is reported that she still has issues with this months down the track.

6) nurse in her 30’s suffered anaphylaxis post the vaccine (no prior history of anaphylaxis). Was treated in hospital and went home when stable. A few weeks later she suffered another bout of anaphylaxis (shortness of breath and throat swelling) whilst out exercising. An ambulance was called and she was treated in hospital again.

7) one of our doctors had raging fevers, dizziness and lethargy and had to leave work early the day after his vaccine. He couldn’t sleep the previous night after having the vaccine because he felt so unwell. He ended up having a few days off work.

8) almost all who received the vaccine in our unit suffered one or more side effects ranging from fevers, sore arms, swollen lymph nodes, nausea, lethargy, joint pain, rashes, insomnia, lumps etc. most requiring at least 1-5 days off work (some more).

Medical professionals are very well educated to assess their own personal risk of catching covid 19 versus their risks of taking the vaccine. We know how to keep ourselves and our patients safe, and we have access to the best PPE gear available.

We’ve worked tirelessly and safely throughout the last 18 months without a vaccine. We have also worked through many previous pandemics without a vaccine, such as SARS, MERS and Swine flu.

There is no need to mandate this vaccine for healthcare workers, especially given it does not prevent the spread, nor the contraction of COVID-19.

Frontline Workers Speak Out! 💉❤️🩹 #AU, [02.10.21 19:29] Part 2 of 2.

Freedom to make our own medical health decisions is non negotiable. The Australian Immunisation Handbook clearly states ‘for consent to be valid is must be given in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation’. How is threatening the loss of employment if we decline not coercion, manipulation or undue pressure?

I have devoted the best part of my to life saving lives. I love my job and I love caring for people. It is legally, morally and ethically wrong to force us to choose between a job we love (and have devoted our lives to) or the vaccine. I honestly don’t know what else I will do, but I will not be coerced into taking something that carries with it, the risk of death or disability. I stand in my principles and I stand for medical freedom of choice. Our kids and their future freedoms are worth fighting for. As of of today I have been stood down, but know that I’am fit, healthy, willing and able to work.

Registered Nurse, Emergency Dept. —.
AHPRA verified ✅

I am a registered nurse working in an emergency department in —–. I became a nurse so I could help people and I love my job. I am fully vaccinated because I was forced to get an experimental “vaccine” or lose my job. I have suffered some serious side effects post vaccine. Chest pain and SOB after the first vaccine, with intermittent palpitations and arrhythmias. Chronic — pain, migraines and head pressure, not relieved by analgesia. Prior to vaccination I was healthy and well.

Up in —- people follow the rules. They have been so scared by the fear-mongering of the government, health bureaucrats and main-stream media, that they tow the party line. There is no resistance.

I have seen so many people presenting to emergency with side effects from the vaccine. I feel like I’m the only one that is connecting dots. New heart attacks with no cardiac history, new heart arrythmias, new pleural effusions. There has been so many cases of pneumonias recently. And older people presenting with decreased GCS or sudden LOC. I have been secretly telling any patient that comes in now to avoid getting the vaccine or to at least wait until the data comes out in a few years. I’ve tried to open up discussions with my work colleagues but the doctors and nurses believe our government is protecting them and keeping them safe. I’ve also tried to have an intelligent conversation with friends and family but they shut me down.

I feel sickened that big pharma is lobbying our government to push a vaccine that has not had years of testing and clinical trials before unleashing it on the entire population. The moment the government announced that it would be rolling out the vaccine to children was the moment I had enough. I would lay down my life before I would allow an untested “vaccine” to be injected into my children.

People want their freedom. They want to get back to normal life. I want to SCREAM – there is no normal life coming back.

I stand with those who are fighting for our freedoms. I stand with those who have the courage and conviction to say no.

Registered Nurse, Emergency Dept.
AHPRA verified ✅

I am an emergency nurse in ——. Have been a nurse for the past 13 years and completed my post grad in emergency nursing to gain a position in an area that I am truly passionate about and love.

Earlier experiences without dates:

* patient developed a clot extending from the knee to the ankle 2 weeks post first AZ(AstraZeneca). No one had discussed the possibility of it being from the AZ until I mentioned it and was met with shocked expressions. The doctor stated “oh they probably had a sore leg before that.” The patient was at risk of amputation if not treated quickly.

*Multiple presentations of chest pain and multiple MI’s (myocardial infarction – heart attack) post vaccination of AZ. Too many to even put a number on. Many hospital staff do not even ask if they’ve had a recent vaccine and when I do, and present it to the doctor it is most often dismissed as a coincidence. In all cases I’ve noticed this will be 2 to 4 weeks post vaccination.

* So many adverse reactions that I also cannot put a number on. One of our nurses had an episode of paralysis to her legs while driving a car and almost had an accident. Others have had muscle and joint pain, high fevers, shortness of breath and a feeling of impending sense of doom. I witnessed a nurse colleague state to one of these patients ” oh its not from the vaccine, that’s not possible” and then proceeded to write the notes without a single mention of the patient having had the vaccine. The notes were vague and dismissive and the patient was sent home with the hint of “you’re a hyperchondriac” .

* I have noticed an increase in CVA’s (cerebro vascular accident – stroke). While this used to be an occasional presentation.. yesterday I had one CVA patient and the day before that I had 2 CVA patients at the same time. The day before that I had a young man in his 30s with a dissecting brain aneurysm. In this emergency situation I didn’t get to find out if these patients had been vaccinated, so all I am saying is that there is certainly an increase in this event occurring in our ——— hospital.

Other patients I have diarised:

*Pericarditis and a clot to the right thigh secondary to x2 pfizer on the —-.

*Swollen hand for 3 days 2 weeks post AZ, suspected clot.

* man in 40s developed pericarditis a few days post pfizer.

At the moment I still have my job. I have not been vaccinated, but it is a matter of days before I receive my mandatory vaccination orders. I will lose my job in our already understaffed hospital. I have experienced an immense sense of grief and loss not only because this is the job I love, but its a job that has over the years defined who I am.

I have paid over $40 000 for my qualifications. I’ve held the hand of people dying. I’ve saved lives. I’ve been there for other people’s families while I’ve missed Christmas with my own children. I don’t know how we will pay our mortgage. Our government is ruining our lives for a vaccine that DOES NOT provide herd immunity, does not prevent the disease and is killing and maiming people.

Update – 6/10/21
I also had a patient who had a persistent cough ongoing for 6 months post AZ. He had multiple scattered PE’s. He also continued to wake with night sweats and continues to feel unwell to this day.

Registered Nurse, Emergency Department, VIC

Male early 60s, no medical history, athlete. Had AZ a few days before, called ambulance for ongoing headaches, told he had vertigo and didn’t need to go to hospital. Apparently headaches after the shot are “normal”. Called again day or two later brought in, scanned, has had big stroke. It was of course a “coincidence”.

At least three lots of young people post Moderna all with headaches, palpitations, tachyarrhythmias and chest pain. One by one dismissed as being anxious. Haven’t heard follow-up yet.

Doctors are not making any effort to report, as they are claiming to be too busy (we’re all so busy-busy) or they are dismissing patients out of hand with ridicule. Medical ethics is gone, completely gone, replaced by intellectual laziness and outright cowardice.

Registered Nurse, Emergency Department

Hello again,
I just wanted to update on things I’ve seen since I last posted – these are copied and pasted from my diary.

(1) 7/10/21 man collapsed following covid Vax and brought to ED by ambulance with an abrasion to his temple and nose from head strike. Started vomiting in ED but was discharged 10 mins after presentation. He stated to the nurse “I’m scared to get the next jab now. ” she responded ” oh you’ll be right” . I approached the doctor to ask why was he discharged 10 mins after presenting when our policy for a head strike and vomiting states 4 hours of neurological observations, to which he stated that he has ‘support at home.’ Not reported to the TGA.

(2) 10/10/21 man in his 70s suffered a clot which travelled to his heart. Consequently then had a STEMI. (Pt was thrombolised and clot successfully dissolved). He was 3 weeks post Pfizer. Pt said to me “the last nurse said to me there’s no way it’s from the vaccine, what do you think?” I later had a discussion with the doctor and casually mentioned is this one going to be reported as an adverse event. The doctor told me that due to the changed reporting guidelines this man didn’t meet the criteria. It’s a requirement to have a low platelet count in addition to his symptoms, and as he had normal platelets this was not from the vaccine. I cannot think of any other reason why this healthy man would have suddenly developed a clot. He was flown out on the same night for a stent, he was having frequent short runs of VT on the cardiac monitor.

(3) 10/10/21 Young female patient suffering abdominal pain and a multitude of complaints; feeling unwell, joint pain etc. Doctor recorded in her notes as a ‘likely side effect of the covid vaccine given 2 weeks ago’. However did not report to the TGA.

(4) 11/10/21 re-presentation of same young lady. Ongoing abdominal pain. Onset of numbness to arms and legs. Vomiting and nauseated. Given IVT, antiemetics. US of pelvis NAD(no abnormality detected). sent home to rest. Looks pale and unwell.

(5) 13/10/2021 man in his 40s – intentional overdose – suspected to be his usual prescribed blood pressure medications. Nil history of MH issues in the notes, nil previous suicide attempts. Non smokers, non drinker, no drug use. Reason – loss of job due to covid vaccine mandate. Supportive measures and recovery expected.

Today I received my official notice – a letter addressed to me stating as of the 1st November I will not be able to attend my workplace without proof of vaccination, and that this ‘direction’ is enforceable by the police. My managers have not had a single conversation with me about it either by phone or in person. I feel like my career is ruined.. from being a celebrated emergency nurse to a disgraced nobody that is not even important enough to call a proper meeting with. Instead just a threatening email landing in my inbox that demands a response by tomorrow.

As I had foreseen this event coming and felt that I am now in a position of being financially unstable, I had the foresight to put my house up for sale last month rather than default on a home loan and never be able to apply for a loan in the future. Last week I had an offer on it which was lower than I would have liked, but I accepted it due to the pressure I feel to be rid of my current financial burden. (redaction).

I have watched my future flushed down a virtual toilet in disbelief. I am now considering what on earth I am to do now that I cannot practice as a nurse. I have been offered by an old friend to work at a bar until I work out what to do, which I am grateful for. This is a job I did when I was 18.. not in my middle ages with — children to support. It almost feels insulting but I am reminded of my colleagues who will have no income at all and have to swallow my pride.

I feel so so incredibly sad. I am wondering how many people are going to be like my patient and commit suicide over this. I’m not at all that way inclined but I can absolutely empathize that there will be people that feel they have no other option. This is all so scary.

REGISTERED NURSES – Intensive Care Unit

RN/Critical Care Nurse. Rural, NSW. 26/09/2021

Love your idea by the way! It’s too hard for us to speak out and keep our jobs

I watched many of my fellow colleagues suffer side effects. I was one of them too! When you talk about it so many stories come out and quite a few of us have ongoing issues to this day.

Within my workplace in a rural Emergency department I find myself as a team leader at times. I have been overwhelmed with patients post vaccination suffering side effect. Some short term such as chest pain amongst 20 -40yr olds to abdominal pain. Then the more serious long term stokes, heart attacks, guillian barre and pulmonary embolism.
For those nurses around me that have not had their vaccination yet, they are terrified!! For us that have had a reaction. never again!

Very little are reported and knowing how a proper clinical trial is conducted for my many years at university. this roll out is terribly wrong!

I understand COVID can make you quite sick (even if I have never seen it in my nursing career) but I believe this vaccination is no better! We need to go back to the drawing board and admit defeat instead of pushing forward.

The politics running this with no medical knowledge should be ashamed!

ICU/Emergency Dept RN. 22.5Yrs+

Part 1 of 2.

I am an Registered Nurse with a post graduate Critical Care degree. I have over 22.5 years experience in ICU & ED. I will be out of a job 1st October if I do not take a vaccine that is still in phase 3 clinical trials until 2023 and only has provisional use (not full approval) in Australia under a state of emergency.

Some of my colleagues have experienced some very nasty side effects post the vaccine. I am unsure if any have been reported to the TGA.

1) nurse in her 30’s developed chest pains after 1st vaccine. Went to ED, had blood tests, all came back inconclusive. Given pain relief and sent home. Slowly improved, but has ongoing lethargy and is concerned about what it may have done to her heart.

2) nurse in her 40’s developed sore feet and joints within days of receiving her 1st vaccine. Was referred to a rheumatologist by her GP where she was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called ‘Rheumatoid Arthritis’. Is now on daily lifelong steroid based medication (which has its own set of side effects & weakens your immune system) to help with pain & inflammation. She continues to have persistent pain and discomfort, cannot go for long walks anymore, and struggles with the 12hr shifts. She believes the vaccine caused this as she had no symptoms prior to the vaccine.

3) nurse in her late 40’s with a history of anaphylaxis to a previous flu vaccine was still advised to have the covid vaccine or loose her job. She was told to have her vaccine in a hospital near the crash cart. She did not have an anaphylactic reaction, but did develop a huge lump on the side of her neck the size of a tennis ball. The doctor put her on a strong course of steroids to help reduce the lump.

4) nurse in her early 60’s had 8 weeks off work after her 1st vaccine dose due to issues with her blood pressure and constant dizziness. She was put on various medications to help with little effect. She slowly improved and eventually came back to work. After her 2nd dose she had another 4 weeks off work with similar issues. She is planning on an early retirement at the end of the year as she isn’t coping with the long shifts anymore. Prior to the vaccine, she was very fit and healthy and rarely had a sick day.

5) nurse in our coronary care department developed tremors and shaking in her arms and hands on and off for weeks after her vaccine. It is reported that she still has issues with this months down the track.

6) nurse in her 30’s suffered anaphylaxis post the vaccine (no prior history of anaphylaxis). Was treated in hospital and went home when stable. A few weeks later she suffered another bout of anaphylaxis (shortness of breath and throat swelling) whilst out exercising. An ambulance was called and she was treated in hospital again.

7) one of our doctors had raging fevers, dizziness and lethargy and had to leave work early the day after his vaccine. He couldn’t sleep the previous night after having the vaccine because he felt so unwell. He ended up having a few days off work.

8) almost all who received the vaccine in our unit suffered one or more side effects ranging from fevers, sore arms, swollen lymph nodes, nausea, lethargy, joint pain, rashes, insomnia, lumps etc. most requiring at least 1-5 days off work (some more).

Medical professionals are very well educated to assess their own personal risk of catching covid 19 versus their risks of taking the vaccine. We know how to keep ourselves and our patients safe, and we have access to the best PPE gear available.

We’ve worked tirelessly and safely throughout the last 18 months without a vaccine. We have also worked through many previous pandemics without a vaccine, such as SARS, MERS and Swine flu.

There is no need to mandate this vaccine for healthcare workers, especially given it does not prevent the spread, nor the contraction of COVID-19.

Frontline Workers Speak Out! 💉❤️🩹 #AU, [02.10.21 19:29] Part 2 of 2.

Freedom to make our own medical health decisions is non negotiable. The Australian Immunisation Handbook clearly states ‘for consent to be valid is must be given in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation’. How is threatening the loss of employment if we decline not coercion, manipulation or undue pressure?

I have devoted the best part of my to life saving lives. I love my job and I love caring for people. It is legally, morally and ethically wrong to force us to choose between a job we love (and have devoted our lives to) or the vaccine. I honestly don’t know what else I will do, but I will not be coerced into taking something that carries with it, the risk of death or disability. I stand in my principles and I stand for medical freedom of choice. Our kids and their future freedoms are worth fighting for. As of of today I have been stood down, but know that I’am fit, healthy, willing and able to work.

Critical Care Nurse 15 years experience
Location withheld

I have been toing and throwing as to whether to contribute or if what I have to contribute is even helpful as I haven’t been keeping record of personal data.. as personally, I feel this warrants consent to do so.. many of the patients I am dealing with haven’t even considered that their symptoms are in any way related to vaccine.

I have spoken with many individuals concerned they have vaccine acquired illness’. Common complaints are Chest Pain, Shortness of breath, altered sensation (numbness/ painful pins & needles in limbs), non abating headache with side issues, heavy (extreme) vaginal bleeding in both pre and post menopausal women, and rectal bleeding in individuals who have nil prior gastrointestinal complaints or haemhorroids (which is becoming an increasingly common complaint).
More concerning is that the majority of complaints are often coming from healthy individuals below 30years of age. I have spoken with parents of minors <15yo also.. often associated with chest pain.

One thing that I am struggling with as a health professional is the number of ‘immune compromised’ individuals being encouraged to take up the vaccines. Historically these patients would be exempt as they are at greater risk of deterioration from same, also – confirmed cases of vaccine acquired injury are being encouraged to have second jab in addition to boosters.

I have spoken to at least 5 young adults (18 -27yrs) with confirmed vaccine induced myocarditis/pericarditis.. calling for advice when experiencing new symptoms post second jab. One individual, a 24yo Male stated he had ‘Pfizer induced pericarditis’ and was being treated and followed up regarding same, it was recommended he have AZ as second jab and he rang days later due to severe shortness of breath. His Chest pain had not gotten worse, but he was experiencing palpitations, diaphoresis and feeling faint. Referred to ED to exclude DVT/PE.

One patient I recall, and troubles my thoughts often is an 84yo Male. He sounded very ‘spritely’ I would never have guessed he was 84 and infact he was still working/ volunteering as a firefighter. He had fallen out of bed earlier in the day (he joked that he was having a very vivid dream and must have launched himself out of bed), he attended GP to assess bruising.. he is on antiplatelet medication (clopidogrel) for cardiac surgery MANY years ago. Has been in good health since. Whilst at GP clinic he received a ‘booster’ of Pfizer (I thought that was odd given his age and Pfizer not recommended in that age group), anyway he called because he was experiencing profuse rectal bleeding, not only when opening bowels, no prior history and he was concerned it was secondary to fall. During the conversation (it didn’t come up when obtaining prior medical history) he divulged that after 1st AZ (he received x2) he was diagnosed with Leukaemia and a clotting disorder. Could be coincidence.. but I was astonished that they recommended he have second jab and a Booster. He and his daughter were so thankful he had at least got his jabs!!

Registered Nurse Critical Care 14yrs+
AHPRA registration verified ✅
Submission Date: 19/11/21

Hi all, I am an RN and have worked in mostly critical care CCUs over the years.

I have decided against the vaccination as working in CCU with approx. 30 bed we had so many people present with heart problems, ink. MIs, Peri- and Myocarditis,(I won’t forget the boy about 18s yrs old mum in medical field with a trop of above 20000 he will never be good again heart cells don’t regenerate they heal forming scar tissue that will eventually lead to arrhythmia valve defects and failure) …new onset heart failure especially in females in theirs 50. Pes, DVTs,

Another thing that I noticed was the strange pattern of arrhythmia’s especially tachycardia in younger people I looked after a female 30yrs of age mum of 2 kids she kept representing to hospital due to being tachycardia they put it down to anxiety well I helped her out of bed and she was on monitor HR 140bpm could hardly stand up being so shaky. Most people had no clue it had anything to do with vax if asked they would tell me all relieved that they are safe as they had the jab a few weeks ago.

Another observation is that after the initial vaccination rollout the ED admission would mostly point out how many weeks prior they received a dose that they stoped documenting it all together.

I haven’t seen any of them reported I have been told by my colleagues who approached Doctor’s when it was a very clear vaccine correlation that they have been very dismissive.

My concern is that even now we only hear and see the damage done to young and previously healthy individuals, as it can’t be disregarded. But the amount of elderly that fell victim to this horrific crime against humanity will never be known they are the voiceless helpless casualties of this. I have seen posts from Nursing home staff that are talking about 15-20% mortalities very soon after vaccination have heard higher numbers from oversees.

Its just heartbreaking, I am concerned the other spectrum of society – the children are next.

Thanks for all the work you are doing in speaking up on behalf of all of us!

Registered Nurses – Pediatric Ward (Children)

Whistleblower #0081
Paediatric Nurse, 9.5yrs.

I’m a paediatric nurse of 9.5 years. Recently, a — month old Paeds (child-infant) patient came in with intussusception (intestine goes inside itself) after getting his scheduled vaccine. Our Paeds Doctor affirmed that this is known to occur at times. Baby had to be retrieved to a —- city hospital for emergency treatment as our — hospital does not have the capacity to provide the surgical services he needs. Vaccines are definitely not always safe!

Remedial Massage Therapists

Remedial Massage Therapist, QLD.

Part 1 of 2. Hello,
I am a Remedial Massage Therapist operating out of Wellness Clinic in an exclusive seaside town in —— Qld, Australia.

Over the past 12months the majority of my regular clients have received both shots of either AZ or Pzizer and I have observed and felt the changes in their bodies. I will also add that not only have the changes happened in their bodies but also their personalities.

Over the past 2 months I have also listened to them telling me of their sudden medical issues that are happening to them. This has been so disturbing for me that I am closing my business and am taking the time to heal myself both physically and mentally.

Their bodies over the past 12months have changed. They have no movement, elasticity anymore. It is like they are turning to lead. I have 3 clients, all retirees and golfers who now have tears in their supraspinatus. This is on their left hand side from swinging the golf club.

(1) One client, male retiree who has been rushed to hospital 4 times last week unable to urine or make bowel release. The Doctors have told him that he has kidney stones. Hmmm… He also had a large burning and itchy rash all over his back. He said it was that painful he had his wife put metho on his back to ease the pain as nothing else was working.

(2) One retired lady advised me that she had a cyst forming behind her knee and when she would have a shower it would burst and the blood that came out was uncontrollable. This happened twice within a couple of weeks. She went to the Doctors he said it was a bakers cyst. She returned saw another Doctor who said it was a BCC. The third time she came to me her leg is now swollen all the way and she is in a lot of pain.

(3) Another lady, a Doctor herself advised that she had an electrical like pain run across her back. She couldn’t quite explain it. Never had anything like it before and now has a sore neck and headaches. I felt her neck and there was a pulsing feeling at the rear. She couldn’t feel it. I went back to that site 2 more times and I could feel it. She couldn’t.


Part 2 of 2.

… (4) A retired lady told me she had burning and itching skin on her chest and that she was in a lot of pain. I asked her if I could see it. It covers a large area between her breasts and underneath her bra line. She said it is getting worse each day. It was very red and raw.

(5) Another regular client has markings all through her lower back on the left side. She was unaware. I took a pic and showed her. She said that she had been putting an electric heat pack in that location at night to warm her up. She went to the Doctors and the skin clinic and they didn’t know what it was. She came back to see me 5 weeks later and the markings are still there.
I have attached the pics (redacted) for you to view. and the list goes on..

I have regularly massaged these clients over the past 2-3 years and I find it extremely troubling. These haven’t happened straight after their shots but over the 3, 4 , 5 months following so they are not connecting it to their shots. I am unable to say anything to them as their once friendly personalities have also changed. They are more aggressive and talk at you, not to you and will defend these shots.

The man I mentioned above even said to me that he will be getting the booster shot if and when it comes out next year. When you hear from your clients all day, every client, not 1 or 2 then this is a concern for all people who have had this shot. They are not the same people, on any level anymore. Like I mentioned above this has traumatised me to the point that I am now unable to continue my passion for the foreseeable future and I am now focusing on healing me, physically, mentally and spiritually. Take care everyone and be safe.


Private Practice, Rural.

I work as a Sonographer for a private rural practice. We mostly see outpatients but the occasional patient via ED. I work three days a week and I would say I see at least one patient per shift with an injury directly related to the vaccine. Some examples:
89 yo F haemathrosis to left shoulder at injection site one week post vaccine. No blood thinners. Healthy
72 yo F (mother in law) Very healthy, fit. No medical problems.
Profoundly deaf in both ears over a period of days. Had vax 10 months ago. No cause found. 56 yr old M Testicular ultrasound showed epididymis one week post vax.

Lots of unexplained abdominal pain, headaches, shoulder pain and inability to use arm at injection site.
Hope that’s helpful.
Regards. ——

Senior Clinical Nurse Specialists

Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist, Metropolitan Hospital, NSW.

Hi there,
I am a senior Nurse (CNS2) in a metropolitan hospital, NSW.

My usual role is in Cardiology.
My lengthy career is ending this week, after decades in the acute sector.

I have seen many patients both in ED and Cardiology with vaccine SE’s .
These are LARGELY under-recognised, and RARELY reported. I have told relatives to make their own TGA reports as reporting in the acute sector is NOT HAPPENING.

Doctors are RARELY attributing the various conditions to vaccination, but when you take a history it is very easy to join the dots.

Heart attacks (all ages), acute myocarditis / pericarditis, DRASTIC deterioration in EF (ejection fraction – index of heart’s pumping strength), ie worsening in heart failure.

I understand that many are presenting with strokes, and other neurological complications.

Diabetes has been far more unstable in some, and difficult to manage, with very labile BSLs.

I have seen colleagues with gastrointestinal SE, recurrent pneumonias

Many non- injected, including myself have experienced symptoms from spike protein transmission (shedding).

GI pain (severe), headaches, migraines, sleep disturbance.
I have seen bizarre changes in pathology, huge drops in haemaglobin, and derangements in biochemistry (Na, kidney function).
I had a secondment in Aged Care and after the vaccination was rolled out in Facilities, saw MANY acute deteriorations, with increases in death rates above normal
Loss of speech, loss of mobility, chest infections.

My sister in law works in community aged care, and has seen MANY SE as well. Renal Failure, siezures, acute loss of mobility with resultant falls.
Many of the elderly she has cared for and knows well have had their death hastened, or had to move into residential care as they now cannot manage at home.

Thanks for helping us to get our stories out there.

Social Workers

Registered Social Worker, 13yrs+
Melbourne, Vic.
Registration Provided ✅

I am a social worker with 13+ years of experience, working across the aged, disability and mental health settings. My professional values and training have been centered around the concept of self determination, empowerment and and anti-oppressive practice. I’ve had the joy and privileged to be welcomed into the homes of thousands of people and have been honored to hear stories of pain, discrimination, joy and resilience.

I feel compelled to speak out regarding the harm that has come to some of the most vulnerable people in the community and high functioning individuals whom would not normally access community services.

Things I have personally witnessed and observed

-the mental distress and suffering from those people locked down in the North Melbourne public health towers on short notice. I supported a consumer whom was distressed, suicidal, lonely unable to leave the building (..redaction). (They) reported to me inconsistent messaging from police and a general fear and confusion about (their) rights. This (person) did not ever display signs or symptoms of COVID-19.

-in my 13+ years of social work I have never experienced this level of increased and exacerbated levels of domestic violence, secondary to lock downs, curfews, travel limitations and loss of employment

-people with psychosis feeling more afraid and vulnerable of the government and health services secondary to restrictive and draconian rules

-unwelcoming waiting rooms turned into “crime scenes” with — tape around chairs and signs telling people where they can and cannot sit

-during my time working across (multiple) large health providers in Melbourne and seeing 100’s of clients, I never came across a single client whom contacted the illness or was concerned about a relation that had the virus. Rather what I saw was people distressed, over loss of employment, loss of social supports, the cessation of services

-a shift in service focus from providing mental health care to “screening for COVID”

-culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) people not getting the supports they needs and feeling more isolated. CALD consumers feeling more confused, lonely and isolated

-international students having to wait extended periods to have their visas approved with red cross supports that were time limited

-marked increase in anxiety disorders, agoraphobia (fear of leaving the house), fear of re-percussion’s of not wearing a mask, fear of other people as they could not see there face

-ncreasing number of single mothers fearful for the future rights of their children

-increase in people seeking financial and material aid

-vulnerable people (with limited or reduced cognitive functioning) fearful about mandatory vaccines who are pressured to take what is given to them, with little to no choice on which one.

This has been a very poorly managed public health campaign and has done more harm then good. A good public health campaign should never use fear, coercion and intimidation. Now my own career and livelihood are at risk as I myself am not able to make an informed decision regarding the mandatory vaccination. I will be very said to leave the job I have loved for the past 18 years.

Registered Social Worker

Hi there, I’m a social worker in —. The elderly are either having their first or second jab. Two have reacted yesterday. The first muscle weakness aches and pains fever etc. The second is in hospital after having a stroke that evening.

I have heard today of another elderly person not having signs of dementia prior,but as soon as she had the jab she was and still is confused many months later.

Last week I heard of a friend of a patient who had been in HDU for ten days with liver and kidney damage. The hospital specialist told her she will not fully recover and she intends to sue the astrazeneca company for compensation.

On a personal note my brother had blood clots in his leg after the 2nd pfizer jab, was in HDU (high dependency unit) for two nights, luckily he was on warfarin at the time! He was out of hospital two days and then went back in for three nights as he was paralysed from the waist down. No one knows why he was paralysed, luckily he is now recovering and just uses a walking stick now.


Sonographer 11yrs, NSW.

I recently had an indigenous patient in her 30’s and she has an existing small clot and she started talking about how anxious she is about having the ‘vaccine’ as she has the clot and she also has a heart condition. She also commented that she does not know of one person in her circle that DID NOT have a reaction to the needle and started telling me of some of her family members.

1. Her late teens son whose employer told him ’no jab no job’. He had the first Pfizer vaccine approximately 6 weeks ago and has been off sick from work since that day with regular ‘burning up’ fevers and no energy. He had blood tests but they have not been given the results of those and he was still given the next dose even though he is still not well. He has been supplying his employer with medical certificates but they have recently ceased his employment.

2. Her early 20’s niece had Pfizer and had numbness down one side of her body and a big headache the same day. She went to bed and did wake up ok the next morning.

3. Her 50 something mother had Pfizer and has had regular significant headaches and intermittent ‘shivers’ but she is continuing to work and is pushing through the symptoms.

4. She does know about someone who died with COVID recently and they had other health issues. I also had an early 30s woman who had the ‘vaccine’ approximately 1 month prior and was having a scan done for ongoing significant menstrual bleeding and clotting – she had never had anything like this before. Recently in one night there were six 20-30 year old people who presented to ED post injection with chest pain- I did not personally attend to any of those patients. I don’t know if any of these events have been recorded as adverse reactions to the needle.

Sonographer 11yrs, NSW.

I’m a Sonographer in —— and I have too many stories.

(1) One lady with temporary blindness for approximately 15mins. She shortly recovered and came to me via the emergency department for a carotid ultrasound as they assumed TIA. She had been vaccinated just one day prior.

(2) Another man who had a Hx of prostate cancer they recommended him to get Pfizer. Symptoms for him started a few weeks post vax. Vertigo, flashes of lights in his eyes. Nausea decreased appetite constant headaches in the occipital region.

(3) Fit healthy 70 yr old man went to the gym 3 days per week. Now unable to. Due to fatigue. Dizziness. And bilateral leg pain.

(4)… Multiple people with leg pains. I’m constantly scanning looking for blood clots or vascular issues. Surprise surprise can’t find anything. They all commonly feel “not the same or not right” afterwards.

(redaction made as unverified claim)

I hope justice can be done. Unfortunately I didn’t take these people’s names or details so I can’t prove it.

Student Nurses

Student Nurse, Rural Hospital.


I’m a student nurse working in a rural hospital.

I’ve had several people walk into the hospital with flaring pains all over their body, on my last shift there were 9 patients who whispered to me that they were sure that their condition was caused by the COVID vaccine they got but they were afraid to tell the registered nurse for fear of being ostracised. They got the jab because everyone else was getting it rather then making the decision for medical treatment.

I have seen many nurses and doctors laughing about these people in the break room. Calling these patients Anti-vaxers and wishing they could kick them out for the real patients in need. I told my student supervisor and the nurses stopped talking about it when I was on break but I have the feeling they still had those conversations behind my back.

Triple Zero Ambulance Call Takers

Triple Zero – Ambulance Call Taker, 14yrs.
Registration Verified ✅

As an Ambulance calltaker in Victoria there have been numerous calls for reactions post vaccine. Some as simple as feeling faint, many strokes, heart racing, chest pain, unconscious, severe migraines and anaphylatic reactions to name just a few. The age range is widespread.

The system does not have any trackable measures to highlight the number of calls being received for adverse reactions. At the commencement of the pandemic there was a drop down remark so at a later date data could be captured as to how many calls we were receiving. There is no similar measure in place for reaction calls.

It sickens me to see so many reactions and nothing being done to highlight the risk. It also sickens me the number of operators encouraging their loved ones to have it given the nature of calls we are receiving, there are zero guarantees of their safety.

Social Media: Telegram – Frontline Workers Speak Out! 💉❤️🩹 #AU

Vaccination Hub Practitioners

RN, Community GP Practice, Former Vaccinator. AHPRA Verified

Part 1 of 2. Hi,
I’m an RN who was working in a GP clinic and guilty of being a covid vaccinator.

I had raised concerns on a number of occassions and could no longer give it when I started to see what was happening. During this time I have seen and heard things which lead me to believe the vaccines are not safe.

I have heard many people saying they were spaced out and dizzy for days.I can’t count how many times I heard “spaced out”. Older people coming back and saying they were off balance and having falls when this hasn’t happened to them before.

Also heard people say loss of bladder control, arthritis flare ups, eczemea and skin rashes, strange blister, out of control diabetes, unhealing wounds and enhanced pain of old injuries. A man reported that he had visual problems and thought he almost went blind for a month but went to the optometrist instead of a dr and he said he had reported it to the report link provided which he said they had “pretty much dismissed it”.

I have sent a man off in the ambulance with anaphylaxis reaction, uncontrollable shaking and tingling around his mouth, unable to walk. I have had 40y old man crying half hr post vaccination saying he didnt feel right, was dizzy, headache, heart palpatations and jitters, he did not believe it was anxiety as they said.

I’ve since realised there was an older man who didnt come back for second jab and I had reported this to the report line. I remember he had walked back into the treatment room the day after his jab and he was anxious, glassy eyed, said he was sick and had been falling over that night. I did his obs and his ecg wasnt right, offered for him to go in ambulance but he declined. He missed his second appointment I wouldn’t be surprised if he died.

I have seen a man with cancer go down hill very quickly after his jab.
I have heard patients tell me there family has told them they have to get the shot or they wont pay for a ventilator. Also a pt tell me that her old neighbour told her he thinks he has killed himself getting the jab and he hasnt been the same since.


Part 2 of 2.

I have heard of a nurse pressured to get the jab who had diabetes under control is now on insulin. Another nurse I know didn’t want it but said she has brain fog and memory loss and sudden onset of menopause..she also admits to seeing patients at a seperate clinic she works at go down hill since getting the shots.

I have a nurse friend who has 2 family members, 1 with bells palsy and the other with myocarditis. She also knows a fit healthy 30yr old who had a heart attack.

My sisters 60yr old neighbour is in a coma after second shot. Her mother in law keeps passing out and her father in law has been showing aggression.

My brother in law also knows a guy in a coma and somebody else with blood clots in his bowel.
My sister in law had kidney stones the day after her second shot.

Another thing I have noticed is personality changes in patients and people I know or have worked with where a number of them seem to become aggressive, lack empathy and logical sense.

In comparing my findings with other nurses we have all noticed similiar patterns where we agree that comorbidities seem to become worsened and mortality is being sped up.

We are very concerned and worried sick, especially that they want to give these to our children who will be at much greater risk from the jab than the virus.

We disagree with the mandates, we believe the cases of injuries and deaths to be under reported and the jabs are unsafe and unethical and should be ceased immediately.

EEN, 10years. Aged Care, Vaccination Hub.
AHPRA verified ✅

Hi after seeing stories coming through i thought I’d share a few with you.

Have been an EEN for 10 years recently worked in aged care:

(1). Noticed a huge increase in residents having increased falls & confusion which had them quickly go up on the palliative trajectory about 3 weeks post 2nd vax, all had Pfizer too.

(2). A place that may have 1 death a month had 8 deaths in 1 month.
One man he was so lovely after his vaccination he had a tumour near his ear grow that big, his Dr wrote him a catastrophic order as he wasn’t unwell enough for a Nikki pump.

I changed jobs in August as o was not getting the vaccination.

(3) Moved to the vaccination hub:
Since doing children in the last week we have had a significant number of teenage girls faint for >5minutes. Some parents have ran away as they didn’t know what to do. Luckily they have woken back up but I’m not talking normal vasovageals. These girls have been fine sitting in observation area and just hit the deck.

(4) Heard stories of a just 17yo girl landing in ICU as she was accidentally given AZ at a pharmacy and is riddled with clots.

(5) A mum getting vaccinated with Pfizer was telling me her 32yo son was vaccinated with AZ to stay in his uni course and couldn’t wait for Pfizer. He is a gym guy. He woke up one night about 4days post second AZ and was vomitting up blood choking also had clots Drs said a normal workout ruptured something in his chest causing the bleed. (?)

(6) A woman today 42yo had Pfizer 2nd shot she was stating her periods just disappeared. She feel tired or moody and no period.

I’m not vaccinated but I would have to agree even working with vaccinated people I have had my own health investigation done. I am 29yo luckily already have kids. My periods are now every 6-7weeks, really heavy and really painful. Headaches and nausea. Also had a blood test and my blood was very thick and hard to take.

I feel something’s not right with the agenda and coercion, a pandemic I would assume would be that bad you don’t need to threaten people to have something. Their is smart people world wide, seeing the mishaps….. It’s scary!